AOC27 inch high-definition IPS display computer


AOC 27 inch 27B1H2 high-definition IPS screen 24B1XHM chicken eating game 75HZ office computer LCD display


This AOC 27B1H2 monitor is a LCD display designed specifically for gaming and office use. It features a 27 inch high-definition IPS screen, bright colors, and a wide viewing angle, providing excellent visual experience assurance. Its resolution is as high as 1080p, with extremely high clarity, suitable for providing delicate details in gaming and office environments. This monitor is particularly suitable for chicken eating games, with a refresh rate of 75Hz that can provide smooth and shadowless images, allowing players to stand out in the game. In addition, its fast response time can effectively reduce screen dragging and blurring, further enhancing the gaming experience. In terms of office work, this monitor also performs well. Clear high resolution makes document reading more convenient, saving time and effort. Moreover, its IPS screen provides realistic colors and a wide perspective, making collaboration with others easier. Overall, AOC 27B1H2 is an excellent LCD display that combines gaming and office functions. It is an ideal choice for both enthusiasts of chicken eating games and office users who need an excellent display.

Additional information





Panel type


gross weight


screen ratio

16: 9


brand new

refresh rate


Guanjie model


Backlight type


Camera type

No camera

screen size

27 inches


Non surface

point distance


Touch screen or not


Color gamut

SRGB ≥ 99%

warranty period

3 years


Chinese mainland

Interface Type


Energy efficiency rating


Vertical viewing angle

178 °

Color difference Delta E

≤ 3

average brightness

250cd/m ^ 2

dynamic contrast

20 million: 1

Horizontal visual angle

178 °

Screen Resolution

1920×1080 pixels

Energy efficiency filing number


Grayscale response time

8 milliseconds

Does it come with a built-in speaker


Black and white response time

7 milliseconds

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion nine hundred and three million three hundred and eight thousand three hundred and six

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package type

Official standard configuration

20 reviews for AOC27 inch high-definition IPS display computer

  1. Anonymous

    The display is very clear and comfortable to watch. Not bad. I will buy it next time!

  2. Anonymous

    Easy installation: Easy to install. Screen display: Clear, with higher contrast than IPS. Appearance material: Well crafted

  3. Anonymous

    The computer screen is genuine, the price is reasonable, and the picture is quite clear. I hope it can be used for a longer time

  4. Anonymous

    The monitor from this company is very good and of good quality. I have bought it from him many times and there have been no problems.

  5. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Easy to install. Appearance and material: Good quality, reasonable price. Recommended monitor, 27 inch size is just right

  6. Anonymous

    Very useful, I have already purchased 3 units. The boss also delivers goods very quickly. It will arrive in two days. Recommended purchase

  7. Anonymous

    The monitor is of good quality and affordable, with good color and appearance. I have been using this brand all along and it is worth buying.

  8. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, it is brand new and authentic, with clear picture quality and affordable price. If you need it, you will come back to buy it!!

  9. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, the logistics are fast, and I have made many purchases from this store without any quality issues. The service is also very friendly.

  10. Anonymous

    Easy to install: Easy to install. Screen display: The display is very clear and the colors are relatively balanced. Appearance Material: The quality is very good.

  11. Anonymous

    Easy to install: very simple screen display: looks very smooth with a refresh rate of 60%. It does not affect the appearance of games. Material: looks very high-end

  12. Anonymous

    Screen display: almost 2K with the feeling of a robotic arm, overall very satisfied, giving everyone a clear display. Appearance material: ultra-thin, I really like it

  13. Anonymous

    The original A0C and Vt24 have been used for fourteen years, but the bottom is no longer displayed. I believe in A0C, so I bought this one. It’s very good, with clear display and good color.

  14. Anonymous

    The packaging is tight and undamaged, and it is inspected and found to be intact upon startup. It is easy to install and connect to the host, and the screen is large and comfortable to look at.

  15. Anonymous

    This monitor is indeed good, it is of good quality and low price, with a high cost performance ratio. The logistics and delivery speed is also very fast, and the screen is soft and not harmful to the eyes. Give it a thumbs up!

  16. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the packaging is tight, the price is really not expensive, and the resolution is quite good in all aspects. It takes a few days to evaluate and there are no problems at the moment. Good things are worth recommending

  17. Anonymous

    I have repurchased 4 units once again, one of which is kept as a backup. The display effect is definitely comparable to that of competitors in the same price range. It is easy to install, the king of office, and recommended for wall cracking!

  18. Anonymous

    After receiving the monitor, the outer packaging was checked and found to be undamaged. The inside was also opened and there were no issues. After powering on, it turned on and there was no problem. After using it for two days, it was still fine

  19. Anonymous

    The brand new Perfect Screen is the original packaging that has not been opened by the factory. I am very satisfied with the packaging, which is quite good. Even violent delivery did not cause any damage. The screen is very clear and thin, which is different from the thickness of my previous monitor. It is really thin and outrageous

  20. Anonymous

    The AOC display is easy to install. I tried it after receiving the goods. The display screen is clear and the material is good. It is as described by the seller. Especially the seller’s service is super great. There was a small mark on the goods received that day. After the seller knew about it, the goods were returned. It was not picked up by express delivery, and a new monitor was sent to me on the same day. This is the honest service of the seller. Thank you to the seller! The logistics is also very good, and it is also a super service.Wait for review after use

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