Changdi Cat Xiaoyi Pro Home New Baking Oven


Changdi Cat Xiaoyi Pro Wind Oven, Household Small Baking Multi functional Electric Oven, Fully Automatic Fermentation and Thawing


Changdi Cat Xiaoyi Pro Wind Oven is a small and practical household baking tool. This device has small but comprehensive functions, not only suitable for baking and baking food, but also for fully automatic fermentation and thawing of frozen food. It adopts advanced electronic temperature control technology to precisely control temperature and time, ensuring the optimal taste and color of food. The Cat Xiaoyi Pro is also equipped with a stove function, which can simultaneously bake multiple types of food, greatly improving cooking efficiency. In addition, its fully automatic function greatly reduces the difficulty of cooking, making it easy for both beginners and baking enthusiasts to get started. Overall, the Changdi Cat Xiaoyi Pro stove oven is a multifunctional oven suitable for home use, providing fun for both baking enthusiasts and those who occasionally try baking.

Additional information












Foshan City



Part Number



Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months


Guangdong Province

Inner liner material


control method

Computer style

Product Category

Conventional oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Capacity range

41L (inclusive) -50L (inclusive)


Guangdong Weishida Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

Additional features

Thawing low-temperature fermentation with built-in lighting and hot air circulation

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20 reviews for Changdi Cat Xiaoyi Pro Home New Baking Oven

  1. Anonymous

    The oven I like was delivered intact and has been tested without any disappointment. I really like this electric oven.

  2. Anonymous

    The color is light pink, very beautiful, and has a high appearance value. I haven’t baked it yet. I will comment after I bake it. Overall, I am satisfied.

  3. Anonymous

    Very attractive, I really like fresh green! The oven capacity is also very sufficient, and in the future, you can bake if you want! A very satisfying shopping experience!

  4. Anonymous

    I like the appearance, the oven is also very good, the upper and lower tubes can adjust the temperature separately. The customer service Xiaoxi’s service is good. Overall it’s good

  5. Anonymous

    Arrived, the beige color is very beautiful. I bought a Changdi mini oven a long time ago and bought another one, which is convenient and practical. Besides baking, I can also heat up the food to keep it warm

  6. Anonymous

    I bought a Changdi brand eight years ago, and it works just fine now. I took advantage of the promotion to buy a food processor and an oven, hoping they will be as durable as before. Smart products are so convenient now.

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The appearance is very attractive and good. Multi functional Introduction: Not yet used. We will gradually study the capacity and size after moving in. It is completely sufficient and a must-have for beginners

  8. Anonymous

    This oven is particularly good, much more useful than in the early days. It has been successful in making Qi Feng cakes twice, and it also has the function of making noodles and homemade yogurt. There is no need to buy a yogurt machine anymore, it is versatile.

  9. Anonymous

    I bought the Changdi chef machine first, and then I bought the Changdi oven. The oven is not bad, but I am not proficient in using it for the first time. I need to adjust the temperature and time according to the instructions. The baked bread can be colored well

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance material: good. Very beautiful. Multi-function introduction: Many functions. Good quality. Capacity size: Large. Large enough. I will continue to buy Changdi products if I need them. Good quality. Large enough. Good quality. A perfect shopping experience

  11. Anonymous

    Baking novice, buying an oven for the first time, doing a lot of homework, comparing and researching other brands, ultimately chose this one, mainly because it is a new model from 2023, suitable in color and capacity, and has 30 menus. I hope to make a few delicious dishes.

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance material: Good appearance and high value. Multi functional introduction: The second Changdi is really a low-key and good brand. It focuses on ovens and has never been popular. It has been used in the United States, but it is truly not as good as Changdi. Capacity size: very large

  13. Anonymous

    I did a lot of research before choosing Changdi, a great oven suitable for beginners. I mainly wanted to cook for my baby, and it was relatively successful after two attempts. I would like to thank the customer service lady for her patient guidance. Haha, Changdi’s after-sales service is really great.

  14. Anonymous

    It is much bigger than I thought, which is enough for my family. I received the product and tried it for a while. It is really good. I baked sweet potatoes several times and my husband said it is the same as the ones bought outside. There are many recipes that can be used. I am considering learning more about baking in the future. If you like it, buy it.

  15. Anonymous

    High appearance, full functionality, large capacity, easy to operate, with 30 menus to choose from. I eagerly tried it out yesterday when I just received the goods. The baked cake rolls are soft and sweet, evenly colored, and do not crack or peel. Also, it has to be said that the customer service representatives, Cherry and Su Su, are extremely patient and have a great shopping experience.

  16. Anonymous

    Wow, I’m really excited and happy when the new oven arrived. It looks very good. The white color looks clean and nice. I opened it to check the appearance, and then baked it without any oven. I also used a thermometer to measure the temperature. There was no temperature difference. It is many times better than the oven I bought before for less than 200 yuan. The new model is good. The customer service is also good. If I have any small questions, the customer service will reply and solve them in a friendly manner. I can bake desserts happily when I have time.

  17. Anonymous

    After using it for half a month, let me share my usage experience: 1. There are a lot of smart recipes for beginners to refer to. 2. Secondly, the temperature control and color uniformity are very good. 3. It also includes a large back fan and air frying mode. 4. The simple and durable cream wind+42L large capacity (make sure to choose a large capacity when buying an oven, it is practical, and various molds can be put down, and there are also many things that can be made). Overall, in a 100 yuan oven, the operation is simple, and it is easy to get started. It is very suitable for entry-level baking novices to choose. I recommend it

  18. Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to try the oven when I received it. The operation is relatively simple. The temperature control is still OK. I baked a plate of egg tarts, and the time was the same as in the recipe. I don’t need to watch the time next time. I like the appearance of Mao Xiaoyi, and I love this white one. I have compared it with different brands and models of the same price many times before, and found that Mao Xiaoyi is more cost-effective. It is very suitable for mothers like me who occasionally bake egg tarts, chiffon cakes and old-fashioned cakes for my children. The 618 event is super cost-effective. For this oven, I replaced the racks that were originally used for the 32-inch oven.

  19. Anonymous

    I had used a Changdi oven for 8 years before. I was about to bake toast last week, but it broke! I asked and took it to be repaired, but it cost 140 yuan. I decided not to repair it and upgraded it. It is good that it broke after so many years. I looked at several ovens online, including Petrus and Hai’s. I think the Mao Xiaoyi Pro has advantages. For the same price of more than 600 yuan, the Mao Xiaoyi Pro has a new style, high appearance and many functions. I have only baked cake rolls so far, and the color is quite uniform. I used a mechanical oven before, and the temperature was a bit high. This oven has a higher temperature. I will try a few more models and give a follow-up review when I have time.

  20. Anonymous

    I was attracted by the appearance, it is enough for the entry level, the lowest temperature of the baking mode is 80-230, the longest is 2 hours, and the preheating time is more than 5 minutes. Here comes the point: it does not have 42L! Pay attention to this point. If I knew its actual size, I would definitely choose a larger size. My previous ACA38L is larger than it, the temperature is 5 degrees higher, and the baking time is longer, and it needs to be two degrees higher. The temperature control of my ACA is extremely accurate, without any deviation. Its handle is plastic, the knob is made of silicone, and the side button is also plastic. It is very convenient to set the oven light switch independently. There is no space after a three-energy gold plate is put in. Check the capacity yourself. Don’t be like me. Forget it because of the appearance. There is also shipping insurance. I am also afraid of trouble. It’s okay to use it like this. It’s a pity that my previous large baking tray can’t be used. I just need these two centimeters to put it in. Thank you for the cat gloves sent by the customer service. The after-sales service is very good at present. I have contacted two or three times when I had problems, and they all responded very promptly.

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