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The Opp Electric Clothes Hanger is an intelligent clothes drying pole suitable for household use, with multiple practical functions. This electric clothes hanger adopts a modern design, with a hidden design that does not occupy balcony space. It also provides automatic lifting function, making it convenient for users to dry clothes at any time. It has an automatic drying function, which can quickly dry clothes in a short time, reduce drying time, and also prevent clothes from getting damp and moldy. In addition, the OPP electric clothes drying rack also has various lighting devices, making it more convenient for users to hang clothes and easy to check their condition. At the same time, the OPP electric clothes hanger is made of high-quality materials, ensuring the durability and stability of the product. And its intelligent operation is simple and convenient, both manual and remote control operations can be easily achieved. Overall, the OPP Electric Clothes Hanger is a fully functional, modern design, reliable quality, and easy to operate intelligent clothes drying pole, making it an ideal choice for family balconies. Whether in hot summer or humid rainy season, it can help you easily solve the problem of drying clothes.

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Zhejiang Province

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Opp drying electric clothes hanger

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Electric invisible clothes hanger on balcony

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[L120A] 40 inch light luxury large screen+70 kg high-energy load-bearing+8.5cm slim body, [L120S] Intelligent lifting+40 inch light luxury large screen+70 kg high-energy load-bearing+8.5cm slim body, [L156] Free selection of wind/drying, super large capacity drying, LED lighting, [D157] UVC UV sterilization+120cm wide air vent double drying+super large capacity drying+LED lighting, [T1] NBSS water oxygen sterilization+7-fold internal drying/wide-angle swing drying+super large capacity air drying, Don't know how to choose a clothes drying machine- Consult customer service to quickly solve your doubts (text description, please don't shoot!)



20 reviews for Aupu Electric Lifting Clothes Hanger Balcony for Home Use

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    After installation, the effect is very good, convenient and beautiful, which is what I want.

  3. Anonymous

    The product is very good, the quality is guaranteed, and the service attitude of Leo is also very good

  4. Anonymous

    I am quite satisfied with it. It looks very nice and the lifting is also very smooth. I look forward to using it after checking in

  5. Anonymous

    The cost-effectiveness is quite good, and the appearance is also quite attractive. I have already recommended it to my friends, will good products be promoted?

  6. Anonymous

    The packaging is in perfect condition! All the accessories are available, and there are also free gifts! Full of sincerity! The old brand of Opp is trustworthy! Like customer service, Lele Momo!

  7. Anonymous

    The price I bought during the event was quite reasonable, the logistics were also fast, the packaging was good, and many gifts were given away. Good looks, Aquarius customer service is also good.

  8. Anonymous

    Product function: Practical, support domestic products, believe in the power of brands, choose Opp, Junjun’s answer is also very patient, very easy to use, appearance material: solid product quality: Opp is OK

  9. Anonymous

    Fashionable and beautiful, with bright and natural lighting, easy to operate, and can also be repurchased. Is Yier Jinniu Yunhai a smart and lovely customer service representative with a good service attitude? Product Function: Full Appearance Material: Tall Top Product Quality: Good

  10. Anonymous

    Although the installation technician arrived late and experienced many setbacks, fortunately, the quality of the product is not to mention its appearance, which is also my favorite. My favorite thing is to stop and push when encountering obstacles, and then rise. It is still quite intelligent

  11. Anonymous

    Product Function: This electric clothes hanger is very safe and reliable to use, especially for families with children and the elderly, making it the most suitable choice. Gently reach out and encounter obstacles to stop, gently lift to rise, easy to operate, easy and safe. Appearance Material: Good Product Quality: Good

  12. Anonymous

    Product Function: Comfortable brightness of large screen lighting, smooth up and down movement, and anti pinch function. Appearance Material: Ultra thin and snug, it really looks like a flat headlight when not drying clothes. Product Quality: No problem for temporary use. The brand of Opp Electric Clothes Hanger is trustworthy

  13. Anonymous

    This lamp is really bright, the 40-inch screen is also large, voice control is very convenient, and it can also be controlled by remote control. After installation, it looks high-end and classy. Friends who need it can buy it with confidence, and they will definitely not make mistakes. Trust big brands, the installation masters and customer service attitudes are super good, it is a good choice.

  14. Anonymous

    The effect is particularly good, it looks like a ceiling light when not in use. The voice control is too convenient, and it also stops when encountering obstacles. The appearance is also very high. The installation master is patient in adjusting various details, and very satisfied with a shopping trip. If the balcony is not lit, friends must try this one. The lighting is very bright and not dazzling, and the practicality is very good!

  15. Anonymous

    Product functions: drying, sterilization, 24W lighting, 2200mm long ~ Xiaomi link ~ very convenient, Product quality: Opp is trustworthy. I have bought from the store several times. The last time I bought a networked bathroom heater 53 years ago is still in service. The effect is still the same as a new one. I also bought a shower set, which is economical and easy to use ~ even better ~ a big brand is trustworthy. I still choose Opp this time!

  16. Anonymous

    Opp is a big brand, and the clothes dryer has a beautiful appearance and is quite quiet. The children at home are not afraid of noise when sleeping, and the details and workmanship are very well done. The aviation aluminum material has a strong texture, is grand and beautiful, and the functions are also very powerful. The remote control and offline voice are added. The installation technician appointed by customer service is also quite good. recommendation

  17. Anonymous

    Product function: It is really convenient to directly control the remote control without the need for wireless connection. It also has offline voice, which is very convenient. It stops falling with a gentle lift of the hand and is very sensitive. Appearance and material: The appearance is simple and atmospheric. It is really thin. I have chosen it for a long time, and it is also very suitable for my home. This is currently a very satisfactory shopping experience

  18. Anonymous

    Opp bathroom heater is a long-standing brand among domestic products. The first bathroom heater clothes drying rack in China is also very good. From function to quality control, it is the avant-garde in the industry. The customer service Dongluo is also very good. I look forward to the experience of using it. I will buy good things next time! It is very smooth, and the remote control is very easy to use, and the lifting and lowering are very smooth! The customer service Dongluo is very good, and he will answer any questions! It is very convenient to turn on and off the lights!

  19. Anonymous

    Product function: This electric clothes drying rack is sensitive to rise and fall, and supports offline voice and remote control operation without any noise. It is a must-have at home! It smells really good! When the clothes drying rack is folded up, it is super thin and sticks to the wall, does not take up space, and gives people a very refreshing feeling. Appearance and material: This appearance is the main reason for choosing it at first sight, and it matches the decoration of the house very well~ Product quality: After using it for a few days, I feel that it is easy to operate and can meet daily drying needs. I also trust the quality of Opp??

  20. Anonymous

    The Opp electric clothes drying rack has a large drying space and an ultra-thin body design. When folded, it is only 10 cm thick. It does not take up balcony space, nor does it affect the field of vision and window opening, making the balcony more tidy and beautiful. The Opp electric clothes drying rack supports intelligent lifting and remote control operation. It is simple and convenient. It automatically stops when encountering obstacles. It is safe and reliable and can be easily used by the elderly and children. The Opp electric clothes drying rack also has a dual-track lighting function, which can provide bright lighting for the balcony. You don’t have to worry about not being able to see clearly when collecting clothes at night, and you can also save the electricity bill of a balcony lamp. It’s a new house decoration. Although it has not been used yet, it looks very beautiful. I will give you comments after using it.

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