Industrial chiller small jz3000 laser


Industrial chiller small JZ3000 laser cooling welding machine cutting carving chiller circulating water tank spindle


The small JZ3000 laser cooling welding machine for cutting and carving is a powerful and easy to operate equipment suitable for various industries such as metal processing, plastic products, and electronic manufacturing. Choosing a suitable chiller can effectively improve the accuracy and stability of laser cutting and carving, enhance production efficiency and product quality.

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Chiller, 1,1HP-10HP, JZ-5200, jz300

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JZ-5200AH (single inlet and single outlet 10mm tower joint), JZ-5200AH (single inlet and single outlet 8mm quick connector, JZ-5202AH (dual in and dual out), JZ-5200AI (Single In, Single Out), JZ-5600AH (dual inlet and dual outlet), JZ-5600AH (single in, single out), JZ-5600AN (dual in and dual out), JZ-5600AN (Single In, Single Out), JZ-5300AH (12 meter head), JZ-5300AP (25m head), JZ-3000AF (8MM quick connector), JZ-3000AG (10MM tower joint), JZ-3000AK (8MM quick connector, JZ-3000AH 48W water pump, JZ-3000DG (110V), JZ-3500


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