Kaidu embedded household steam oven


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The Kaidu GDPro baking, steaming, and baking all-in-one machine is an embedded steaming and baking oven that integrates baking and steaming, while also having powerful functions. This product adopts an innovative embedded design that is suitable for modern kitchen environments and provides a cleaner cooking space. The material of its inner cavity is food grade stainless steel, which is easy to clean and also resistant to high temperature and corrosion. This device has excellent baking functions and a built-in intelligent menu, making it easy to achieve professional level baking effects. At the same time, it also has multiple steam modes, such as large steam, micro steam, etc., suitable for various cooking needs, such as steaming fish, steaming vegetables, etc. In addition, GDPro also has various auxiliary functions, such as hot air baking, independent temperature control, etc., making the cooking process more flexible and versatile. This steaming and baking oven is very suitable for home use, whether you are a baking enthusiast or a novice in the kitchen, you can easily handle various food preparations. Kaidu GDPro baking, steaming, and baking all-in-one machine is not only a kitchen appliance, but also a great helper for cooking delicious food. Overall, the Kaidu GDPro baking, steaming, and baking all-in-one machine is a powerful, innovative, and easy to clean kitchen appliance that will bring more convenience and fun to your cooking.

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Chinese mainland

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60 months

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Steam barbecue thawing

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

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Drop-down door

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Not supporting intelligence

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Delivery to door installation

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black, Aurora Black

19 reviews for Kaidu embedded household steam oven

  1. Anonymous

    Haven’t used it yet, looks good??

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Very good, high-end, atmospheric and upscale, the size is just right

  4. Anonymous

    The machine is very good, and the quality is also very good and worth it

  5. Anonymous

    The embedded installation looks great, the space is decent, and it has not been used yet. We will provide feedback after use

  6. Anonymous

    It looks very nice and fits perfectly in the new home. There is a slight gap on top, so there should be no problem with placing a board underneath. Not used yet, I will follow up on reviews after use.

  7. Anonymous

    Very good, very good, it is the steam oven I want, it is very heavy, looks very textured, and has a large internal space. There will definitely be no problem with steaming and baking. The customer service attitude is also very good

  8. Anonymous

    I previously asked customer service for the reserved size, which is just right and suitable. I am very satisfied, but it has not been used yet. I will open the grill after moving, so it is very convenient to put it directly in and the shipment is also fast

  9. Anonymous

    The effect after installation is particularly good, baking is also quite convenient, and the operation is simple. The customer service lady Xiaozi also replied to the product information in a timely manner, which was a very satisfactory shopping experience

  10. Anonymous

    I spent a long time researching before choosing Kaidu, which is really good. The delivery and installation speed are first-class. The attitude of the customer service and installation master are very good. If any friends need it, I will definitely recommend it to them??

  11. Anonymous

    Recommended by a friend for purchase, the actual product is very high-end and easy to install by oneself. The size is just right, and it fits perfectly with my cabinet. It is fully functional, but I forgot to use a 16A socket. I will try it out after changing the socket~

  12. Anonymous

    Kaidu steam oven is truly a big brand with high aesthetic value. The cabinet has reserved dimensions and is equipped with a steaming oven, instantly standing tall! The attitude of the installation technician is also very good. I look forward to using it to cook delicious food after checking in!

  13. Anonymous

    The steaming and baking all-in-one machine that my wife is longing for was purchased during the Double Eleven promotion. However, due to not being properly installed at home, we chose to delay the shipment. The packaging is intact, and the delivery is sent upstairs by express delivery. Very satisfied.

  14. Anonymous

    The steaming and baking oven has a complete range of functions and a very fashionable appearance, which has elevated the home to a higher level in the new home. The installation master is very professional and patient in guiding the use of the cooking method. The steaming and cooking are versatile and excellent

  15. Anonymous

    The installer said that this brand of steaming and baking oven has good looks. I tried steaming steamed buns, they are fine. The one click drying function startled me. I thought it was smoking, so I quickly unplugged the power. Later, I consulted customer service and they said it was normal, but I still felt a bit scared.

  16. Anonymous

    It has been installed, but it has not been used yet. Currently, the appearance and texture are still good, and the volume of the inner cavity feels quite large. It can be used for steaming, baking, frying, and stewing, with complete functions, intelligent touch screen, detailed operation, rich dishes, intelligent time control, and convenient use

  17. Anonymous

    I was very satisfied with the product received. Before purchasing, I compared many brands and finally chose a big brand product. I was not disappointed, and the logistics speed was also very fast. The after-sales installation was patient and in place, and the customer service attitude was good. It is convenient and reliable to use, and it is worth buying!

  18. Anonymous

    The brand is in the first tier of online sales. Don’t worry, the real thing is more textured than the picture. It is very suitable for embedding with the island counter. I haven’t started using it yet, and I will evaluate it later. The customer service is also good. The only shortcoming is the installation service. The installation is not active and the service awareness is poor.

  19. Anonymous

    The Kaidu oven is really good. I made some strategies before deciding to buy it, both in terms of appearance and function. I consulted a lot of questions before buying it, and customer service representative Xiaozi patiently explained it in great detail. The oven is very convenient to use, and the steaming and baking machine is very space saving and suitable. The after-sales installation personnel are also very professional. The overall decoration in my home has improved to a higher level, and the price is also very affordable. The cost-effectiveness is high, and it is worth recommending

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