Invisible topl ultra-thin M22 electric clothes hanger


Mr. Bang ultra-thin invisible smart electric clothes drying rack balcony household lamp-shaped lifting clothes drying rack M22 clothes drying machine


Mr. Bang’s ultra-thin invisible smart electric clothes drying rack M22 is a modern clothes drying product designed for home balconies. This clothes drying rack uses advanced electric lifting technology, which can easily achieve multiple functions such as drying clothes and drying clothes. Product features include ultra-thin design, invisible installation, smart control, and LED lighting function. In addition, M22 also has smart voice control and mobile phone APP remote control functions, allowing users to operate easily without bending over. Super strong load-bearing capacity and easy-to-install bracket design make it suitable for all types of balcony environments. It is not only a tool for drying clothes, but also a fashionable decoration for your family balcony, bringing convenience and beauty to home life.

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Mr. Bond

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Jinhua City


Chinese mainland


Zhejiang Province

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Aluminum Alloy

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Electric clothes drying rack

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*2024 new * M23A white+π series drying rod clothes quilt with sun drying+full screen 2-speed dimming+38 open card slots+Mi Home intelligent control, *2024 new * M23C white+Photobiological 3.0 sterilization+π – series drying rod clothes and quilts drying together+38 open card slots+Mi Home Smart Control, M22A white invisible ultra-thin+full screen lighting+22 loose hanging positions+Mi Home intelligent control, M22C white sterilization+invisible ultra-thin+full screen lighting+22 loose hanging positions+Mi Home intelligent control, M22A gray invisible ultra-thin+full screen lighting+22 loose hanging positions+Mi Home intelligent control, M22C gray sterilization+invisible ultra-thin+full screen lighting+22 loose hanging positions+Mi Home intelligent control, [Upgraded] M22proA white+upgraded 2nd gear dimming+equipped with offline voice remote control, [Upgraded] M22proC white [sterilized]+Upgraded 2nd level dimming+equipped with offline voice remote control



20 reviews for Invisible topl ultra-thin M22 electric clothes hanger

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Installed, aesthetically pleasing, easy to operate, and the brightness of the light is also sufficient

  3. Anonymous

    It looks pretty and also very useful. The sound of lifting and lowering can also be ignored. Not bad, not bad.

  4. Anonymous

    It looks pretty good, the installation personnel provided excellent service, and I hope the quality meets expectations.

  5. Anonymous

    Product Function: I really like it, it has a grand appearance. Material: Made of solid materials. Product Quality: Easy to use, no noise

  6. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: The appearance is very simple and invisible, which looks good. It has many functions and good load-bearing capacity

  7. Anonymous

    The master arrived early, the installation was fast, the service was very good, the packaging was exquisite, and the clothes hanger was very satisfactory

  8. Anonymous

    Product function: Very practical. Appearance material: The appearance looks very sturdy. Product quality: Very good. Installation skills are excellent, young man

  9. Anonymous

    Product Function: Multiple clothes drying positions, reasonable design, easy to use Appearance Material: The white one is well hidden on the roof, and the material is also good Product Quality:??

  10. Anonymous

    Repurchase again, and the customer service guide is very professional in comparing the differences and characteristics of different specifications and models, which is very efficient; The installation master is punctual, meticulous, like??!

  11. Anonymous

    I bought it at a 618 discount. It has a beautiful appearance, high aesthetic value, and the functions meet my needs. It stops immediately when encountering obstacles. I hope the quality is reliable and I will follow up on the review after a while.

  12. Anonymous

    It was the right choice to buy the white one. It was very nice. The electric clothes drying rack was very technological for the first time. I will continue to buy it in the future. Mr. Bang’s installation master and the customer service lady are awesome.

  13. Anonymous

    The goods arrived quickly, the packaging was intact, and the master made an appointment to come to our door. The installation was also very careful. We have several household brands of this brand in our community, and we hope it works well. We highly recommend it~???????

  14. Anonymous

    The appearance is beautiful, but upon closer inspection, there are some areas where the paint has peeled off slightly. As the ceiling groove is too narrow, we can only choose this one. The rise and fall are smooth, and the installation service provided by the master is good

  15. Anonymous

    It looks good. It seems that this model does not have the function of stopping when encountering obstacles, but it is basically enough. I hope it can be used for a long time. I have reserved space for it. Now I am afraid that it will be difficult to choose the size in the future.

  16. Anonymous

    Attentive service, timely installation, very satisfied! The function is very easy to use, and the installation master is professional and enthusiastic. The service is first-class, the quality is superior, the functions are powerful, the doorstep is fast, and the service is first-class,

  17. Anonymous

    The product packaging is strict, the operation is simple and convenient, and there is no fighting when hanging clothes or blankets. The small balcony lighting is also sufficient. The master installed it very carefully and meticulously, and the holes and dust do not fall to the ground. I am very satisfied!

  18. Anonymous

    Mr. Huang came to install the clothes on time, his service attitude was very good, he was patient, meticulous and professional. The clothes drying rack is high-end, elegant and classy, ??with a beautiful appearance. It is easy to operate and very practical to lift it up. Mr. Bang’s clothes drying rack is worth having.

  19. Anonymous

    The installation master installed the product in a timely manner and the installation effect was good. The installation was done in a clean and tidy manner, and the work clothes were worn neatly. Pay attention to hygiene and wear shoe covers throughout the entire process. The installation service was very satisfactory

  20. Anonymous

    Mr. Bang’s after-sales service is really good, the installation is good, the door is on time, the after-sales service attitude is good, the installation is professional, the after-sales service is fast, the installation fee is reasonable, and the service is good overall! The after-sales master has good service, standardized operation, and is very satisfied with the service. Thank you Mr. Bang for the smart experience! Thumbs up for the installer. This purchase experience is great.

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