Electric oven, multifunctional, fully automatic, super large capacity wind oven


Galanz Electric Oven 42L Household Baking Dedicated Fully Automatic Commercial Large Capacity Air Stove 2024 New S3E


The Glanz Electric Oven 42 liter fully automatic commercial large capacity wind oven S3E is an excellent baking tool suitable for both household and small commercial use. This oven has a large capacity of 42 liters, which is enough to meet the needs of you and your family or friends. This oven adopts a fully automatic design, which is easy to operate and can complete the baking process with just one click. It is also equipped with an all steel inner liner, ensuring even baking temperature and easy cleaning. This Galanz electric oven is suitable for baking various foods, including bread, cookies, cakes, etc. Its powerful stove design can quickly and evenly heat food, ensuring that it is cooked and has an attractive color. In addition, there is a high-temperature resistant coating inside the oven, which can ensure food hygiene and safety. In addition, the Galanz Electric Oven S3E also has a commercial grade large capacity, which can simultaneously bake multiple types of food, saving time and space. Its appearance design is fashionable and generous, suitable for modern home environments. Overall, the Galanz Electric Oven S3E is a powerful, easy to operate, safe and reliable household baking oven, making it a great helper for both household and small commercial use.

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control method


warranty period

12 months

Product Category

Conventional oven


Guangdong Galanz Group

After-sales service

National warranty

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Capacity range

41L (inclusive) -50L (inclusive)

Temperature control method

Independent temperature control of upper and lower pipes

Additional features

Thawing hot air circulation low-temperature fermentation with built-in lighting

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black, Four baking tubes – hot air circulation – S3E baking master package, Six Grilled Pipes – Light Burn Hot Air – PQ4 Basic Package, Six Grill Pipes – Light Burn Hot Air – PQ4 Baking Master Package

19 reviews for Electric oven, multifunctional, fully automatic, super large capacity wind oven

  1. Anonymous

    Alone Better Together

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    42 liters. Very good, just what I want

  4. Anonymous

    Bought it back, very atmospheric, fine workmanship, feel good

  5. Anonymous

    I tried the machine and both the upper and lower pipes were OK

  6. Anonymous

    Very good, I succeeded in making bread for the first time, it is worth buying.

  7. Anonymous

    The oven is very good and fully functional. I have baked cakes several times. It is convenient to have one at home.

  8. Anonymous

    It is not as good as advertised. There is no hot air circulation at all. Please buy it carefully. It is not a scam!

  9. Anonymous

    Multi-function introduction: The product is very good, the oven is very large, but I haven’t used it for a few days before commenting.

  10. Anonymous

    The oven is atmospheric, fully functional, and easy to operate. I am very satisfied. Cooking delicious food for children on a baking tray!

  11. Anonymous

    It’s a pity that if you buy six tubes, you can’t heat up to four tubes at the same time.Don’t buy six tubes. There won’t be much use. You won’t regret it.

  12. Anonymous

    I am particularly satisfied with the oven and extremely happy. If you like baking, hurry up and get it. Roast chicken and roast rabbit are the best choices

  13. Anonymous

    Not good, the heat is not enough, the heating tube is too thin, the baking is too slow, and it takes an hour to bake an egg tart to have that burnt edge on the surface

  14. Anonymous

    I received the oven, and the simple and elegant appearance design is what I want, especially the fermentation function. I am very satisfied with it, and the after-sales service is also very good. It is trustworthy.

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is very poor, the wattage is not enough, and the gifts are very poor. Look at the pictures, the 15 minute food in the video is raw, and I spent 513 yuan to buy it, which is too bad. I can tolerate it (the customer service attitude is quite good)

  16. Anonymous

    The Galanz electric oven is really amazing! It has a stylish appearance, is easy to use, precise temperature control in the oven, and excellent cooking results. The interior space of the oven is spacious, capable of accommodating various ingredients, and the heating is even, resulting in excellent color, aroma, and flavor when baked. At the same time, cleaning is also very convenient.

  17. Anonymous

    Multi functional introduction: It has a wide range of functions and is very user-friendly. I suggest everyone can purchase it. The quality is particularly good, and the capacity and size can be chosen. I purchased 42, which is just right. It can be used for bread fermentation or baking. Material: The appearance is particularly beautiful, and the carefully crafted technology is excellent

  18. Anonymous

    I have always wanted to buy an oven, and after comparing for a long time, I made a decisive decision to choose Huadi. As a professional in kitchen appliances, I still believe in a professional brand. After receiving the goods, it was indeed as described, with a glossy black paint finish that was very atmospheric, and the temperature control operation was also easy to handle. Overall, everything is very good, very satisfied

  19. Anonymous

    I received the oven and immediately tried roasting two sweet potatoes. It heated up very quickly and I could smell the fragrance after about 40 minutes. It was very successful. I washed and marinated a whole chicken tonight. I will roast a whole chicken later. To be honest, it is much bigger than I thought and can roast a lot of things. I also liked the rotating roasting fork and the blower function, which is very practical.

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