Chasing and Seeking S10 Series Sweeping Robot Sweeping and Dragging Integrated


Seeking new product S10 ProUltra robotic arm version with fully automatic sweeping robot for water supply, sweeping, washing, and mopping

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The S10 Pro Ultra robotic arm version sweeping robot is a fully automatic water and water sweeping, washing, and mopping integrated machine, which has powerful functions and excellent performance. This product adopts the latest technology and can achieve fully automatic sweeping, mopping, washing, and drying operations, bringing users a more convenient and efficient cleaning experience. The biggest feature of the nS10 Pro Ultra robotic arm version sweeping robot is the use of a robotic arm structure, which can achieve true fully automatic sweeping and mopping. The robotic arm can automatically recognize garbage and stains on the ground, and clean and mop them without the need for manual operation by the user. In addition, it is equipped with a fully automatic water supply and drainage system, which can automatically replace clean water and discharge sewage, ensuring the cleaning effect and operational stability of the robot. Other features of this sweeping robot include intelligent sensors and AI technology, which can achieve precise positioning and navigation, ensuring that the robot can fully cover the home environment and avoid repeated cleaning and missing areas. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful suction and wiping system that can thoroughly remove stains and moisture from the ground, ensuring a clean and healthy home environment. Overall, the S10 Pro Ultra robotic arm version of the Chasing for New Products is a powerful and high-performance fully automatic sweeping, washing, and mopping machine that can bring users a more convenient, efficient, and intelligent home cleaning experience.


Additional information


S10 ProUltra

maximum noise


maximum height


Battery life

2.5 hours

Dust box capacity


battery capacity


warranty period

24 months


Chasing and searching

Navigation type

laser navigation

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Additional features

Area cleaning


Chasing and searching

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Mopping method

Rotating floor mopping


Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Cleaning mode

Suction port+rolling brush type

Sweeper type

Sweeping and mopping self-cleaning

Obstacle avoidance methods

3D structured light obstacle avoidance

Electrical base station functions

Automatic cleaning cloth, automatic dust collection, charging

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and eight million five hundred and one thousand two hundred and twenty-three

sort by color

S10 ProUltra hair cutting robotic arm

package type

Official standard configuration, Official standard configuration+accessories, Official standard configuration+accessory gift package+water supply and drainage

17 reviews for Chasing and Seeking S10 Series Sweeping Robot Sweeping and Dragging Integrated

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Sweeping the floor is very clean, freeing up hands

  3. Anonymous

    Not bad. Liberate your hands and clean it relatively clean

  4. Anonymous

    Intelligence level: very high Route planning: very good sweeping and mopping, very clean

  5. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  6. Anonymous

    The master is very professional and installed properly. With this, I have liberated my hands. Love, love!

  7. Anonymous

    The quality of the goods is good, the installation technician has top-notch skills, and the service is up to par

  8. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly, no longer having to sweep and mop the floor by yourself. I am very satisfied with the product

  9. Anonymous

    The master came to the door quickly and had a good service attitude. The installation service was in place. It was a great purchase!

  10. Anonymous

    Material feel: very good feel, size fit: very suitable, will not cause the film to warp, satisfactory appearance design: simple, elegant

  11. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the original unopened and genuine product of the machine, and it also has a warranty. The cleaning and mopping of the floor are very clean

  12. Anonymous

    I decided to buy this product after thousands of choices, and I was not disappointed. Now I have truly liberated my hands, and the hygiene effect is very good. Many people in my family are satisfied.

  13. Anonymous

    The master has installed and debugged, and the service attitude is satisfactory. The installation technology is professional, and the praise is satisfactory. The machine is waiting to be used to understand the situation.

  14. Anonymous

    The second time I made a purchase, the quality of the products I pursued was very good. The mechanical arm I purchased this time also has a good hair cutting function, and the mop also has a drying function, which is much better than the original function.

  15. Anonymous

    Running sound: The sound is actually acceptable, as it is louder when sucking on the carpet. Intelligence level: Voice control is very convenient and will automatically drag back to dirty areas. Route planning: For the entire house, it is recommended to clean the small bedroom first before using the living room with a dining room. Overall, it is not very good and convenient to use. The cleaning of the base station may not be as thorough, but it is still acceptable

  16. Anonymous

    The robot is very good. There is a lot of dust on the floor at home, which is ventilated. I have never had time to clean it. I decided to buy a sweeping robot to save labor. I have been torn between Ecovacs and Chumi. I finally chose this Chumi. I was worried about it before I received it. I used it, and the results were really surprising. It’s really easy to use for a lazy person like me who doesn’t have too many requirements for cleanliness. It can wash and mop all in one, and it can be done in an hour for 50 or 60 square meters. It can be cleaned regularly every day. It can also use voice control and video. App It is also very easy to use and highly recommended. The sweeping robot is really not an IQ tax. I hope you can use it.

  17. Anonymous

    After testing the function for a few days, it meets the requirements.The robotic arm is powerful. Watch the video. Compared with the previous so-called edge-sweeping robot, it is even stronger. It is a must-have function if you don’t want to manually clean corners.The route is well planned, the cleaning is clean, and the hot water cleaning mop is also relatively clean. No problems were found during the use of the program. Various settings are personalized. During a whole house cleaning, dirty areas such as the kitchen can be separately set to be cleaned twice, and the suction power is increased. .Encountered problems: the video function must be set up first and then logged into the APP again before it can be opened; although the water inlet tank can last for a few days, the sewage tank is still emptied frequently and the smell is unbearable; the chassis must be cleaned manually regularly.

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