Replacement of German imported six layer blade heads


Apache/Apache 6-layer blade manual shaver, shaver, manual Apache blade, imported from Germany

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The Apache 6-layer blade manual shaver, equipped with a German imported manual Apache blade, is a high-quality shaving tool designed specifically for delicate men. This shaver features a unique 6-layer blade design, providing users with a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience. Whether in formal occasions or daily use, it can meet your shaving needs, keeping your facial contours clean and confident. Choose the Apache Apache manual shaver and you will enjoy unparalleled manual shaving pleasure.

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Price range

40-230 yuan

Item number

6-layer blade

Packaging type

Basic packaging

Number of blade heads

6-layer blade

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-2-pack [German imported blades], -4-pack [German imported blades], [Cost effective] -6 packs [German imported blades], [Cost effective] -8 packs [German imported blades], -10 pack [German imported blades], -12 pack [German imported blades], -16 pack [German imported blades], -28 pack [German imported blades], 2-pack+230g large bottle with foam, 4-pack+230g large bottle must be soaked, 6-pack+230g large bottle with foam

20 reviews for Replacement of German imported six layer blade heads

  1. Anonymous

    The effect is good, not expensive, not bad

  2. Anonymous

    Very useful, I have been using it all along

  3. Anonymous

    Very good, very sharp, and convenient for 10 points.

  4. Anonymous

    Always in use, trustworthy! The seller is also very good

  5. Anonymous

    Needless to say, this is my second purchase and the quality is good.

  6. Anonymous

    Very useful, repurchased multiple times, the scraping head is very clean

  7. Anonymous

    The blade is very sharp, so I bought it back and packaged it. The blade is new

  8. Anonymous

    It’s very easy to use at this price, much better than Geely’s at the same price.

  9. Anonymous

    This is not the first time I have purchased it. It is very useful. I will continue to purchase it again.

  10. Anonymous

    I bought a razor last year.The manual one is still easy to use. Now I bought some blades to continue using it.

  11. Anonymous

    Function and effect: Paired with shaving foam, very useful. Product quality: One blade can last for a long time

  12. Anonymous

    The product quality is as good as ever, the blade is sharp and durable, and the shaving foam is also very useful

  13. Anonymous

    The quality is very good. I have repurchased it several times. It is best to replace the blade every month and a half.

  14. Anonymous

    I have been using this razor holder for very clean shaves and easy cleaning.I can use it to shave my hair seven or eight times. It’s worth buying.

  15. Anonymous

    The product is very surprising and the quality is very good. I also highly recommend everyone to purchase.??, This is my first time buying such an expensive blade!

  16. Anonymous

    It’s very easy to use and the blade is very clean. I’ve been buying it for a few months and I’m going back to buy the blade. It’s cheaper than the automatic one and it’s cleaner.

  17. Anonymous

    I am an old customer. I have been using this store’s razors. I told the store that the razor cover was damaged and I wanted to buy one. The store didn’t say anything and applied for a brand new razor cover as a gift. It’s so cute.

  18. Anonymous

    The blades have been received and shipped very quickly. The shaver I bought at his house before was quite useful. I specifically bought a few blades this time, which are quite good, but they are a bit expensive. Everything else is fine

  19. Anonymous

    Function and effect: The effect is very good, shaving is very clean. Product quality: Needless to say, the quality is good. Repurchase three times for two years and use it continuously. This merchant is very good, brothers. This T-shirt knife is very worth buying

  20. Anonymous

    Every time I receive the goods, I am very happy, but the thought of giving an evaluation makes my head spin.Fortunately, almighty netizens have summarized a set of universal online shopping templates. If you want to read reviews and decide whether to buy this product, you can stop.Because you may not believe what I say, but I am determined to give good reviews. Why? Let me evaluate this product. The price is good, the quality is good, the delivery is good, and the boss is good.Next time I shop online, I will still write a 100-word review like this, which will make those netizens who don’t believe my review language suspicious. This person has a way of buying things, otherwise the review will not be so firm.

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