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Gongyouji Laser Welding Machine Small 1500 Watt Spot Welding Metal Cutting and Cleaning Fully Automatic Industrial Welding Machine New Product


Efficient and fully automatic industrial welding machine n n Gongyouji has launched a brand new small laser welding machine, which has a power of 1500 watts and can provide efficient welding effects. This device is not only suitable for metal cutting, but also for spot welding and cleaning work, with a wide range of applications. This laser welding machine adopts fully automatic technology, without the need for manual intervention, greatly improving work efficiency. Its precise laser beam can easily penetrate various metal materials, achieving seamless welding. In addition, its cleaning function helps to remove residual material after welding, making the workpiece cleaner. This small laser welding machine has excellent performance and reliability. It adopts high-quality components and advanced process technology to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment. Its operation is simple, easy to maintain, and greatly reduces operating costs. Whether in the fields of manufacturing, maintenance, or cleaning, Gongyouji Small Laser Welding Machine is your ideal partner. It can help you improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality. Join the family of Travelers of Work and experience the surprises brought by this efficient and fully automatic industrial welding machine!

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2-in-1 (welding/cutting) 1000W, Two in one (welding/cutting) 1500W, 2-in-1 (welding/cutting) 2000W, Two in one (welding/cutting) 3000w, Three in one (welding/cutting/cleaning) 1000W, Three in one (welding/cutting/cleaning) 1500W, Three in one (welding/cutting/cleaning) 2000W, Three in one (welding/cutting/cleaning) 3000W, 2000W dedicated for laser rust removal and cleaning, Laser rust removal and cleaning dedicated 3000W


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