Steve manufacturer direct drinking water purifier descaling ceramic


Steve Water Purifier Home Kitchen Table Direct Drinking Tap Water Tap Filter Well Water Filter Ceramic Scale Inhibitor


Steve Water Purifier is a household kitchen countertop tap water filter that uses advanced ceramic scale inhibition technology to effectively filter out harmful substances in water, ensuring the purity and health of drinking water. This product is suitable for well water, suitable for various water quality conditions, and is an essential choice for household water purification. This water purifier is exquisitely designed, easy to install, and suitable for various kitchen environments. It is a practical household appliance that provides you and your family with pure and safe drinking water.

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Ningbo City

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Drink directly

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Chinese mainland

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Zhejiang Province

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On stage

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Mark Steve

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Double outlet water

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Ceramic filter element

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Not supporting intelligence

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Hollow fiber, ultrafiltration membrane, activated carbon, activated carbon+ultrafiltration, ceramic filter element


Ultrafiltration machine, others, water purification kettle, water purification cup, faucet water purifier, water purification equipment

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Residual chlorine removal version (6 cores in total), Scale removal version (6 cores in total) for scale and chlorine removal, All functions of the sterilized direct drink model (6 cores in total), Residual chlorine removal version (9 cores in total), Scaling and chlorine removal version (9 cores in total), All functions of the sterilization direct drink model (9 cores in total), Residual chlorine removal version (3 cores in total), Scaling and chlorine removal version (3 cores in total), All functions of the sterilized direct drink model (3 cores in total)

20 reviews for Steve manufacturer direct drinking water purifier descaling ceramic

  1. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  2. Anonymous

    Installation service: simple installation, water outlet speed: quite fast filtration effect: visually good

  3. Anonymous

    The installation of the water purifier is simple, the filtering effect is good, and the experience is excellent.

  4. Anonymous

    It has not been installed yet. Please try it out after installation before evaluating. Fast delivery speed and good attitude.

  5. Anonymous

    The shop owner provided a simple installation video, and it took a while to complete. The water outlet effect was also very good

  6. Anonymous

    Installation service: convenient and fast. Water output speed: The water output is large. Filtering effect: The filtering effect is quite good.

  7. Anonymous

    Installation service: Patiently guided by the merchant, great???? Effluent speed: Bar drop filtration effect: Try again tomorrow, it should be good

  8. Anonymous

    Installation service: Easy and convenient to install. Water outlet speed: The water outlet speed is very fast. Filtering effect: Evaluate after use.

  9. Anonymous

    Installation service: simple installation with complete accessories. Water outlet speed: large water output to meet daily needs. Filtration effect: clean and satisfactory

  10. Anonymous

    Installation service: convenient and fast, with patient guidance from merchants. The water outlet speed is relatively fast, but I think it still depends on the water pressure filtration effect: good

  11. Anonymous

    Easy installation, fast water flow rate, good filtration effect, no sediment left in boiled water, and you can drink water with peace of mind. If you like it, feel free to purchase it with confidence

  12. Anonymous

    Installation service: Easy to install by oneself, water outlet speed: | Fast water outlet speed Filtration effect: The water quality is good, and it is sweet and delicious to drink directly without any odor.

  13. Anonymous

    The merchant is very careful with the two packaging boxes, which are also quite convenient to install. They will be fixed in a short time. After tasting the water, the taste is not that strong, and it is still good

  14. Anonymous

    The water purifier has been received and feels very practical and rich in accessories. There is no need to mention the old ones. The design is reasonable, durable, and will not clog the filter element. All of them can be replaced separately.

  15. Anonymous

    I quickly installed it independently and added many accessories. The most satisfying thing is that my originally adjustable faucet interface can still be connected in series. Check if there is any water leakage in any area later and then drain the pipeline.

  16. Anonymous

    Installation service: Convenient and simple. Water outlet speed: Smooth and smooth. Filtration effect: Can be consumed directly. The merchant was enthusiastic, the service was thoughtful, the explanations were clear, and they were very satisfied with a single purchase.

  17. Anonymous

    The water filter filter is very clean, there is no scale, the water quality is very clear, I am really happy to drink healthy water, the installation is very simple, just watch the video, and the package you bought also comes with a replacement head, which is really great!

  18. Anonymous

    I got the product on November 1, and the payment was fast. It was a big surprise. It was easy to install and the water purification is reliable. The price is very cost-effective. I think the quality is very good. I am very satisfied. Thank you for the merchant’s service. Come on.Don’t think about it. It must be taken.

  19. Anonymous

    This Steve water purifier is very good. It is easy to install and the water comes out quickly. It tastes much better than the original water. I used to boil the water and it was white and thin. This time, the purified water is gone. The service is good! The logistics is also fast. It was an ideal shopping, thank you! May you have a prosperous birthday!

  20. Anonymous

    The quality is very good! Easy to disassemble, visible filtration effect, clear and free of impurities, bleach powder is filtered very clean. Before filtering, bleach powder is greatly reduced, but now it is almost invisible, and the effect is very good! Exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, and excellent materials! If the water outlet is slightly extended, it would be perfect. The water output is slightly smaller but sufficient, and the price is very affordable for comparison! Comments are genuine push purchases

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