The flagship Toshiba foam Shield A7 intelligent toilet


Toshiba A7 Smart Toilet Fully Automatic Household Integrated foam Shield Splash proof Electric Flap Small Household Toilet


N n1 Fully automatic integrated design, space saving, suitable for small household sizes. N2. The foam shield splash proof technology protects privacy and prevents splashing. N3. The electric flip function is easy to operate and enhances the user experience. N4. Seat heating to maintain a comfortable temperature and avoid winter discomfort. N5. Automatic induction opening and closing, no need for tedious manual operation. Toshiba A7 smart toilet, let your bathroom shine with intelligent charm, and enjoy a comfortable new experience of toileting!

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Chinese mainland

Toilet flushing volume


Water efficiency level

Level 2

Is the cover plate buffered


Does it include remote control


Toilet flushing method

siphon type

Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Additional features

Remote control automatic deodorization and instant heating type water temperature adjustment seat heating nozzle self-cleaning without water pressure limit, buttocks cleaning and drying, women cleaning

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A7, Free on-site installation (do not take photos), Toshiba Light Tone Series Intelligent Toilet [consult customer service to confirm]

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

19 reviews for The flagship Toshiba foam Shield A7 intelligent toilet

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    I have received the toilet and the quality is very good. I recommend purchasing it

  3. Anonymous

    There is no problem, the installation is very fast, I haven’t started using it yet, I will review it after swimming

  4. Anonymous

    Used for a week, the operation method is simple, comfortable, and the user experience is good. The Double Eleven event is very discounted

  5. Anonymous

    Recommended by blogger Blue Heart, the new home made a decisive move. It was installed today and will be evaluated after use. Overall, I am satisfied

  6. Anonymous

    I received it, it looks good, the master installed it in a timely manner, but I need to prepare my own angle valve. I didn’t know about it before, so I bought it later.

  7. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: simple to operate and powerful. Water discharge momentum: very powerful. Toshiba’s installation master is also very skilled. Aunt Lan recommended it well.

  8. Anonymous

    I have already purchased this smart toilet for the second time. It has a very high cost performance ratio, and there is no problem with using water pressure when living in high-rise buildings??

  9. Anonymous

    The doctor requires the use of a smart toilet, and does not allow the use of toilet paper to wipe the buttocks. This one basically meets the requirements, and the buttocks are rinsed very clean and can be dried deep.

  10. Anonymous

    Effluent force: powerful flushing, stable water temperature. Material and workmanship: spacious seating, no longer crowded. Design style: simple and atmospheric, classic and durable. Intelligent functions: complete and easy to operate

  11. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: precise flushing (better than Panasonic), moderate temperature, and powerful water output. This is also the main factor I chose. Design style: simple, generous, and versatile. Overall, it is worth this price point

  12. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: very user-friendly, automatic opening and closing of the lid, water output, and impact force: strong force. Material and workmanship: all materials and workmanship are very solid, and the master is also very serious, responsible, and patient!

  13. Anonymous

    How can I put it, it’s a bit twisty! I installed the toilet twice, and there was a smell the first time. The master was very responsible and installed it again for me. The whole family suffered a little! It’s fine now! It’s warm! Convenient and clean! Service thoughtful

  14. Anonymous

    Great momentum! This widened seat ring is also very comfortable and responsive! The design of the small remote control on the sticker is too convenient, and the design of the liquid filling port is also excellent~In short, it is full of details and very advanced! I also really like the filter

  15. Anonymous

    Sure enough, the price is directly proportional to the quality. I first replaced the second bathroom smart toilet with over 3000 yuan. This time, I replaced the main bathroom with a better one, which has a better texture. The floor area is also smaller than the original toilet with fine decoration

  16. Anonymous

    Smart functions: The design is very user-friendly, it also has a foam shield, a small keyboard, and a night light at night.Water discharge power: full of power, very clean. Materials and workmanship: Toshiba’s brand is still very reliable, and the materials are very thick. It is worth recommending.Design style: simple and elegant, in line with my aesthetic.

  17. Anonymous

    After watching homework at Blue Heart for a long time, the Toshiba A7 felt a lot of momentum, and the circular buttons for flipping and flipping were also very practical, so there was no need to bend down. The amount of foam shield is very large, and the splash prevention is very practical. The customer service is very patient and responsible, and the Double Eleven discount is also very strong. The official installation technician is also very responsible for dismantling the old and installing the new

  18. Anonymous

    I didn’t know that Toshiba also made smart toilets before. After reading Aunt Lan’s recommendation, I gave up my previous choice. The smart functions are concentrated on the toilet seat. The matching small buttons can replace the kick sensor. This is very useful and there is no such thing. Automatically detect the problem of opening the lid at close range.Since I haven’t checked in yet, I will only try it out after installation.The basic functions of barrel ring heating, foam shield and flushing are all OK after I tried it, and the appearance is also high-end and elegant.The most realistic experience will come after actual use.

  19. Anonymous

    My previous home used Heng which was a bit more expensive. I chose Toshiba for my new home. My most subjective feeling is that it has great power and smooth glaze. The key scrolling of the A7 is also more practical. I hope it won’t break. The foam shield is large and very practical compared to others. Other brands can add a sensor flip cover and flushing UV sterilization, which is even better. In addition, the installer was a little rough and gave me a button sticker. It was crooked and backwards. I didn’t ask where to put it. I hope to strengthen customer service. It’s great. Responsible for the discounts are also very strong

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