Zhigao Variable Frequency Constant Temperature Instant Water Heater


Zhigao instant heating electric water heater with variable frequency constant temperature, small and fast heating for household use, hot and fast bathing device


Zhigao instant electric water heater is an efficient, safe, and easy-to-use water heater suitable for household use, bringing a qualitative improvement to your bathing experience.

Additional information




Ningbo City

net weight






gross weight


heating power


Operating Voltage



Chinese mainland

warranty period

24 months


Zhejiang Province

Package Size


Energy efficiency rating


time to market

September 2019

control method

Microcomputer based

Limit of stacking layers

5th floor

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee


Ningbo Qianhong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Cross section requirements for electrical wires

2.5 square mm

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and six million twenty-three thousand seven hundred and forty-five

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20 reviews for Zhigao Variable Frequency Constant Temperature Instant Water Heater

  1. Anonymous

    Inventory, not yet used

  2. Anonymous

    Can you buy three at once.

  3. Anonymous

    Not installed yet. Once installed, I will evaluate it

  4. Anonymous

    Good quality, easy to use, and easy to purchase with confidence

  5. Anonymous

    The product is very good, I made a second purchase. Will also repurchase

  6. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, convenient, and of good quality. Buy with confidence

  7. Anonymous

    I just received it and haven’t installed it yet. I will comment after I use it.

  8. Anonymous

    The water heater is very good. I will repurchase it this time. The boss is also very nice!

  9. Anonymous

    Repurchased three. Easy to use and cheap, you can place an order directly if you understand

  10. Anonymous

    I always choose Zhigao for quality. I believe in the power of the brand. It’s good and worth buying.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s good and easy to use. The water is also hotter. It’s much hotter than other brands. It can heat temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees.

  12. Anonymous

    I bought seven at once, the faucets are easy to use, with high water pressure and dense water. There are many accessories, and installation is convenient.

  13. Anonymous

    The quality is quite good, the heating speed is very fast, and the insulation effect is also good. The price is affordable, and it is completely worth it!

  14. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: water heater is good.Heating is fast.Easy to wash hands.Perfect for cold weather.My original one was broken.Just hang it up as it was originally installed.

  15. Anonymous

    There is a bit of a smell when the water comes out when the power is turned on. After using it for several days, it still smells a bit. I will tell you after using it for a few more days.

  16. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: The logistics are fast, and the Zhigao electric water heater has been purchased for the third time. The quality is very good, and it needs to be installed and heated quickly. The price is cheap, but it will be very useful for a long time

  17. Anonymous

    This instant heater is very easy to use. When the weather is cold, plug it in and adjust the temperature. The water heats up quickly. You can bathe your children at home. The logistics is also very fast and it is easy to install. It is very good. It is especially useful for hot water in winter. I like the convenience.

  18. Anonymous

    I took it back myself and installed it according to the manual. The installation is also relatively simple, and the hot water is quickly discharged. The temperature is electronically adjustable, which can be manually adjusted or adjusted using a remote control. The most important concern is still safety. I hope it works well, big brands, and good reviews

  19. Anonymous

    After choosing it for a long time, I finally chose this one. The accessories are very exquisite, and the design of the water heater is the most satisfying. The unique side shape makes the machine look delicate and beautiful immediately. The operation is simple, the panel display is clear, and the water quickly reaches the set temperature without being hot or cold. In short, a satisfying shopping journey.

  20. Anonymous

    In the past, I used a water storage type because the wiring at home was too small. Now that the wiring is being renovated and the wiring is larger, I decided to buy an instant heating type. It looks very good. The key is that there is no need to wait, and hot water comes when you turn it on.In the past, the water storage type preheated for more than half an hour each time. Not to mention the long waiting time, it was not used up every time, and had to be reheated the second time. It felt like a waste of hot water, and my heart was bleeding every time I took a shower.This Chigo water heater perfectly solves this problem. It’s very good.

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