Intelligent Oven AUX Air Fry Pot


AUX Intelligent Fried Pot Home Multi functional New Oven Oil free Integrated Electromechanical 2024 Fully Automatic Air Electric

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Product specifications and instructions
voltage&220V brand&AUX/AUX
capacity&3L-8L City level&Ningbo City
Heating area&Top heating Warranty period&12 months
producing area&Chinese Mainland
Procurement location&Chinese Mainland
Type of electric fryer&Non visual fryer
Inner liner material&Non stick inner liner
model&two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine
manufacturing enterprise&Ningbo Jiale Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd
3C certificate number&two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and twelve million four hundred and twenty-five thousand four hundred and eighty-five
Color classification&5.0- Knob version 5.5- Electronic version green -6.0L – Knob version large capacity green -6.0L – Touch screen version large capacity green -6.0L – Knob version large capacity [visible] green -6.0L – Touch screen version large capacity [visible] green -6.0L – Knob version [visible] green -6.0L – Touch screen version [visible] Cream white -8.0- Knob version – Inner tank visible Cream white -8.0- Touch screen version – Inner tank visible [upgraded]
A must-have multifunctional new oven for families. \ n \ n AUX Smart Fry Pot is a brand new multi-functional oven for home use, integrating oil-free cooking, fully automatic air frying, and intelligent control, bringing a new cooking experience to family life. This fryer adopts advanced technology to achieve oil-free cooking, which is not only healthy but also delicious. At the same time, the fully automatic air frying function allows you to enjoy delicious grilled food with simple operation without the need for constant care. In addition, the intelligent control function of the AUX intelligent fryer ensures the consistency and deliciousness of food cooking, meeting the needs of different flavors in households. In addition, its new design is easier to clean and maintain, providing a convenient, practical, and fashionable kitchen appliance for modern households. Whether it’s baking, grilled meat, or fried chicken, the AUX smart fryer can easily handle it and is a must-have tool in your home kitchen.

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color classification

5.0- Knob style, 5.5- Electronic version, Green-6.0L rotary knob model – large capacity, Green-6.0L touch screen version – large capacity, Green-6.0L rotary knob model – large capacity [visible], Green-6.0L touch screen version – large capacity [visible], Green-6.0L knob model [visible], Green-6.0L touch screen version [visible], Cream White-8.0 Knob Style – Visible Inner Tank, Cream White-8.0- Touch Screen Edition – Inner Tank Visible [Upgrade]


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