Ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply: 20k-40w/3000w dishwasher control box


Ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply, dishwasher control box 20k 25K28K40w/3000w


Ultrasonic generator, suitable for dishwasher control box, is a high-tech equipment that uses the powerful energy of ultrasonic waves to clean various items. This device can be used to clean various tableware, kitchen utensils, such as bowls, plates, cups, spoons, knives and forks, and even some difficult to clean items, such as jewelry, precision instruments, etc. Meanwhile, it can also be used for various cleaning tasks in industrial production, such as removing oil and dirt. The ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply is a device designed to provide energy for ultrasonic generators. It can provide various power specifications, such as 20K, 25K, 28K, and 40W/3000W, to meet different cleaning needs. This power supply device has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety, and stability, which can ensure the smooth progress of the ultrasonic cleaning process. Overall, this ultrasonic generator and power supply device are important components for dishwasher control boxes, providing strong technical support for cleaning and hygiene. They play an important role in both household and industrial production, improving the efficiency and quality of cleaning work. If you need to clean a large amount of tableware or efficiently clean some difficult to handle items, then this device will be a good choice.

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28k++600~900w frequency adjustable, 28k++1200-1500w frequency adjustable, 28k++1800-2100w frequency adjustable, 28k++2400~3000w frequency adjustable, 25k++600~900w frequency adjustable, 25k++1200-1500w frequency adjustable, 25k++1800-2100w frequency adjustable, 25k++2400~3000w frequency adjustable, 40k++600~900w frequency adjustable, 40k++1200-1500w frequency adjustable, 40k++1800-2100w frequency adjustable, 40k++2400~3000w frequency adjustable, 20k++1800-2100w frequency adjustable, 20k++2400~3000w frequency adjustable


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