Philips sells over 100000 shaver gift boxes for fast charging


Philips Men’s Electric Shaver S3208 Smart Shaver Smart Beard Cutter Gift Official Flagship Store Brand


This Philips S3208 shaver is an intelligent beard cutter designed specifically for men. It not only has the powerful functions of an electric shaver, but also through intelligent design, can more effectively capture and shave your beard. This shaver features a 360 degree flexible blade design, which can easily handle various facial contours, whether you have a beard or short beard. Meanwhile, its blades adopt a double-layer design, which can more effectively capture beard and reduce the possibility of scratches and irritation. In addition, S3208 also has intelligent sensing function, which can automatically adapt to your beard texture and growth speed, providing the most comfortable shaving experience. Whether for daily use or as a gift for friends, it is an ideal choice. The above content is for reference only. The specific introduction of the product is subject to the actual sales information of the official flagship store.

Additional information





Accessory type


Charging time

1 hour

Shaving method


Philips model


warranty period

24 months


Philips China

charging method

charging mode

Packaging type

single package

Blade material

stainless steel

Charging mode

Fast charging mode

Full charge usage time

40 minutes

Placement method

Lying down style


Dry and wet dual shaving type

Number of blade heads

Three blade head

Special feature

Washable floating blade

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Cleaning method

Whole body washing with water

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

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Black and gray gift box packaging, Black and white gift box gift version

20 reviews for Philips sells over 100000 shaver gift boxes for fast charging

  1. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly???????? Does the appearance look good too? The power is also good, right,? Good shaving effect????

  2. Anonymous

    The quality is very good and the effect is great. The appearance is grand and the grade is genuine. It is worth recommending and purchasing!

  3. Anonymous

    It looks good and has a good texture. The feel is also good. The shaving is clean and there is no pulling sensation. The charging is also fast

  4. Anonymous

    Christmas gift! The big brand Philips shaver is as good as ever! The logistics are also very fast, and the customer service attitude is very good!

  5. Anonymous

    Philips brand can be trusted. I bought a few razors from this brand. This high speed, fast shaving, high-quality, and affordable one is worth owning

  6. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: Really high-end and classy Charging time: A short charging time will suffice Shaving speed: Very fast and clean Big brands are worth buying

  7. Anonymous

    The shaver received the logistics very quickly and truly deserves to be a big brand. It has great functions and no sharp pain after shaving. It is very clean and satisfactory. Customer service is also very patient. I like this shaver

  8. Anonymous

    The logistics are really fast and worthy of being a big brand. The quality is different, and the functions are great. After shaving, there is no tingling sensation, and the shaving is very clean. The customer service is very satisfied and patient.

  9. Anonymous

    Appearance workmanship: Beautiful, cool, and has a good grip. Shaving power: When you hold the remaining battery in your hand, you feel that the power is sufficient. Shaving effect: Shaving is comfortable, clean, and without any pulling sensation.

  10. Anonymous

    Yesterday, I opened and received a newly customized shaving machine. It was very sharp and the feeling of getting started was also quite good. It is a big brand, very comfortable to use, and worth buying. This is the third Philips shaving machine ordered at home, and the big brand is still trustworthy

  11. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: exquisitely designed, comfortable to touch, very convenient to use. Charging time: fast charging, long battery life, very practical. Shaving speed: fast shaving speed, clean shaving, very useful. Shaving effect: very good shaving effect, sharp blades, not easy to damage the skin

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: Not bad, not bad. Charging time: Just arrived, not yet charged. Shaving speed: The speed is quite good, but the power is slightly lacking. Shaving power: The power is average, not very strong. Shaving effect: If the effect looks good. The blade is not as useful as it was ten years ago, and the back is still a plastic shell

  13. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: Not bad, not cheap, suitable size Charging time: Fully charged in about an hour Shaving speed: Very fast, fast charging Shaving power: Very powerful, bought it for my dad, he said the shaving effect is good :My dad said that shaving is very clean and fast. Philips products are trustworthy because they don’t involve any skin.

  14. Anonymous

    Logistics are extremely fast. After turning on, the power is strong, and the three blade tips can be gently pressed against the face to scrape very clean. I gave this to my dad as a gift, and he really likes it. I used it myself and thought it was great. Thank you also to customer service representative Chenrui for his patient explanation. Five star review!

  15. Anonymous

    I fell in love with this razor as soon as I used it. The price is about the same as the Philips razor I bought from a local mall for more than 800 20 years ago. Each has its own merits. It shaves very cleanly and saves time. You all know that. If a man’s beard is not cleaned properly, it will affect his image and mood. This product solves these worries. It’s great.

  16. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: Exquisite appearance.Great for giving away.There is also a gift box packaging.It looks very high-end, and the product is delicate and textured to the touch.It’s easy to use, and the products from big brands are trustworthy.I bought the Philips brand before and have been using it for many years, and new products are coming in all the time!

  17. Anonymous

    Mr. can provide very close and accurate shaving effects, whether along the chin or neck. There is also a gift box packaging and an acceleration mode to choose from. The Philips brand is trustworthy, and hard stubble only takes a short time! The blade is not as useful as it was ten years ago, and the back is still a plastic shell. The product is delicate and feels textured to the touch!

  18. Anonymous

    Bought for my husband as a birthday gift??, my husband said that it has strong power, clean shave, and sharp blade. I am a woman and I don’t understand this, but my family has always used the Philips brand. It is a big brand and is trustworthy. I recommend everyone to buy it! Appearance and workmanship: Very fashionable and classy Charging time: Charging quickly, the battery is very durable Shaving speed: Very fast and clean Shaving power: Powerful Shaving effect: Clean and leaves no stubble

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: It has a strong texture and high aesthetic value. As a century old company, I think Philips is very good. Charging time: Shaving speed can be achieved: very awesome Shaving power: power adaptive technology can sense the state of beard very well. According to this self power adaptive technology, you can sense the state of beard very well. According to this, you can adjust your own power to avoid pulling beard. Shaving effect: both soft and rough beard can be easily shaved, gentle and skin friendly

  20. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: Firstly, its packaging is very exquisite and sturdy, and the packaging design is black and gold with a low-key and steady color scheme that is not out of style. Additionally, the exterior design left a deep impression on me. It is not only aesthetically pleasing and modern, but also has a very comfortable grip. Charging time: The fast charging function is my favorite feature. Be able to quickly charge up before I go out. Shaving speed: Shaving speed is very fast and satisfactory, with a sharp blade that can quickly complete shaving, and there is no redness, swelling, or pain at the back of shaving. Shaving power: The power is very stable, and even when used continuously, there is no overheating or performance degradation. Shaving effect: Shaving gives me a pleasant experience. It can provide very close and accurate shaving effects both along the chin and neck. The stainless steel material of the blade appears very durable and easy to clean.

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