K6 Electric Oven Magic Flute Hand Layer Stove Open Stove


Magic Flute Player K6 Commercial Floor Stove Chain Store Private Electric Oven Open Stove Quick Oven with Stone Plate Steam Package


The Pied Piper K6 Commercial Deck Oven Chain Store Private Electric Oven is a fast oven suitable for chain stores and private baking. It adopts a flat oven design for fast baking, and comes with a stone plate and steam bag to provide uniform baking results and a moist taste. The oven is suitable for a variety of ingredients, including bread, cakes, biscuits, etc., and is suitable for baking enthusiasts and small bakeries. The Pied Piper K6 Commercial Deck Oven Chain Store Private Electric Oven is efficient, stable, and easy to use, and is a good helper for your baking business.

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Guangzhou City


The Pied Piper


Chinese mainland

warranty period

36 months


Guangdong Province

Inner liner material

Zinc Alloy

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

heating method

Electric heating tube heating


Zhuhai Magic Flute Player Technology Co., Ltd

number of discs

1 plate

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20 reviews for K6 Electric Oven Magic Flute Hand Layer Stove Open Stove

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Three piece set, complete, temperature running in

  3. Anonymous

    So beautiful! I’m so happy that I finally have high temperature steam.

  4. Anonymous

    The necessary oven for baking bread, paired with a slate, is invincible

  5. Anonymous

    The new oven is finally in place, it’s great, very satisfied, and worth joining????????

  6. Anonymous

    First enter X5m, then enter m60p and wait for the fermentation box to start. Bang Bang Da

  7. Anonymous

    The appearance is simple, atmospheric, and beautiful, with fine workmanship and large capacity. I am very satisfied!

  8. Anonymous

    After waiting for 8 months, X 5 finally arrived. After cleaning, it was baked for 30 minutes and the temperature was measured accurately

  9. Anonymous

    I received the oven I had been dreaming about. It is very good. The logistics is also very good. The Pied Piper is getting better and better.

  10. Anonymous

    Product workmanship: stainless steel inside and outside, exquisite appearance design: simple and atmospheric. Applicable scale: 40 * 60 baking tray. Overall evaluation: very good oven!

  11. Anonymous

    Finally, I started the stove and baked 5 big and 3 small pieces of toast. I was satisfied with the color, and even roasted sweet potatoes with extra heat. The insulation effect was amazing??

  12. Anonymous

    The Pied Piper deck oven X5 that I had been longing for has arrived. I didn’t have time to make bread, so I could only bake it empty first. I was looking forward to seeing the machine, but I was not disappointed. It was a pleasant surprise.

  13. Anonymous

    I finally received the oven that I had been longing for. The touch screen is very convenient to use and the white color is also very beautiful. I bought an open-air oven for this steam, and now I can bake European bread. The customer service is also excellent

  14. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The overall appearance and baking effect are both very good. Although I just started trying to bake, I am glad to be among the first batch! Appearance design: generous introduction, the LCD board is very nice! Usage efficiency: Excellent sealing and steam!

  15. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Customer service: Good service, the oven is practical and beautiful, and the kitchen level is raised immediately. Efficiency: The firepower is even and powerful. Appearance design: The appearance is atmospheric and upscale. Product workmanship: The quality is excellent.

  16. Anonymous

    The long-awaited white X5 has finally arrived, definitely worth waiting for. It meets my needs in terms of color, size, and performance! Meet the Magic Flute Player, believe in the Magic Flute Player, complete with the Magic Flute Player, a warm Magic Flute Player, and now welcome me to the noodle making machine????

  17. Anonymous

    I finally have a professional oven, and the packaging details are done very well. The white color matches my refrigerator very well and I really like it. After receiving some empty baking, we can now challenge various types of bread. Wait for the white fermentation box to come out and come with a set, that would be perfect.

  18. Anonymous

    The oven that I have been thinking about for half a year has finally arrived. Opening the packaging is really amazing, and every detail is done perfectly. Details determine success or failure, and the Magic Flute player will definitely become a leader in the oven field. Make the finished product in a few days and follow up on the review

  19. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very friendly to beginners, you can make delicious bread according to the recipe. Super professional layer oven efficiency: the temperature rises very quickly, and the steam is very even. Appearance design: I have to praise the captain’s vision. It’s so good and beautiful. Applicable scale: It can hold a 60-40 baking tray. The product workmanship is very good! The white color is very beautiful.

  20. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The white glass panel and touch screen are great, with powerful functions and outstanding steam effect. Usage efficiency: I bought an X5MAX, which fits perfectly on the LD26. Personally, I really like it. The insulation effect is good, and there is also a matching stone slab with accurate temperature. Appearance design: very beautiful. Applicable scale: can use a 60 * 40 baking tray, which is sufficient for household use. Product workmanship: there is still room for improvement in detail processing

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