DJIPower1000, DJI Outdoor Power Supply


DJI [2400W True High Power] Outdoor Mobile Power Supply 1 kWh 220V Large Capacity Camping Car Self Driving Power Failure Emergency Energy Storage Battery DJI Power 1000


DJI Power 1000 is an outdoor power supply device with a power of up to 2400W and a capacity of up to 1 kWh. It has a powerful energy storage function, which can provide stable power supply for various electrical equipment in camping, car driving, self driving, and other situations. This power supply device supports 220V AC output and can meet the charging needs of various electrical devices. It has a large capacity battery, which can cope with emergency situations of long-term power outages without the need for frequent charging, ensuring convenience during use. In addition, the device also has an in car start function, which can provide emergency start for cars, increasing its practicality. During outdoor activities or self driving trips, this power device can provide stable power support to ensure the smooth progress of the activity. Overall, DJI Power 1000 is a powerful, practical, and easy to carry outdoor power device, making it an ideal choice for camping, in car, self driving, and other occasions.

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DJI Power 1000




449mm * 225mm * 230mm

Maximum output power


Maximum output power supply


Cell type

Cylindrical aluminum shell

Battery Type

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Charging mode

Solar charging, direct insertion charging, in car charging

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DJI Power 1000, Power 1000+120W solar panel+car charging to SDC charging cable, Power 1000+120W solar panel x 3+adapter module, Power 1000+Mavic 3 series fast charging cable, Power 1000+Air 3 fast charging cable

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20 reviews for DJIPower1000, DJI Outdoor Power Supply

  1. Anonymous

    DJI is trustworthy and very practical

  2. Anonymous

    The workmanship is excellent, produced by DJI, it must be a masterpiece!

  3. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, with a particularly fast charging speed. I believe in the quality and after-sales service of DJI.

  4. Anonymous

    After watching a lot of reviews, DJI still outperforms his opponents. The 120W solar panel configuration is also very good, so camping relies on him~

  5. Anonymous

    It’s nice and honest, and it won’t be a big deal if it gets bumped in the car.The working sound is very quiet. It’s a great footstool to rest on when you need to recharge when you go out.

  6. Anonymous

    The weight control is pretty good, and the complimentary sticker looks good. The first time I powered it on, I felt that the noise was handled very well. I will consider trying two solar panels in the future.

  7. Anonymous

    DJI products are very good and have many sockets. You don’t have to worry about the drone running out of power when you go out. Both sides are designed for easy carrying, making it very convenient to take out.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve heard about the power 1000 brand for a long time, and it’s just in time for the 500 yuan discount to get started immediately. Charge quickly for about an hour to fully charge, and recover health quickly enough… * * Just enter

  9. Anonymous

    The size is about the size of a carton of milk. Girls can move it easily. It is much smaller than expected. 2200 watts is enough. I have tested it to boil water and use a hair dryer at the same time without any problems. The appearance and strength are both online.

  10. Anonymous

    DJI’s quality control is unparalleled! It’s so heavy in your hands and you can feel DJI’s care for this product from the workmanship and materials used! The charging and discharging sound is very small and quiet, and I don’t know what kind of black technology is used!

  11. Anonymous

    A very beautiful power supply. I have always liked DJI products. The quality is guaranteed, the workmanship is exquisite, and the service is considerate. I bought a carrying bag by the way. It is very convenient to use electricity. There is no need to take out the power supply.

  12. Anonymous

    When spring comes, of course you have to go outdoors. This power bank is indispensable. 1 kilowatt-hour power makes outdoor activities more possible. DJI’s consistent design style and ancestral startup sound are very recognizable! It’s just a bit heavy. It’s enough, I feel a bit heavy for a man…

  13. Anonymous

    The texture is very good, heavier than those made in Beijing. The advantage of a flat top is that it can hold things, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to pick up. The price of the storage bag is moving, and charging only requires one wire, without the need to drag a transformer. The SDC interface is convenient for charging drones!

  14. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, complete, and free of bumps. The materials used are solid and textured, and the electricity level is real and free of false labels. The interface is rich, and the charging and boiling water induction cooker can be used. The charging speed is also very fast and quiet, and the noise can be almost ignored. DJI is trustworthy

  15. Anonymous

    Used it for two days and it was really good.Various power consumption indicators, charging time, etc. are similar to those in the manual.It shows that it is an honest brand without false standards.The sound is indeed not very loud. I gave away a 1.8-degree battery that I bought before. I want to use it myself, so I can only buy another one. Just when DJI released a mobile power supply.It’s really good. It would be nice if there was a two-hour battery.

  16. Anonymous

    Using a 1500W Supor electric kettle to boil water consumes a total of 17% of the power. Watching the remaining power consumed quickly makes your heart beat faster.Overall it’s pretty good, especially the charging speed, which takes a total of 74 minutes from 0 to 100.If you are cooking and boiling water for outdoor picnics at work, try to use low-power appliances, and also need to be equipped with solar charging panels so that the power will not be stretched.

  17. Anonymous

    It was around 12 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was shining. Two boards (one was too heavy and I didn’t bring it with me) were charged for about 35 minutes (at the same time, Tang was also receiving fast charging), and they were able to fully charge 6% (from 50 to 56%). Charging was slower than expected. ?Try three pieces together next time.However, there is obviously an advantage if it is placed outside the car. The temperature inside the car is obviously not that high, and the effect of blocking the sun is great! It is a good helper on the road!

  18. Anonymous

    Today, my child’s kindergarten organized a spring outing, and he decided to bring his recently acquired camping device Power 1000. It has different interfaces and can charge 4-5 devices at the same time. The performance is so powerful that parents of other children came to watch.Before purchasing, I compared several other brands, Zhenghao and Dianxiaoer, and I still feel that DJI’s product design is cooler. It has a unique design aesthetic, and the silver-gray color scheme is low-key and professional.In addition, the product performance is also better, with fast charging speed and high power.It also supports Mavic 3 drone fast charging, and the battery was fully charged in less than half an hour after on-site testing.DJI has no leverage when it comes to ecology.As expected, I have always chosen DJI. It is truly a top-notch technology experience.

  19. Anonymous

    The first time I purchased a product from DJI, I compared it with a blogger who dismantled a certain Hao, Xiaoer, and DJI, and finally chose DJI. After using it over the weekend, I gave this review and found that the charging was faster than I had imagined, with two modes of 600W and 1200W charging, which solved all the problems I had with outdoor camping electricity. The car refrigerator (with a 40W interval), various camping lights, Bluetooth speakers, and 5 mobile phones were completely sufficient. The 2000W hair dryer is also perfectly supported, not to mention other options. My projector is only around 130W. If you need to use high-power, it is best to pair it with a solar panel, or nearby households can charge it in 1 hour. Use it. During this period, I hardly heard any sound of heat dissipation, and it was almost silent. Novice and experienced hands could just close their eyes and get things done. If the activity could draw me, it would be even more perfect??

  20. Anonymous

    My friend recommended this power supply to me.I was a little hesitant at first, because there are already many similar products on the market, and I don’t know them that well, so I looked at each function very carefully, compared them for a long time, and also consulted many friends who are using outdoor power supplies.After listening to everyone’s suggestions, I finally bought this power 1000.I received the goods within two days and the packaging was very good.It’s not as big as I expected, which is very girl-friendly because it’s easy to carry.The appearance is very cool, very consistent with DJI’s usual style, and very technological.Used it for two days and it was really good.When camping, I use solar energy to charge it, which is very fast and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.Various power consumption indicators, charging time, etc. are similar to those in the manual.The interfaces are also very rich, and can be used for water boiling and induction cookers.There is really no noise.The SDC interface is very convenient and fast to charge the drone.I used it to charge my Mavic 3, and it was fully charged in half an hour, which is faster than the charging butler.In the future, I plan to use it for outdoor live broadcasts and look forward to its performance.

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