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Rongshida Small Sun Warmer Household Energy saving Roast Stove Small Desktop Undertable Roast Stove Office Artifact

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The Rongshida Small Sun Warmer is a small and lightweight stove that is suitable for home and office use. It has efficient small sun technology that can quickly generate heat, while also featuring high energy efficiency and safety performance. Whether for winter home heating or office use, it is a practical tool.

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1 year

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Alternating current


Hefei Rongshida Small Home Appliances Co., Ltd

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two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million four hundred and twelve thousand seven hundred and seventy-two

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19 reviews for [Hot selling direct drop] Rongshida small sun heater

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Compact and delicate, easy to store, I really like it

  3. Anonymous

    The firepower is quite strong, it burned my cat in a few minutes, ah ah ah ah ah

  4. Anonymous

    Electric heating is compact, with beautiful colors and simple operation, providing instant warmth when turned on

  5. Anonymous

    I received the heater I had been waiting for. My son no longer needs to suffer from the cold when doing his homework.

  6. Anonymous

    I received the Little Sun and used it right away. It’s quite warm. If you want to buy it, you can buy it with confidence.

  7. Anonymous

    I really like this small electric heater, it looks just right under my feet! And there is also an automatic power off function

  8. Anonymous

    Little sun, very useful, no longer afraid of the damp and cold in the room, unable to sleep. Thank you to the merchant for such a good thing

  9. Anonymous

    This heater is better than the one I bought before. It heats up quickly and has a button at the bottom that turns off when tilted, making it safer to use in the office

  10. Anonymous

    The delivery is super fast, it will arrive the next day. I really love it. It fits perfectly in the office, small but warm. It heats up quickly, and my feet are no longer cold

  11. Anonymous

    It heats up very quickly, turning red and hot in about 3 seconds. It is very good for heating in the office. It is very small and convenient, and very quiet. There is no sound at all.

  12. Anonymous

    It is a little bigger than I expected. It heats up in ten seconds. The low-heat tube is used for heating, and the high-heat tube is used for heating. It is very easy to use. I use it to warm my feet at work.

  13. Anonymous

    Very good heater, this is the third time I have bought it, the previous two were placed in the office, this one is placed at home, it heats up as soon as it is turned on, and it warms up quickly. Better than other electric ovens!

  14. Anonymous

    It is very small and weighs nothing in your hand. It heats up very quickly. Once you turn it on, it heats up and is very warm. You can feel it within two meters. Most importantly, it is silent, so it is very suitable for use at work. Your colleagues can’t hear it. The power consumption is also OK.

  15. Anonymous

    It is really a foot warmer. Put it under the computer desk and it will warm up in seconds. It is very warm. The body is small and it is very convenient to move. After all, it is a big brand. The design is very user-friendly and the quality is good. I have paid attention to it and will come back if I need it.

  16. Anonymous

    The temperature adjustment is very sensitive, with a range to choose from. After taking a shower, you can shake your hair with your hands and it will dry quickly. The only downside is that the two fixed feet are not firm. I used transparent adhesive to stick them on, and overall, the cost-effectiveness is very good

  17. Anonymous

    Put it under the desk to warm the legs of children when they are doing homework. The baby said it is very warm. There are two levels of adjustment, which is very convenient. It is light and does not take up space. By the way, it is recommended not to put it on the ground. It is most comfortable to use a stool to cushion the legs.

  18. Anonymous

    I bought the larger one, which is more practical than air conditioning. It is quiet, heats up quickly, and I am not afraid of rainy days at 5 ° C. Moreover, after turning it on, the indoor air is relatively dry and not prone to mites. I am very satisfied. I bought a small one to warm my feet in the office before and recommended it to my colleagues for purchase

  19. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a while. I bought it specifically for my cats to keep warm. I specifically looked for this low-power one. Only one 300-watt lamp is used. Cats like it very much. The distance of 60-70 cm is the most suitable. It is not too hot but very warm. The whole is also light and square. It is easy to store after changing seasons. It is good and worth buying and trying.

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