Special domain cutting spindle cw3000 intelligent chiller


Special industrial refrigeration machine, cutting and carving machine, spindle chiller, CW3000 intelligent constant temperature 5200 circulating water tank


Special domain industrial refrigeration machine CW3000 intelligent constant temperature 5200 circulating water tank, designed specifically for cooling the spindle of cutting and engraving machines, suitable for various industrial application scenarios. It adopts efficient compressors and intelligent temperature control technology to ensure that the spindle can maintain a constant temperature in any environment, improving cutting accuracy and stability. The CW3000 chiller has an intelligent constant temperature function, which can automatically adjust the cooling capacity according to the ambient temperature, achieving precise control. In addition, it is equipped with a 5200 circulating water tank, providing sufficient water source to meet various cutting and carving needs. Special domain industrial refrigeration machines not only ensure the normal operation of equipment, but also pay more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, bringing higher efficiency and quality to customers. By purchasing the Special Domain CW3000 intelligent constant temperature chiller, you can enjoy stable and efficient industrial refrigeration services.

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CW3000TG (10MM tower joint), CW3000TG (8MM quick connector), CW3000DG (110V), CW3000TK (8MM quick connector), CW5000TG, CW5200TH single in single out, CW5202TH dual inlet and dual outlet, CW5200TI, CW5300AH, CW5300AI, CW5300AN230, CW6000AH, CW6000AI, CW6000AN230, CW6100AH, CW6100AI, CW6100AN230, CW6200AH, CW6200AI, CW6200AN230, CW6300EN, CW7500EN


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