Crawler style box pizza oven: Commercial chain pizza oven manufacturer


Crawler style box pizza oven chain pizza oven commercial 12 inch 18 inch 32 inch pizza oven oven manufacturer


The tracked design ensures that the pizza is evenly heated during the baking process. Efficient chain furnace, fast and even baking of pizza. N * Adjustable heating temperature and time to meet the needs of different flavors. N * Suitable for making pizzas of various sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 32 inches. The n * box structure ensures that the pizza does not lose moisture during the baking process. Easy to clean and maintain, easy to operate and manage. As a professional commercial oven manufacturer, we provide high-quality after-sales service to ensure your user experience. Welcome to consult our sales team to learn more about this tracked box pizza oven.

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12 inch gas model 1120 * 610 * 560, 18 inch gas model 1570 * 800 * 380, 32 inch gas model 2060 * 1130 * 550, 12 inch electric heating model 1100 * 620 * 370, 18 inch electric heating model 1570 * 800 * 380, 32 inch electric heating model 2020 * 1080 * 450, Large volume optimization+contact customer service


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