Mr. Bang’s flagship M33 electric clothes drying rack


Mr. Bang ultra-thin invisible electric clothes rack lifting intelligent automatic balcony home embedded clothes drying machine M33


Mr. Bang’s ultra-thin invisible electric clothes drying rack M33 is an intelligent automatic balcony household clothes drying machine with an ultra-thin invisible design, which makes the balcony space more open. It adopts the electric lifting function, which makes it easy and convenient to dry clothes, and is suitable for clothes of various materials. M33 also has an automatic sensing function. When there are clothes that need to be dried, it can be automatically raised and lowered with a light wave, saving time and effort. In addition, M33 also has a variety of safety protection functions to ensure safe use. It is an ideal choice for home balconies, making drying easy and simple.

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Mr. Bond

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Jinhua City


Chinese mainland


Zhejiang Province

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Aluminum Alloy

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Electric clothes drying rack

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Connected to Tmall Genie

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M33A matte white invisible ultra-thin+aluminum alloy body+extended hanging position+large screen infinite dimming light+dual intelligent control, M33C matte white sterilization+invisible ultra-thin+aluminum alloy body+extended hanging position+large screen infinite dimming light+dual intelligent control, M33A titanium gray invisible ultra-thin+aluminum alloy body+extended hanging position+large screen infinite dimming light+dual intelligent control, M33C titanium ash sterilization+invisible ultra-thin+aluminum alloy body+extended hanging position+large screen infinite dimming light+dual intelligent control, M33SEA white, M33SEA gray, National free installation



20 reviews for Mr. Bang’s flagship M33 electric clothes drying rack

  1. Anonymous

    Product function

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    The appearance is very beautiful, and the material feels good to the touch. The switch button board also has a good texture.

  4. Anonymous

    Product Function: Normal and Practical Appearance Material: Beautiful Appearance Color Product Quality: Good quality, with discounted prices Recommended for purchase

  5. Anonymous

    Finally installed, it is very easy to use and very quiet, a must-have for improving happiness! The installer was very nice and it looks very beautiful after installation~

  6. Anonymous

    It’s installed. I’m not in the new house. My dad said it works fine. Except the installer was 2 hours late, there are no other problems. Full marks. I hope it won’t break down and I can keep using it.

  7. Anonymous

    The appearance and overall decoration match well. The edge of the hanger is glossy, and I have reserved a length of 1400 for my ceiling, which is estimated to be another 4 centimeters smaller for your reference

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance of the clothes hanger is beautiful, with low noise and convenient pull-out of the telescopic rod. The installer installed it quickly and it took over 10 minutes to complete. A relatively satisfactory shopping experience.

  9. Anonymous

    Master Liu Hui has a very good attitude. I was not on site and had the patience to communicate with me about the installation. The clothes rack was also installed beautifully! Give it a thumbs up! Follow up on reviews after future use!

  10. Anonymous

    The clothes hanger is beautiful and elegant, and the lamp is also very good. It can be used as a sun table lamp. When unfolded, it can hold a lot of clothes. The after-sales technician contacts us in a timely manner, and the installation is serious and responsible

  11. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The white one looks pretty good. A friend bought gray, and our white modern cream style is a good match. Product Features: It has a light on and up/down function, as well as a pause. For those with a ceiling, be sure to put back the extended shelf and then raise it again

  12. Anonymous

    Mr. Bang’s clothes drying rack is very good. Even the big brother Xiao Yang on Douyin strongly recommends it. It has a high appearance, IQ and reaction ability. The light is very wide and large, which is better than the new M21. It also has a night light sensing function. I am very satisfied with it.

  13. Anonymous

    The goods arrived quickly, and the colors looked very coordinated. The mute effect was also good, and the remote control was designed very well, directly embedded in the buckle. The installation master is also professional, not only the installation is fast, but also the service attitude is very good.

  14. Anonymous

    I bought it for over a month now and installed it today. The installation master is very enthusiastic and responsible. My home decoration is a bit messy, and the master patiently moved and skillfully installed it without any complaints! The whole machine is very beautiful, with no noise when going up and down! Great!

  15. Anonymous

    A super favorite electric clothes hanger, with excellent appearance, material, and overall quality, almost zero noise. The logistics is very awesome. The master installed the clothes on the door and was very careful. After the installation, he introduced all the functions in detail, and strongly recommended this clothes hanger!

  16. Anonymous

    It looks very good and has a very good texture. It matches the style of my house very well. I especially praise the installer. Because I needed to sign, I ran over after get off work at noon and waited for me for half an hour. He was very easy-going and told me that it was okay. I give a thumbs up to the installer. Very satisfied

  17. Anonymous

    I wanted to buy Mr. Bang M33 white last year. I chose it on various platforms and finally placed an order on Taobao. The customer service Xigua patiently explained the product details to me. I am satisfied!!! My cream-style decoration is just right for the white clothes drying rack, and the light is big enough! After comparing with other comparable products, I finally chose this one! Great!

  18. Anonymous

    Product function: The remote control is very convenient, and the pole can be pulled out easily. Appearance material: The gray color looks very generous. Product quality: It feels very textured. The installer was also very good. He helped me measure the size before installing it, and it would not hit the windows and cabinets. It was just too heavy, and it scraped the ceiling a little bit when I hung it up.

  19. Anonymous

    Product Function: The clothes hanger is sturdy and durable, especially sturdy. It can be hidden and folded up, making it a beautiful light when not in use. It also saves a lot of lamp money. Appearance Material: It looks good, it is really a very atmospheric and upscale clothes hanger. Good brands are different, and customer service is also very good. They will patiently help you solve any problems, positive review

  20. Anonymous

    Evaluation of Mr. Bang’s hanger: User experience: I recently purchased Mr. Bang’s hanger, and overall, I am very satisfied with my experience. The design of this hanger is very user-friendly, which makes me feel very convenient when hanging clothes. It has a moderate weight, which will not make people feel heavy, nor will it deform the clothes. In addition, the material of the hanger is also very good, strong and durable, and can be used for a long time. Advantages: The advantages of Mr. Bang’s hanger are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Humanized design: The shape and size of the hanger are very suitable for hanging clothes, which makes me feel very relaxed when arranging clothes. 2. Excellent material: The hanger is made of high-quality materials, which is strong and durable and can be used for a long time. 3. Reasonable price: Compared with other brands of hangers, Mr. Bang’s price is more affordable and the cost performance is very high. Overall evaluation: In general, Mr. Bang’s hanger is a very recommended product. It is not only user-friendly in design and easy to use, but also reasonably priced. If you are looking for a high-quality hanger, Mr. Bang is definitely a good choice. I will give it a five-star evaluation.

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