Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Embedded


Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Embedded Steaming and Baking Oven Household Microwave Oven Electric Steaming Oven G5/R5/F5 Series


Midea Microwave Steamer and Oven G5/R5/F5 series is a built-in household microwave oven, electric steamer and oven. This product integrates microwave cooking, steam cooking and baking cooking, providing a wide range of cooking options for your kitchen. Whether it is fast microwave heating, delicate steaming, or baking food, this device can handle it easily. Midea Microwave Steamer and Oven adopts high-tech design, perfectly integrating embedded installation with modern kitchen, which is both beautiful and practical. Its efficient heating performance and precise temperature control function enable you to easily make a variety of delicious food. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, Midea Microwave Steamer and Oven is a good helper in your kitchen. Let food become a great pleasure in life. Choose Midea Microwave Steamer and Oven G5/R5/F5 series, and you will have a practical cooking partner.

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Chinese mainland

warranty period

60 months

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Steam barbecue thawing

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

Opening and closing method

Drop-down door

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

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6 reviews for Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Embedded

  1. Anonymous

    The logistics is fast and the service attitude is very good! The customer service attitude is very good. The machine is very heavy and the inner cavity looks very good! I saw it at a friend’s house and was going to buy another model. Later, the customer service recommended this one, which is still very good-looking.

  2. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the packaging is complete and tight. After receiving it, I made an appointment with a technician to help install it. The machine has a good texture and I like the color screen and knob, which is very easy to get started with. I tried the effect and baked some skewers. The color was good and the taste was delicious. I was very satisfied.

  3. Anonymous

    The Midea model has done the homework, which is the most comprehensive and meets my requirements. The customer service is very patient and always answers any questions. I was very satisfied with a shopping trip. The service provided by the merchants was good, the delivery was very fast, and the logistics was also very awesome. After receiving it, Baby liked it very much.

  4. Anonymous

    The size of the steaming oven is very suitable, with a beautiful color screen and a strong sense of technology. The front heat dissipation is also very good. The main thing is that the functions are also too comprehensive. It has a microwave function more than a regular steaming and baking oven, which is very practical and has a large capacity. After moving in, I tried steaming shrimp and crabs, and the taste was very fresh. There are also other built-in menus, which can unlock more new skills in the future!

  5. Anonymous

    Midea’s service is really great. They can recommend products to me according to my needs and help me get the best discount. The product is very beautiful. The four-in-one professional smart oven can make many delicious foods. I am most grateful to Midea’s after-sales installation master, who is very professional. He introduced the precautions of the oven to us very considerately. The oven is also very beautiful when installed and saves space. I am really satisfied and thank Midea’s after-sales installation master and customer service very much.

  6. Anonymous

    Baby received a five-star review, the experience was very good, very satisfied, and loved by everyone at home. I would like to recommend it to my friends. Beautiful price, good quality and affordable, worth buying. The logistics master has a good attitude, fast delivery speed, complete accessories, strict packaging, intact and worth it. The customer service was very enthusiastic and attentive. They came to buy when needed and were willing to repurchase and recommend. Beautiful appearance, fashionable, generous, textured, very solid, easy to operate, very good quality, very practical, a very good choice. Customer service is very patient, with detailed answers, thoughtful service, proactive, meticulous, and enthusiastic. Very satisfied, overall I feel very good. The after-sales service is very professional and the service is guaranteed. Full score, give a heartfelt like. Buy home appliances and go to JD.com. Big brands are trustworthy and support domestic production.

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