Household kitchen tap water filter


Multi story household water purification filter, faucet splash proof head, showerhead water-saving device, kitchen tap water filtration nozzle, nozzle


Exquisite life starts with every drop

Sprinklers are an important part of household water equipment. We provide a variety of sprinklers with different functions to meet your different water needs.Our nozzles are exquisitely designed and of high quality, providing a more comfortable and healthy water experience, making your life more refined.

The combination of the above products can comprehensively improve the quality and health of your household water, bringing more convenience and health protection to the life of you and your family.Choose us to make your life better!



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Non direct drinking

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Single five layer filter, Three five layer filters, Five five layer filters, Single 4th generation water-saving device upgrade, Three upgraded 4th generation water-saving devices, Five upgraded 4th generation water-saving devices, Single six layer upgraded version, Three upgraded six story models, Five upgraded six story models

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    Is it useful??

  2. Anonymous

    It's alright

  3. Anonymous

    Very good, as introduced

  4. Anonymous

    Very beautiful and very good

  5. Anonymous

    Just got it back, it looks pretty good

  6. Anonymous

    Very useful, with even and delicate water output

  7. Anonymous

    The goods have been received and used quite well.

  8. Anonymous

    The quality of the tap water filter is good. Worth buying.

  9. Anonymous

    Fast delivery, intact packaging, simple installation, and easy to use

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    The thing is very good and great. I will come back to buy it again next time

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    What a bargain. It’s my first time buying this. I won’t say it’s an IQ tax at all.

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    Bought back at a good and affordable price, both cheap and affordable, with fast logistics

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    The goods have been received and are quite useful. Please come and purchase them again next time

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    I have to say it’s very economical and economical to use. I’ll add more comments later if the results are good.

  15. Anonymous

    The delivery is fast, and the logistics is also very awesome. The quality is good, and the water flow is very smooth. The price is also cheap, and the cost-effectiveness is very high.

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    Taobao shopping is really enjoyable. The quality of the products is excellent, the service attitude is also very good, and the logistics are lightning fast. We recommend everyone to come and make a purchase!

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    Very good, authentic, very good value, fast delivery, give it a good review! Great value, will definitely buy it again! The quality is very good, exactly as described by the seller, very satisfied, really like it, completely exceeded expectations, delivery speed Very fast, the packaging is very careful and tight, the logistics company's service attitude is very good, the delivery speed is very fast, it is a very satisfying purchase.

  18. Anonymous

    This water purifier is truly the best value for money I have ever used! Not only does it have a stylish and elegant appearance, but the key is its excellent purification effect! The water quality has become clear and transparent, and the taste has also become sweeter. Using it to cook and make soup, the taste is even more delicious, and everyone at home praises it! As a young Chinese pursuing a healthy lifestyle, this water purifier is definitely your best choice!

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