Mini electric scooter portable for adults


Ninebot No. 9 Electric Scooter F2plus/f2/f2pro Adult Portable Folding Two Wheeled Scooter


Equipped with an intelligent control system, it can be remotely controlled and set through a mobile app, making it convenient for users to use. Overall, the Ninebot No. 9 electric scooter F2plus/f2pro is a convenient, comfortable, and safe two wheeled scooter suitable for urban travel, travel, and daily commuting.

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two rounds

For people


Is it foldable



Scooter F series

Does it support apps


Is it a smart car

smart car

Does it support Bluetooth


Body weight

10kg (inclusive) -15kg (inclusive)

top speed

25km/h (inclusive) -30km/h (exclusive)

Load capacity

100kg (inclusive) -150kg (exclusive)

Rim size

8 inches (inclusive) -10 inches (inclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

Pure electric range

25km (inclusive) -35km (exclusive)

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— Product parameters are as shown in the picture for collection and purchase. Priority will be given to shipping, and 20% will be refunded after posting the order!, — They all said there are discounts for consulting customer service! Sun the order and return 20 more, — More styles to choose from~Please click on it~, [30KM] F30PLUS Black [with front shock absorber+APP intelligent lock] Gift to choose from 2!!, [40KM] Ninth F2 upgraded version [iOS positioning+front shock absorber+APP locking]+2 gifts to choose from!, [40KM] Ninth F2 Upgraded Edition+Folding Seat [iOS Positioning+Front Shock Absorber+APP Locking]+2 Gifts to choose from!, [40KM] Ninth F2 Upgraded Edition+Package Seats [iOS Positioning+Front Shock Absorber+APP Locking]+2 Gifts to choose from!, [40KM] Ninth F2 upgraded version+colored seats [iOS positioning+front shock absorber+APP locking]+2 gifts to choose from!, [55KM] Number 9 F2plus [iOS positioning system]+gift optional 1!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2plus+Folding Seat [iOS Positioning System]+Gift Choice 1!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2plus+Package Seat [iOS Positioning System]+Gifts to choose from 1!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2plus+Color Seat [iOS Positioning System]+Gifts to choose from 1!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2pro [iOS positioning system+front shock absorber]+gift optional 2!!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2pro+Folding Seat [iOS Positioning System! System+Front Shock Absorber]+Gifts to choose from 2!!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2pro+Package Seat [iOS Positioning System+Front Shock Absorber]+Gifts to choose from 2!!, [55KM] Number 9 F2pro+colorful seats [iOS positioning system+front shock absorber]+2 gifts to choose from!!



20 reviews for Mini electric scooter portable for adults

  1. Anonymous

    Product quality: Not bad

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    I haven’t found any problems yet, I hope it lasts longer.

  4. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: In the heart range, battery life: quite practical

  5. Anonymous

    Easy to install: The installation is very convenient, just a few screws can ride it away, and the appearance is very good

  6. Anonymous

    Good product quality: easy to use, f2, just started using it, the battery is okay, overall it’s pretty good, it has a good positioning, eh

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to install, the quality of number nine is still reliable. It is very light to ride and has a good shock absorption effect. Recommended.

  8. Anonymous

    New activation, fast delivery, and current good performance of the new car. F2Plus caught up with the full discount promotion, priced slightly over 2300 yuan

  9. Anonymous

    It’s very comfortable to drive, the big wheels have good shock absorption effect, the battery life is also very long, and the intelligence of 99 is also very good.

  10. Anonymous

    I bought it and rode it for two days. It was quite fun and easy to install. I just added four screws. The battery life is quite good and the shock absorption effect is impressive.

  11. Anonymous

    Disadvantages: Brake discs are often scratched and difficult to adjust.The baby has been received, it is really great! The quality is beyond words, I am very satisfied! I am very happy.

  12. Anonymous

    The texture is very good, you get what you pay for. The all black body paired with orange brake lines is cool, and the car model is very stylish and stylish, making it quite trendy to ride.

  13. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: None. Just slow down and the battery life will be good. In save time mode, it will only be around 40. If it is less than 50, installation is convenient. Product quality: Not bad.

  14. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: quite good, but there may be a slight shake when passing over speed bumps. Easy to install: quite convenient, just put on a few screws and you can ride away. Product quality: good!!

  15. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Great. Battery life: After playing for an afternoon, it has dropped by 20. Battery life is also easy to install. Product quality: Great, brand new, unopened. School classes are too far away. This is very convenient

  16. Anonymous

    The workmanship is very good. I have ridden other products before, and this one is indeed a big lap. The tires are also large, making it more stable to ride. The shock absorption effect is good, but not obvious. I look forward to awesome the endurance.

  17. Anonymous

    When you ride on it, you will be like a young boy chasing the wind. It is super handsome and you will learn it in no time. Hahahaha, Cheng Mingyin’s Breaking Wind Duck~ If you have any questions, ask the customer service, they will answer them patiently~

  18. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Good battery life: Normal and easy to install: Good product quality: It is as tall as imagined, but it is still good after getting used to it, very interesting. The app has many features and the lights are also well made. Is the highway a bit scary??

  19. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: shock-absorbing speed is generally good, but the ground on paved sidewalks is bumpy and requires specialized shock-absorbing springs with better battery life. Currently, there is no visible electrical loss, and installation is convenient. It can be lifted with one hand

  20. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Is there no problem with urban roads?? Battery life: I rode 20 kilometers at once and felt that the power was good. Installation was convenient and easy for girls to handle. Product quality: The quality is very good, and it took me a week to evaluate it, which is very convenient. I have been hesitating for a long time about whether to buy the ninth size f20 or f2, but in the end, I chose f2. I feel very satisfied?? You get what you pay for

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