Rui Er Te fully automatic flip smart toilet best-selling A6


Rielte Intelligent Toilet A6pro Fully Automatic Flipping Instant foam Shield Household Integrated Electric Toilet


Rielte Smart Toilet A6pro is an excellent full-automatic flip, instant foam shield household all-in-one electric toilet. It has advanced technology, bringing users a brand new intelligent bathroom experience. This toilet adopts advanced sensing technology, which can automatically flip the lid with just a gentle press, without the need for frequent bending to open. In addition, it is equipped with an instant heating system to ensure that the water temperature is always comfortable and meets different needs. N n In terms of function, the A6pro is equipped with a foam shield function, which can not only effectively prevent water splashing, but also play a role in inhibiting bacteria, making the toileting process more hygienic. In addition, it is also equipped with a fully automatic flushing function, and when you finish using it, the toilet will automatically flush without the need for manual operation. Meanwhile, the A6pro adopts an integrated design, with a simple and elegant appearance that can perfectly match various styles of bathroom environments. In addition, the Rui Er Te Intelligent Toilet A6pro also has many other advanced functions, such as seat heating, water pressure regulation, automatic closing, etc., ensuring user comfort and convenience during use. This toilet is undoubtedly the ideal choice for modern smart home life. Overall, the Ryert Smart Toilet A6pro is a powerful and well-designed smart toilet that will bring a new sense of technology and convenience to your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a high-quality smart toilet or a comfortable bathroom experience, A6pro is an ideal choice.

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Xiamen City


PP board


Chinese mainland


Fujian Province

Toilet flushing volume


load bearing

70kg and above

Water efficiency level

Level 2

Is the cover plate buffered


Does it include remote control


Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Toilet flushing method

Super vortex type

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Same city service

Same city logistics for door-to-door delivery

Additional features

Plasma sterilization, antibacterial seat, instant heating night light seat, heating and flushing water pressure adjustment, off seat flushing nozzle, self-cleaning buttocks, washing and drying for women, cleaning adjustment, warm air remote control, induction flip cover, automatic deodorization nozzle, mobile cleaning, foot sensation flushing water temperature adjustment, power outage flushing, foot kick flip cover heating water temperature adjustment

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For details of discount, please refer to customer service – A6PRO will be delivered within 30 days of pre-sale (A6 functional upgrade – equipped with foam shield), Flagship A6 (automatic flip+foot feel loop+foot feel flushing+plasma sterilization), Store manager recommends T5X (no water pressure limit+foam shield+foot flap), No water pressure limit T5 (seasonal temperature sensing+plasma sterilization+automatic flip), Luxury flagship UX7 (automatic flip+foam shield+no water pressure limit), Premium A6M (foot feel flip and loop+instant hot water wash+silent flushing)

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

20 reviews for Rui Er Te fully automatic flip smart toilet best-selling A6

  1. Anonymous

    The toilet is easy to use, the customer service responds promptly, and the service attitude is good. "Super" customer service is very good

  2. Anonymous

    Multiple brands have selected this model from this brand. It has just been installed and I like its appearance and features. I look forward to a good experience in the future

  3. Anonymous

    Quite a lot of functions, not fully understood. Impulse: strong enough to flush clean. Materials and workmanship: solid materials. Design style: perfect design, no foam shield

  4. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: very practical. Water output force: quite large, and does not require a lot of water. Material and workmanship: very exquisite. Design style: very modern

  5. Anonymous

    The express packaging is very strict, and the on-site installation explanation is very detailed. The functions and usage are currently okay. The customer service sunset service is also good.

  6. Anonymous

    Very satisfied! I bought two high-quality toilets, which are installed in the main bathroom and have powerful functions! High cost-effectiveness! Lingling and Xiaohong have excellent service!

  7. Anonymous

    It hasn’t been installed yet, but it looks good and I hope it will be useful.The packaging is very high-end, the customer service lady is very patient in her responses, and the logistics is fast.

  8. Anonymous

    After comparing many toilets, I chose this A6, which has a high cost performance ratio, no water pressure limit, comes with a built-in water tank, and the customer service is very good at midnight.

  9. Anonymous

    A smart toilet that offers great value for money, with exquisite workmanship and convenient use. The customer service is extremely patient and the explanations are professional. Looking forward to the future experience!

  10. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: comprehensive, sensitive and easy to use. Water output: strong flushing force, low sound. Design style: simple and not simple. Material and workmanship: exquisite and smooth. Rice. Customer service is enthusiastic in explaining and patient

  11. Anonymous

    I used to buy imported toilets, but I found out that this domestic product is so user-friendly. I am really happy and hope that the domestic product will become stronger. I plan to replace the customer service as well. The customer service is great, so keep going

  12. Anonymous

    Effluent force: The force is quite loud and the sound is not loud. Materials and workmanship are used. Overall, the design style is good. The appearance is beautiful and the functions are complete. It belongs to the category of intelligent toilets with a relatively high neutral price

  13. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: I am very satisfied, it just meets my needs. Water impulse: not only loud, but also low in sound. Material and workmanship: Perfect. Design style: It looks very nice. Additionally, Lingling, the customer service representative, is very dedicated and has received positive feedback.

  14. Anonymous

    Rui Er * * bucket is still economical and cost-effective. I used to use A6, but now I still make a decisive purchase. I have bought A6 products at a much lower price than before, and customer service quietly recommends a Ux7 with many more features than A6! Next time we will use Rui Er Te for decoration!

  15. Anonymous

    Intelligent features: fully functional, user-friendly to use. Water impulse: strong, but with a relatively light sound, very satisfied with the design style: simple and generous. I consulted several times, and several customer service representatives were patient, polite, and enthusiastic. Zhaojun is very cute.

  16. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: A6 and F3 are both good~the family likes them very much, and super customer service is very awesome! The installation master is also very professional, especially since the place I live in is already considered a remote county town! It can still be delivered and packaged for installation! I am satisfied

  17. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: The T5 I bought has almost all the functions, and the customer service is very good. Effluent force: The materials are exquisitely crafted, the ceramics are delicate, and the appearance is elegant. Material and workmanship: Wash the water twice, the punching force is good. Design style: The design style emphasizes humanization and is fully functional.

  18. Anonymous

    The appearance is quite high, the automatic sensing sensitivity is good, the momentum is good, and all aspects are relatively balanced. Overall, I am very satisfied. Also, I would like to mention the customer service representative Luo Xia, who patiently answered my installation questions and responded very quickly in the middle of the night. The service was very satisfactory.

  19. Anonymous

    Materials and workmanship: quite heavy. The inner wall of the water is also glazed. Design style: simple, grand and intelligent function: except for foam shield and child wash, all other functions have super customer service attitude, which is very good. If you have any questions, answer them quickly. Please wait until the installation and trial are completed before evaluating!

  20. Anonymous

    Intelligent Function: Complete Water Discharge and Impulse: Great Material and Craftsmanship: Brand new material, thick and durable Design Style: Beautiful and fashionable ① After reading many brand smart toilet introductions, I ultimately chose Rui Er Te and bought two A6 and F3. ② After installation, it felt very beautiful and tested various functions, with very good results. High cost-effectiveness, worth buying. ③ Customer service representative Hua Hua was serious and enthusiastic, and patiently answered many questions.

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