Philips Instant Kitchen Treasure Electric Water Heater


Philips instant small kitchen water heater for household kitchens, bathrooms, and under the counter dishwashing


Philips Instant Kitchenware is a hot water device designed specifically for kitchens, suitable for every bathroom in homes and apartments. It adopts the latest technology and can provide a large amount of hot water in an instant, suitable for various daily cooking activities such as washing dishes and cleaning ingredients. This small kitchen treasure adopts advanced heating technology, no need to wait, and is ready to use, making it very suitable for busy kitchen environments. It is compact and lightweight, and can be easily installed under the table or in cabinets without taking up too much space. Philips Kitchenware also has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, making it very cost-effective to use. Overall, Philips instant heating kitchenware is an efficient, convenient, and practical kitchen equipment that brings more convenience to family life.

Additional information



net weight


Gross Weight


heating power


Maximum capacity



Chinese mainland

warranty period

36 months

Package Size


Energy efficiency rating



231x160x49mm 231x49x160mm

Kitchen Treasure Type

Instant Hot

Limit of stacking layers

6th floor

control method

Microcomputer based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


AWH2300/93 (55DB) AWH1053/93 (55LA)

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


February 2023 February 2024 February

Type of effluent

Upper and lower outlet water outlet

After-sales service

On site installation of national joint insurance

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million four hundred and seventy-six thousand six hundred and nineteen

sort by color

Navy blue, Shicongqing, White

20 reviews for Philips Instant Kitchen Treasure Electric Water Heater

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Small and exquisite, does not take up space, a large space in the cabinet is vacant, the water flow is very stable, it was installed on the same day it arrived, very good

  3. Anonymous

    Installation situation: Quickly designed. Appearance: compact. Constant temperature efficiency: excellent. Material and workmanship: exquisite. Water outlet efficiency: high. Delivery on time: on time

  4. Anonymous

    The product is compact in size and does not take up space. It quickly releases hot water in 30 seconds, which is very convenient. It likes merchants and customer service is also very patient. Like????!!

  5. Anonymous

    Installation situation: The master has contacted multiple times to make an appointment, and the installation is fast. Appearance design: compact and convenient, with fast hot water discharge, and the kitchen no longer requires ice hands

  6. Anonymous

    This little kitchenware is too thin, it is very suitable for the position of my washing machine. The back can only hold a 6-centimeter one, which does not take up any space. It is small in size and does not stand in place, and it can quickly release hot water.

  7. Anonymous

    It is more reliable to choose a big brand, with fast delivery and installation. I tried it and found that the water output was large and the temperature was high. I will try it again after two days when the temperature drops. It is very small and does not take up any space.

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you, Xiao Qiao, for your patient after-sales explanation. I have received the item and bought 2, which are very small. Although they have not been installed yet, the pre-sales service has already made me very happy. The delivery was delayed by 2 months, and I am very grateful.

  9. Anonymous

    Very useful. No need to wait for hot water in winter. Thanks to Taozi customer service for their patient response. Great appearance design: small and does not take up too much space. Constant temperature efficiency: enough for brushing teeth, washing face, washing small clothes and brushing shoes. Material workmanship: feels good. Water efficiency: smaller than cold water but enough. Delivery on time: delivered the next day. Great.

  10. Anonymous

    The instant hot water heater is very small, has fast water output and is easy to use. I used to use an electric water heater in the bathroom, but the hot water in the kitchen always didn’t come out after washing. It is very convenient to install the hot water heater. After the installation, the installer found a little water leakage and said he would come back to check it for me when he had time. His attitude is quite good. Now I am waiting.

  11. Anonymous

    Firstly, the customer service is very patient and thoughtful. The products are shipped and installed very quickly, just in time for the cold air to arrive. Mom no longer needs to freeze her hands when washing clothes! The key is that the product not only has a delicate appearance, but also has powerful functions. It can produce hot water in seconds, and the temperature can be adjusted freely within the working range. Electronic display and control are simple and safe!

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance design: does not take up space. Installation situation: The master comes to the door for quick installation, and the water outlet efficiency is not as large as expected, but it is also within the acceptable range. Constant temperature efficiency: hot water is fast, enough for washing, and a small problem is to turn off the faucet and then turn it back on. There is a few seconds of hot water, and now I will turn it back on and wash it by hand in a few seconds

  13. Anonymous

    Installation was very fast. I came to review it after installation. First of all, the installation master contacted me in time and used my place to install it. The attitude was also good. The product is small and thin. It does not take up space. It is waterproof and very convenient to use. It feels great after installation. The hot water comes out quickly, and it is very comfortable to use the warm hot water. The temperature is also easy to adjust. It feels very convenient.

  14. Anonymous

    A very satisfying shopping experience. From customer service, to shipping, to installation, to use, perfect! Praise customer service for Lemon, Meatballs, and Little Cat. Provide detailed and patient explanations, never tire of it. Praise the installation master for explaining the precautions to the elderly for being super caring. Also, praise the Philips brand for its heated and fast water flow. The elderly are super satisfied and the elderly are super satisfied, with a five-star rating!

  15. Anonymous

    Installation: It is more reassuring to install the leakage protector provided. It is small and exquisite, and it does not take up any space when hung in the cupboard. Appearance design: The appearance design is very good, square and beautiful, plus the temperature screen, the +- feedback is very comfortable. By the way, I would like to praise Mei’s customer service, who is proficient in answering questions. Constant temperature efficiency: After repeated experiments, the power is 4500 watts and the temperature is 37.℃, which is very suitable. It is safe for adults and children. Water output efficiency: After a few days of use, the efficiency of hot water output is very fast. The temperature can be felt in 5 seconds. It is great!

  16. Anonymous

    It heats up instantly when turned on. I finally made up my mind to replace the old-fashioned heat storage kitchen water heater at home, which solved the problem of hot water for the whole family. Now I can wash my hands and face when I turn it on, and I don’t have to worry about freezing when brushing my teeth in the morning. I am very satisfied with SF Express, which delivers goods to my door. The installation is also very fast after receiving the goods. It can heat water in 3 seconds, and there is no need to provide power supply for heating for a whole day like the old-fashioned heat storage kitchen water heater. The whole shopping process was very smooth. Thanks to the customer service Taozi, who actively and professionally solved the problems in the purchase and installation process for me. Satisfied~

  17. Anonymous

    Philips Kitchenware is one of my most satisfying products recently. It is not only easy to install, but also exquisitely designed, perfectly integrated into the kitchen environment. In the cold winter, it can quickly provide hot water, saving me waiting time. Its intelligent temperature control function ensures that the water temperature is moderate, avoiding burns, and is very reassuring to use. Meanwhile, the energy-saving mode of Philips Little Kitchen Treasure effectively reduces energy consumption, in line with the concept of green environmental protection. However, compared to other brands, its price is slightly higher. But considering its high-quality performance and brand assurance, I believe this is a worthwhile investment. Philips Kitchenware not only improved my quality of life, but also saved me valuable time.

  18. Anonymous

    Constant temperature efficiency: Not bad, it solves the problem of the bathroom being far from the water heater. It is very convenient to wash your face and brush your teeth in winter, and it heats up immediately when turned on. Water output efficiency: The water output is still very large, which is completely enough for washing your face and brushing your teeth. At first, I thought it could be connected to the bath, but the master said that the water would be very small, so I didn’t plan to install it. But later, I thought it was still convenient to use in winter, so I asked the master to come a second time, which was embarrassing. The customer service was also very patient, and gave detailed answers to my many inquiries. I changed my mind at any time, and they also responded actively. I specifically praised the customer service~I will install one and use it for a while, and then consider installing it in other places.

  19. Anonymous

    Installation: The installation master was also great. Appearance design: After nearly 2 years of careful selection, I finally chose the Philips small kitchen water heater. It is small, beautiful, and does not take up space. It is my favorite product. Constant temperature performance: It is very different from the kitchen water heater at my children’s home. The water is not hot and cold, and the children’s hands are often scalded. I had too many worries at the beginning. The customer service Xiaotao is very professional and patient. She took the trouble to introduce the product and my concerns to me. I especially praise Xiaotao. Material workmanship: It looks very delicate at first glance. Water efficiency: Finally, my hands are no longer cold in winter. The intelligent control ensures the water temperature. It is convenient to use and heats up immediately. Washing dishes every day has become proactive. Delivery on time: The merchant ships quickly and SF Express is awesome

  20. Anonymous

    I chose several brands, and I was always struggling with whether to choose a storage type or an instant heating type. I was worried that the storage type would have the risk of water leakage, and I would have to clean the water tank after a long time. If the capacity was small, I was afraid that the hot water would not be enough; I was also worried that the power of the instant heating type would be too high. After consulting the customer service, I learned that my home met the installation requirements and had a separate line. If the circuit breaker was small, I could replace it with a larger one. I took advantage of the event to buy this instant heating small kitchen treasure. It is small and does not take up space. It is very fast to install. The hot water output is indeed smaller than that of cold water, but I can accept this flow rate. I usually wash clothes on the balcony, brush my teeth and wash my face occasionally. This flow rate is enough. When I don’t need hot water, I don’t need electricity at all. This is good. The hot water output speed is OK. The water is hot in about three or four seconds. There is hot water when I turn it on in winter. It is very good to use it now.

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