Ideal/Deer Intelligent Toilet Integrated Fully Automatic


Ideal/Deere Intelligent Toilet Integrated Household Fully Automatic Instant Cleaning and Drying Electric Toilet


IDEAR intelligent toilet integrated household fully automatic instant hot cleaning and drying electric toilet is a modern intelligent toilet that combines comfort, convenience, and technology. This product adopts an integrated design, with a simple and elegant appearance and high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability. It is also equipped with advanced sensing technology, fully automatic instant cleaning, and can adjust the water temperature according to personal preferences, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled comfort experience. In addition, the IDEAR smart toilet also has a defecation aid function, providing professional cleaning and drying services for people with constipation, helping you easily defecate. It is also equipped with advanced drying function to quickly remove moisture, keep your private parts dry, and avoid embarrassment and discomfort. This product also features multiple user-friendly designs, such as seat heating function, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable experience even in cold weather. In addition, it is also equipped with a mute function, allowing you to use it without being disturbed by noise. In general, the IDEAR intelligent toilet integrated household fully automatic instant hot cleaning and drying electric toilet is a powerful and user-friendly intelligent toilet that not only provides a comfortable cleaning experience, but also has advanced toilet functions, suitable for household use. Whether you are using a smart toilet for the first time or looking to upgrade your existing equipment, IDEAR smart toilets are an ideal choice.

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Minos Minos Rhea


Chinese mainland


Guangdong Province

Toilet flushing volume


load bearing

70kg and above

Water efficiency level

Level 2

Is the cover plate buffered


Does it include remote control


Toilet flushing method

siphon type

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Same city service

Same city on-site measurement, delivery to home and installation

Additional features

Antibacterial seat ring instant heating night light with seasonal temperature sensing seat ring heating and flushing water pressure adjustment, dual induction mode for off seat flushing, booster pump nozzle self-cleaning without water pressure limit, buttocks cleaning and drying, female cleaning adjustment, warm air remote control, induction flip cover automatic deodorization nozzle, mobile cleaning, foot sensation flushing water temperature adjustment, power outage flushing, foot kick flip cover heating water temperature

sort by color

Classic Chinese allocation, Upgraded high allocation funds, Upgraded flagship model

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

20 reviews for Ideal/Deer Intelligent Toilet Integrated Fully Automatic

  1. Anonymous

    It was installed today. The toilet is very good. I haven’t started using it yet. The workmanship is also very good!!!

  2. Anonymous

    This toilet has a high cost performance ratio, is clean and tidy, and its various functions are particularly user-friendly

  3. Anonymous

    The Dier smart toilet has been installed. It looks very good, has complete functions and is sufficient. It looks great in the bathroom.

  4. Anonymous

    After comparing with many others, I finally chose this smart toilet, which has been installed and tested. Technology makes life more comfortable

  5. Anonymous

    The installer quickly installed it, and the service attitude was good. The toilet function was good, and the user experience was also good. I was very satisfied~~

  6. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: The function is still acceptable. The basic version already has many functions, such as water flushing force. The toilet is also equipped with a dedicated angle valve

  7. Anonymous

    The received product has a simple and elegant appearance, high water pressure and strong impact, and is fully functional and practical. The supporting accessories are numerous and of good quality.

  8. Anonymous

    High appearance, good-looking, and excellent service attitude from the merchant. The installer said that everything they brought was of good quality, which was a very satisfying shopping experience

  9. Anonymous

    The installation master was also very enthusiastic and patiently explained the usage process. The first time installing an intelligent toilet, the function is still under development, and I feel it is quite good~

  10. Anonymous

    After comparing with many other companies, I finally placed an order for this toilet with a nervous heart and lived up to my expectations. Listed companies, big brands, and professional smart toilets are really good

  11. Anonymous

    The toilet is really easy to use. The seat can be heated, clean, and hygienic. It has various functions and is convenient to use. It has a high aesthetic value. Flushing the toilet is very clean and worth recommending

  12. Anonymous

    After thousands of choices, I ultimately chose this toilet. After 24 hours of installation, I immediately experienced it, and the big brand is the big brand, which feels really good. High cost performance ratio, close your eyes and enter.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s nice to look at. Both toilets in the house are made from Dier.This product has a good price and good looks. I think if you can buy it online, buy it online. The delivery is fast, the installation is worry-free, and the feeling of buying online is good.

  14. Anonymous

    The installation master is super good, very patient, and the teaching effect is very good. I sincerely recommend it! The installation is also very careful, and the cleaning is very comfortable and clean with a large amount of water! The flushing force is strong and fast

  15. Anonymous

    The customer service was very enthusiastic and thoughtful in explaining my questions, helping me select a satisfactory smart toilet. After receiving the toilet, I was indeed very satisfied, with complete functions and even affordable prices. Even my family agreed to take a look at it.

  16. Anonymous

    Good quality, high appearance, great customer service attitude, smart things, the first time to use the intelligent toilet, very convenient, and awesome clean washing, the first time online shopping, with a try attitude, I was very satisfied after receiving the goods, installation and use!

  17. Anonymous

    The customer service was very enthusiastic, answering questions very meticulously and thoughtfully. The logistics were fast, and the product had a generous appearance and many functions in terms of use. After carefully selecting it for two or three weeks, I finally chose this one, which has a high cost performance ratio

  18. Anonymous

    The toilet is very good, with many functions, and the installation technician is also very enthusiastic. I value the advantages of pump pressure and the large and comfortable flushing water volume. It is a brand from a listed company and has a high cost performance ratio, which is worth recommending. Close your eyes and take a look.

  19. Anonymous

    I have compared a lot when buying a smart toilet, and this one has really good cost performance. It has all the functions and is convenient for children to use. After learning about Deere, I chose this one from Deere Home, a listed company brand specializing in smart toilets. It has a high level of professionalism and is worth recommending.

  20. Anonymous

    The toilet looks good, simple and elegant. The installer was very serious and responsible. After the installation was completed, he took the remote control and told us carefully how to use it one by one.The service attitude is good, please praise it! I was a little skeptical about the domestic smart toilets, but now I feel that they are really good. I don’t have to buy imported ones. This Dier is very good. My children’s family also uses this brand.

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