Koda Duck Inflatable Sofa Outdoor Lazy Sleepy and Lying Down


Koda Duck inflatable sofa for outdoor camping, lazy person can lie down and sleep, portable adult and children single person music festival for two people


Koda Duck Inflatable Sofa is an inflatable sofa suitable for outdoor camping, music festivals, and other occasions. This inflatable sofa can be used for lying down and sleeping, portable and lightweight, suitable for single or double use. It is made of high-quality materials, easy to inflate, durable and reliable, and is a very practical outdoor leisure product. The Kodak inflatable sofa not only has high comfort, but also a stylish appearance, making it an ideal choice for your outdoor activities.

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two hundred and nineteen

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Inflatable sofa (Daji Dali), Inflatable sofa (Ping'an Xile)


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