Midea Professional Electric Oven Fully Automatic Baking New Model


Midea Electric Oven 40L Household Small Large Capacity Cake Multi functional Baking Temperature Control Integrated Machine CB-AA


The Midea Electric Oven CB-AA is a 40 liter large capacity household small oven designed specifically for baking enthusiasts. It integrates versatility to meet your various baking needs such as cakes, bread, cookies, and more. This electric oven adopts a temperature control design, which can adapt to various baking temperature requirements and ensure even baking of food. It has a powerful hot air circulation function, ensuring a uniform taste and rich color when baking food. In addition, the Midea electric oven CB-AA is equipped with a multifunctional grill for easy cleaning and organization. The volume of this electric oven is moderate, making it easy to move and place. Its safety performance is reliable and suitable for household use. In short, the Midea Electric Oven CB-AA is an efficient, convenient, and multifunctional small electric oven suitable for home baking enthusiasts to use.

Additional information











Part Number


Intelligent type



Chinese mainland

control method


warranty period

12 months

Product Category

Conventional oven

After-sales service

National warranty

Inner liner material

Galvanized sheet

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Heating tube material

Stainless steel

Capacity range

31L (inclusive) -40L (inclusive)


Wuhu Midea Kitchen Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

sort by color

Graphite black cb-aa (gift package), (graphite black) cb-aa (standard configuration), black

20 reviews for Midea Professional Electric Oven Fully Automatic Baking New Model

  1. Anonymous

    Is it okay

  2. Anonymous

    Great, quite big!

  3. Anonymous

    Always using Midea

  4. Anonymous

    Not bad, easy to operate

  5. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  6. Anonymous

    Multifunctional Introduction: General

  7. Anonymous

    It was very convenient to use it once yesterday

  8. Anonymous

    Take a black photo and actually send me a white one

  9. Anonymous

    Follow the tutorial to make a cake, you succeeded in one go, happy

  10. Anonymous

    The space capacity is very suitable for the home version, recommended

  11. Anonymous

    The oven has a large capacity, the big brand is trustworthy, and it is very convenient to bake something!

  12. Anonymous

    The baby is very good, with a super high appearance. It is very good to use in the store and is worth buying

  13. Anonymous

    The oven was used as soon as it arrived, and the heating was very even. It was a pleasant shopping experience

  14. Anonymous

    Don’t buy electrical appliances online. They were broken when they arrived. I wasted 70 yuan on delivery. I’m speechless.

  15. Anonymous

    The delivery was very fast and I received it the next day. It is cheap and good quality. It is very practical and fully functional. It is worth it.

  16. Anonymous

    It’s not easy to use at all. The thin heating tube makes the steamed buns bake too slowly. It should be equipped with three heating tubes. It doesn’t come with a baking tray, gloves, or clips. It’s really not nice.

  17. Anonymous

    The outer packaging was intact when I received it, but when I opened it, I saw that the inside was deformed. I thought it was not a big problem, so I fixed it myself. The material of the part that I couldn’t see was a bit bad.

  18. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Perfect fit, affordable and beautiful, black and atmospheric. Thank you for the patient explanation from customer service. Next time my friends need it, I will strongly recommend them to buy this menu, which is very clear and highly recommended.

  19. Anonymous

    The item was broken when I received it. The seller is responsible for the exchange and return shipping costs. There was no progress in two weeks. I sent a message to contact him, but the robot replied. There was no substantive answer, so I had to wait for a bad review.

  20. Anonymous

    No gifts, bare phone, thought there were gifts, but there weren’t, I don’t know if the customer service didn’t explain it clearly or I didn’t understand it, the logistics is super slow, if you really want to buy it, don’t send it from Jitu, don’t send it from Jitu, it’s so slow that it makes you doubt your life

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