Bolang Zun Xiang 9 Series 9557cc Gift Box Gifts


Borang 9 Series Pro 9557cc Electric shaver with dry and wet dual shaving reciprocating portable shaver to give to boyfriend

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The Borang 9 Series Pro 9557cc electric shaver is a high-end portable shaver with dry wet dual shaving and reciprocating shaving functions, designed specifically for men. It has efficient shaving performance, can easily handle various facial hair, and is equipped with a convenient and portable design, making it an ideal gift for boyfriends. Please note that the above introduction does not cover the specific specifications, functional details, and features of the product, and is for reference only. For specific product information, please refer to the official website or consult professional sales channels.

Additional information



Charging time

1 hour

warranty period

24 months

Shaving method


charging method

charging mode

Blade material

Stainless steel

Charging mode

Fast charging mode


amp; Gamble

Full charge usage time

60 minutes

Placement method

Placing the base


Dry and wet dual shaving type

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Cleaning method

With cleaning center

Number of blade heads

Four blade head

Accessory type

Sideburns trimming blade

Packaging type

Gift box single packaging

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Borang model

five thousand seven hundred and ninety-three

Special feature

Washable sideburns trimming LED screen display floating blade

sort by color

Self use funds

20 reviews for Bolang Zun Xiang 9 Series 9557cc Gift Box Gifts

  1. Anonymous

    A good thing is easy to use, it costs a penny, and the goods are scraped clean

  2. Anonymous

    Got it as a gift for my boyfriend. The packaging is very nice. I tried it and it works great.

  3. Anonymous

    Always using Borang, every generation of products has made progress, one at home and one on business trips.

  4. Anonymous

    The overall texture is good, it has a good weight when held in the hand, and it is also very easy to clean. It scrapes clean

  5. Anonymous

    Shaving power: strong, beautiful and generous appearance, especially easy to use, fast logistics, and good customer service attitude.

  6. Anonymous

    Good appearance, my husband said he has used the best shaver he has ever used. What’s the point of getting what you pay for????????????

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: Exquisite charging time: A very satisfying shopping experience. A very satisfying shopping experience??????

  8. Anonymous

    Appearance workmanship: The appearance is exquisite and the colors are very attractive. Charging time: Convenient to charge, very intelligent!

  9. Anonymous

    I have been waiting until Double Eleven to buy it. The price is very suitable. My boyfriend likes it very much. It’s very convenient to charge.

  10. Anonymous

    In addition to the black gift bag, there is also a New Year gift bag. Very thoughtful~The product is as good as ever in terms of quality and price

  11. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: very attractive. Charging time: also very fast. Shaving speed: clean and hygienic. Shaving power: very good. Shaving effect: clean

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: exquisite workmanship, charging time: fast shaving speed: very clean, smooth after shaving, shaving power: strong shaving effect: very good

  13. Anonymous

    Every time I buy a Blanc, I come to this store and ship it quickly. The quality is not a problem. I buy several at a time and will continue to visit. I hope to maintain quality and service

  14. Anonymous

    Braun shaves very cleanly. I have bought it for several generations. It is the first choice as a gift. It arrived in one day during the Spring Festival. This time there are also nuts as a gift, which is great!

  15. Anonymous

    Bought for my husband as a Christmas gift?? The packaging is very beautiful and elegant. My husband is reluctant to use it. I just started using it after the New Year. I think it’s good, especially the disinfection function.

  16. Anonymous

    I had some unpleasant experiences with the seller, but the product is very good, the texture is good, the shave is clean, and it charges quickly.Nice to give as a gift.Tmall’s coupons are flawed and it’s a very unpleasant purchase.

  17. Anonymous

    Braun’s products have always been trustworthy. The texture and feel are very good. My child’s father tried it and said it is very good. Sure enough, you get what you pay for. Cleaning will not be a problem in the future. I will recommend it to my friends.

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance and workmanship: exquisite Shaving speed: good, very clean and comfortable. After using it, I can’t live without it. It’s a must-have when going out.It’s convenient for everyone, just use it if it’s easy to use.Braun razors are very easy to use

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance workmanship: The workmanship is very fine, showcasing the quality of the brand. Charging time: After charging for a while, it can be used. As a loyal fan of Borang, he bought another wedding anniversary gift for his husband. He liked it very much when he received it and used it after charging. It was easy to get started and shaved very clean!

  20. Anonymous

    I sent it directly to my husband. I haven’t seen it yet. He said that the packaging is very big. The last shaver I used was a Philips three-head shaver for more than seven years. It charges slowly and consumes power quickly. It takes a long time to shave every time. This time I replaced it with a Braun nine-head shaver. I’ll give it a try and then comment later.

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