Rearte foam shield intelligent toilet without water pressure limit


Rearte intelligent toilet F3 water pressure free foam shield foot flap household all-in-one automatic toilet


Rearte intelligent toilet F3 is a foam shield intelligent toilet without water pressure limit, with foot feeling flip function, integrated design, and fully automatic toilet. This toilet is suitable for various household environments, especially for old residential areas and high-rise users, without worrying about water pressure issues. In addition, it is also equipped with a foam shield function, which can effectively isolate bacteria, reduce cross infection, and play the role of splash prevention, odor prevention and anti-skid. In addition, its foot feel flip function facilitates user operation without the need to bend over. Overall, the Rui Er Te Intelligent Toilet F3 is a fully functional and stable intelligent toilet product that is worthy of your trust.

Additional information




Xiamen City




F series F3F1pro


Chinese mainland


Fujian Province

Toilet flushing volume


load bearing

70kg and above

Water efficiency level

Level 2

Is the cover plate buffered


Does it include remote control


Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Toilet flushing method

Electric assisted

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Same city service

Same city logistics for door-to-door delivery

Additional features

Antibacterial seat ring, i.e. hot night light, four seasons temperature sensing seat ring, heating, flushing, water pressure regulation, off seat flushing, booster pump, nozzle, self-cleaning, no water pressure limitation, foam shield, hip cleaning, drying, female cleaning, regulation, warm air, remote control, automatic deodorization nozzle, mobile cleaning, foot feeling, flushing, water temperature regulation, power off, flushing, kick, flip cover, hot water temperature

sort by color

Ultimate F3 (foot flap+built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+four season temperature sense), F1p (built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+foot feel flush), New product F30 (dynamic water sterilization+women washing wide water+foot feeling flap+built-in foam shield+no water pressure limit+four season temperature feeling)

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

20 reviews for Rearte foam shield intelligent toilet without water pressure limit

  1. Anonymous

    Compared to many other companies, everything from F3 to F30 is worth waiting for after receiving the goods! It is sensitive, and has the luminous function. Flushing is also awesome! Great!

  2. Anonymous

    Smart function: pretty good function. Full water outlet. Power: very good. Materials and workmanship: perfect installation and very good. Overall, it’s worth it and feels good on your feet.

  3. Anonymous

    This smart toilet has all the basic functions and everything it needs. It’s very good and the price/performance ratio is very nice! The customer service team is very patient and answers all questions!

  4. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: very practical, water impulse: strong material and workmanship: exquisite design style: beautiful and generous, customer service is super excellent, and attitude is very good, timely solving various problems.

  5. Anonymous

    Many functions, good quality, customer service actively handles problems at midnight, and has a good service attitude.The flip-top is sometimes not very responsive to my feet, maybe because the slippers are too thick.Overall very good.

  6. Anonymous

    Very comfortable, with a good experience. I particularly like the heating and hip washing functions, which have a strong flushing force and are very clean. The customer service team has performed excellently, especially Hua Hua, who is very dedicated.

  7. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: very good water outlet impulse: no water pressure limit is good, impulse is enough to use materials and workmanship: very good design style: very simple logistics awesome, after-sales is very considerate, and Miss Lamei is also very careful

  8. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: very good water output power: large materials and workmanship: not bad, cost-effective flower service, super excellent service, all very good! The product is good. The foam shield should reduce the frequency of cleaning the toilet. Design style: white

  9. Anonymous

    The express delivered the goods directly to the door, and the installation master was also very awesome. Patient and professional. At the same time, the customer service representative Lamei also provided thorough explanations, making the purchase, installation, and use of the product very smooth.

  10. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the goods are delivered to your doorstep, and the packaging is also very complete. Moreover, the installation master will also actively contact me whether to come and install it, and the overall experience is quite good. And customer service representative Zhaojun also answered patiently

  11. Anonymous

    The toilet has received a beautiful appearance and I really like it! The functions are very complete and placed in the main bathroom, which is very friendly to people with constipation! Customer service representative Zhaojun provided very detailed explanations and gave positive feedback. They will recommend friends

  12. Anonymous

    First of all, I would like to praise the customer service Huahua, who is gentle and patient in solving all pre-sales and after-sales problems. I just bought it recently. The Douyin account that is followed by big data released the latest explanation video and press conference about the F30. I am glad that I did not buy the wrong toilet.Great, installed.

  13. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: Just tried it out for a day, and all the functions have a strong water flow. Satisfied with the materials and workmanship, it looks good. Design style: I feel like the smart toilet has been tested for a day and I am currently quite satisfied. I look forward to the results of future use. Customer service is very patient, especially Hua Hua, who helped solve the logistics problem.

  14. Anonymous

    This toilet has a wide range of intelligent functions, covering all the intelligent functions on the market. It has a great impact on the water flow and is very clean, and the workmanship is also very solid?, The unique design style is clean and minimalist. When placed at home, it feels like a piece of art. The service attitude of customer service representative Xiaohong is very good. Can you give him a thumbs up??

  15. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: This toilet can perfectly meet all my needs, and the experience is very good. The water flow is strong, the siphon is particularly good, and there are no wall hanging problems. Material and workmanship: The materials and workmanship are relatively thick, and the quality is good. Design style: The design is also very simple and generous. Service: Customer service is excellent, and the service attitude is also very good. I am very patient in answering questions

  16. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: The functions are very complete, and all the functions you want are available. Water discharge impulse: large water discharge impulse. Materials and workmanship: The quality is very good. Design style: simple and elegant.Customer service Huahua is very patient and her responses are timely and detailed.The master came to install it in a timely manner, and the buttons for the main functions of the remote control are also relatively large, making it convenient for the elderly to use.

  17. Anonymous

    The logistics speed is very fast, the customer service is very good, the installation workers are patient, especially Xiaohong’s service is very meticulous, my friend, I will recommend it if necessary. The good toilet looks very high-end and has a good grade. ?The design style is simple and elegant, the large fitted sheet is made of solid materials, and the smart functions cover all smart toilet functions on the market. It is very nice?! The customer service Xiaohong is very good, I give you a thumbs up?!!!

  18. Anonymous

    Smart function: The capacitive sensing of the product is really great. My bathroom is small and I don’t even need to flip the lid when I go in and out. The designer likes it. It has complete functions and the experience after using it is very good.Water output impulse: sufficient pressure. Materials and workmanship: ceramics are smooth, delicate and very textured. Design style: I have nothing to say about the appearance. Yin Yin’s customer service is really patient and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  19. Anonymous

    After repeated comparison and screening, I finally decided to choose R&T because it was a change from squatting to sitting, so the several toilets I had previously chosen were not ideal. After talking to customer service representative Hua Hua this time, she suggested that I buy a survey service first, which I had never thought of before. The master came to my door the next day and rigorously removed the old toilet to measure it. The toilet arrived quite quickly (even before the flange ring I bought myself arrived, the toilet arrived). Huahua also provided comparison pictures of various models according to my requirements, and after careful consideration, I chose the current one. So far, it has been very satisfactory

  20. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: the capacitive touch is very good and will not be touched by mistake. The foam is delicate, and bubbles quickly. The heating of the loop is constant throughout the year. The loop is also made of antibacterial materials. The hip washing is also very easy to use. The toilet has waterproof function. There is no separation of dry and wet at home. After several days of use, the shower has no problem with the toilet flushing. Effluent force: the water is strong, clean, and does not hang dirt. Material workmanship: the material feels very good, very textured, and the ceramic is very smooth. Compared with ordinary toilets, it has improved several grades. Design style: simple, atmospheric, just the size, which is the style I want

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