Yize high-temperature silk natural aging short hair wool roll


Wig for women with short hair, full headband, curly hair, simulated real hair, natural age-reducing short curly hair, wool curly full head wig cover


This wig cover is designed specifically for women with short hair, using high-quality simulated real hair with extremely high realism. It includes a full head curly design, natural aging, suitable for various occasions and hairstyles. The unique design of the wool roll allows you to easily showcase your personal charm without worrying about the monotony of your hairstyle. Whether in daily life or special occasions, this wig cover can easily give you the perfect hairstyle and boost your confidence. It is not only a practical accessory, but also a powerful tool for showcasing your own style. Comfortable to use, easy to clean and maintain, it is your best choice.

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sweet and cute


Change the shape

Product name

3.24 Curly Headband

Hair material

High temperature filament

Cosmetic characteristics

Enhance temperament

Classification of wig bangs

Can Qi Ke Xie Liu Hai

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Versatile and fashionable [black brown] 30cm, Sweet and Salt [Milk Tea Brown] 30cm, Vivid and playful [Milk Tea Brown Spot Dye] 30cm, Natural versatility [black tea brown] 45cm, Fashionable Whitening [Cool Brown] 45cm, Low key and graceful [linen color] 45cm

20 reviews for Yize high-temperature silk natural aging short hair wool roll

  1. Anonymous

    The color is super white and textured, and the wig is a real bargain. It’s super affordable and easy to match!

  2. Anonymous

    This wig is really good, high quality and low price. It is really worth it to buy a wig with this effect at this price. I give the store a thumbs up.

  3. Anonymous

    This looks really nice! It feels super smooth to the touch. I suggest you Jimei to place an order quickly. It’s really beautiful! It’s not the cheap, low-quality wig.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s my favorite hairstyle.After receiving the goods, I simply combed it and put it on directly. My hair feels smooth and soft, looks very stylish, and is very firm after wearing it.

  5. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, it’s very natural, and the curls are nice. You can’t tell that you’re wearing a wig when you put it on. I personally think it’s very cost-effective, and I recommend it.

  6. Anonymous

    It looks really great when worn. You can’t tell it’s a wig at all. The hairstyle I chose is pretty good. It makes my face look small and elegant. It suits me very well. It feels very good. I like it.

  7. Anonymous

    The hair is really real, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. Currently, I have bought my favorite short hair and the store service is also very considerate. I recommend everyone to buy it

  8. Anonymous

    The baby received it and brought it back. It was very natural and beautiful, and it matched my style very well. I have always wanted to cut this hairstyle, but I dare not try it. It did not disappoint me.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s very good, the curls are natural, and it looks great when I go out and take pictures with my friends. They also said that my breasts look good, haha, it’s very natural, and it doesn’t feel boring when I wear it!

  10. Anonymous

    I bought several models from several stores to compare. This one is really nice, the quality is good and it’s so cheap. I plan to buy a few more hahaha. My friend said that you can’t tell it’s fake when you put it on.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s really super natural and good-looking. The handicapped person said that the dividing line on the top of the head is a bit fake, but wearing a hairband can solve the problem perfectly. I recommend it to all sisters.

  12. Anonymous

    It looks very nice, with a hairstyle that looks small on the face. It feels very comfortable to wear without feeling pricked or stuffy. I feel like wearing it in summer should also be a problem! Solved my hairstyle problem haha

  13. Anonymous

    After wearing this, you can’t tell it’s fake. It’s just like mine. It makes your hair look more voluminous and makes you look more fashionable. It’s a lot of hair and the effect is great. It’s very fluffy and looks quite natural.

  14. Anonymous

    It looks great when worn. Wearing a small skirt with this hairstyle looks great. It looks very natural in real life. You can make a simple little look without affecting it and it won’t be noticeable. The net bottom is quite thin and it’s worth it!

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, and the cost-effectiveness is also very high. After comparing with many others who have decided to buy from this store, I did not see it wrong. The customer service attitude is also excellent, and I will continue to make purchases if needed

  16. Anonymous

    The hair is very natural, the texture is very smooth and shiny, and the quality and workmanship are very good. Wearing it is very breathable, and the curls of the hair are also quite fluffy. The color scheme is white and cute, not afraid of overturning. I am very satisfied

  17. Anonymous

    The texture of the wig is also great! The hair is very thick and smooth, and it can be combed through once you comb it. This style makes your face look smaller~ A treasure I purchased recently! The quality of the hair is super good. I can go out with the wig anytime and anywhere. It’s very nice. convenient

  18. Anonymous

    The more I look at this hairstyle, the more I like it. It’s very fashionable. The quality of the hair is super soft and there’s no sense of irregularity at all. I like it very much and it has a lot of hair. It doesn’t feel stuffy at all when I wear it. It’s very breathable. I finally bought a wig that I like. Got it

  19. Anonymous

    It looks very good. I was very surprised when I received it. I couldn’t wait to try it on after I received it. It really fits well and is very comfortable to wear. The main thing is that the quality is also good and the customer service is also very good. The hair is better than my own hair. It’s all true. I really regret not wearing a wig earlier.

  20. Anonymous

    This time I can finally wear a wig and look beautiful. It really works. The length is just right. I can’t tell the difference between a real wig and the color is very close to my own hair. It’s very spicy after wearing it. It’s great for stir-fried chicken. It’s beautiful for photos. My sisters all say it’s beautiful, and overall I’m very satisfied with it.

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