Adapted to DJY 3 drone airdrop thrower


Applicable to DJI DJI Yu3 series drone airdrop, toy accessories, and rescue supplies

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The DJI DJI Yu3 series drone airdrop toy accessory dispenser is a powerful rescue and delivery tool. It is suitable for the Yu3 series drones and can easily achieve the throwing and delivery of materials, providing great convenience for rescue work. This dispenser is suitable for placing various toy accessories, allowing children to exercise their hands-on abilities while playing. Whether for rescue operations or daily use, the DJI DJI Yu3 series drone airdrop is your ideal choice.

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Guiyang City


DJY 3 Series

Toy type

Electric toys


Chinese mainland

Applicable gender



Guizhou Province

aircraft type

Other types

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Gray compatible with DJI Yu3 series (excluding Yu3pro), Grey DJY 3pro special shoot

9 reviews for Adapted to DJY 3 drone airdrop thrower

  1. Anonymous

    Lightweight and convenient to use!

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to disassemble and securely secured

  3. Anonymous

    The airdrop effect is good, good review!

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to handle weight, but short suspension line

  5. Anonymous

    Hahaha, just look at the picture, it still fits very well with the drone

  6. Anonymous

    I sent mineral water and betel nuts to the brothers on the tower crane, and the effect was good

  7. Anonymous

    The design is exquisite. I tried it after starting the plane and it worked.Fast delivery! I will review it after using it later!

  8. Anonymous

    The accuracy is not enough and cannot be installed. I polished it myself for a few minutes before installing it, everything else is fine

  9. Anonymous

    The effect of getting on the plane is very good. I plan to use this airdrop to give my girlfriend a ring and propose. I hope my proposal is successful!

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