Kasheng Kress Hammer and Electric Hammer, Four Function Industrial High Power Concrete Electric Tool


Kasheng Kress Hammer KU320 Four function Electric Hammer Electric Drill High Power Industrial Concrete Electric Tool

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Kasheng Kress Hammer KU320 is a high-power industrial concrete electric tool with four functions, specifically designed for construction, decoration, and industrial applications. This electric hammer has excellent performance and versatility, suitable for various application scenarios, including drilling, rock drilling, and impact work. It has powerful torque output and high power, making it easy to handle various hard materials such as concrete, stones, and bricks. The electric hammer has four functions, including drill mode, hammer strike mode, rotation mode, and vibration mode. This enables it to meet various job requirements, whether it is drilling, cutting, or rock drilling, it can easily cope with them. In addition, the durable design and high-quality materials of the electric hammer ensure long-term stable working performance and reliability. It has a compact design, moderate weight, good operating feel, and is easy to hold and operate. The electric hammer is equipped with a high-efficiency motor, which reduces energy consumption and also lowers operating costs. Overall, the Kasheng Kress Hammer KU320 is a powerful, multifunctional, easy-to-use, and cost-effective industrial grade electric tool suitable for various construction, decoration, and industrial application scenarios. Whether you need drilling, rock drilling, or other impact work, it is your ideal choice.

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[800W 26mm] Four function electric hammer KU320/94


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