Haier Home Direct Drinking RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier


Haier Water Purifier Home Direct Drinking Kitchen Tap Water Filter RO Reverse Osmosis Kitchen Underneath 2024 New Water Purifier


Haier water purifier, a new kitchen style water purifier, uses reverse osmosis technology to comprehensively filter and purify tap water. Its filtration accuracy is as high as 0.0001 micrometers, which can remove over 99% of harmful substances in water, such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pesticide residues, etc., providing you with pure drinking water. This water purifier is designed to be user-friendly, easy to install, and easy to operate, making it suitable for household use. The new water purifier has a stylish appearance and excellent quality, making it the best choice for healthy drinking water in your home.

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Qingdao City


Drink directly

Item number


Wastewater ratio

1: 1

filter element



Chinese mainland

Rated water output


warranty period

12 months


Shandong Province

Brand of water purifier


Water efficiency level

Level 3

working principle

reverse osmosis


Pure water machine

Installation method

Kitchen style

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Is installation service provided


Additional features

automatic cleaning

Water outlet method

Double outlet water

utilized location

Terminal purified water


Qingdao Haier Strauss Water Equipment Co., Ltd

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Light gray water purifier+pre filter, Dark gray water purifier+pre filter+rapid heating pipeline machine, Ice and snow white, removing scale and drinking directly

20 reviews for Haier Home Direct Drinking RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

  1. Anonymous

    Haier water purifier has fine workmanship and good water purification effect

  2. Anonymous

    Fast supply and fast installation services. Large water output! Satisfied service??

  3. Anonymous

    安装服务:师傅很专业 出水速度:出水很快,水也过滤干净,这款没让我失望,大大的????????????????????????????

  4. Anonymous

    Water outlet speed: Fast water outlet speed Installation service: Good service Filtration effect: Sure

  5. Anonymous

    Installation service: very good, Haier door-to-door installation Water output speed: uniform filtration effect: good

  6. Anonymous

    Fast water output, low noise, less wastewater, good filtration effect, hoping for better performance in the later stage.

  7. Anonymous

    I received the Haier smart water purifier and it looks pretty good. I will review my experience after using it for a while!

  8. Anonymous

    Water outlet speed: The water outlet speed is very fast, and the installation master has a good attitude. The water is very good

  9. Anonymous

    The installation was quite fast, and the master was patient. The water output was large, and the filtered water was clear. Recommended

  10. Anonymous

    The installation master is very careful, and the water flows out quickly. He also checked the value of the water flow, so he is very confident! Support.

  11. Anonymous

    The water production effect is good, and the water output is fast and the sound is not noisy. The water quality filtering effect rod is a good online shopping experience????

  12. Anonymous

    Water outlet speed: The pressure bucket has a fast water outlet speed. Filtration effect: After draining water twice, the comparison test shows that the effect is excellent! Positive review!

  13. Anonymous

    The water purifier I bought is very good! Dual water outlet mode, water outlet is fast! The installation master is very professional! The filtering effect is also good! Sweet and refreshing taste!

  14. Anonymous

    A very good water purifier. Haier products are trustworthy. The customer service is very good. Any questions are answered in a timely manner. I give it a five-point rating. I will come back to replace the water purifier in a few years!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Installation service: The installation is very timely, and the water outlet speed is fast and the effect is good. Filtering effect: the filtration is very clean. The installation technician is very professional, and the customer service attitude is very good

  16. Anonymous

    It has been installed and used, and the machine produces water much faster than the previous one at home. The water tastes really sweet, and the highest test value was 22, usually below 20. Thank you to customer service for recommending this water purifier to me!

  17. Anonymous

    Installation service: The master installed quickly and the service attitude was very good. Water output speed: OK, cooking, boiling water for drinking, no problem. Filtration effect: The master tested it and found that the mineral content of unpurified water is more than 100. Install the purifier After the water dispenser, the value is reduced from 117 to 24, and the final value is 15, which meets the standard of purified water! Drink with confidence???? You can look at the changes in the numbers above!

  18. Anonymous

    Installation service: Excellent water flow speed: Excellent filtration effect: Excellent. The seller is very enthusiastic and the installation personnel are also very good. They specially bought it for the elderly to use in the store. The water purifier is very tall, but unfortunately our store is a bit rudimentary, which is very worth buying. The seller also said that there is a 30% discount on replacing the filter element in the later stage, which is also considered affordable to use. It is quite good

  19. Anonymous

    Installation service: Receive the goods the day before, and a master will come to install it the next day.Very durable and professional. Any questions asked will be explained in detail and follow-up care and maintenance knowledge will be provided.?? Water outlet speed: The sewer at home is too small and you need to replace it with a tee.Not used yet, looking forward to it. As for the effects of subsequent use, the filtering effect will be updated: Not used yet, looking forward to it. As for the effects of subsequent use, it will be updated.

  20. Anonymous

    The water purifier has a good-looking appearance, is small and exquisite, and takes up less space under the kitchen. The water output speed is faster than my previous machine of nearly 3K, and there is almost no sound when making water. The mute effect is very good, and the filtration effect is good.When the machine arrived, I made an appointment to install it. It was snowing heavily on the day of the appointment. I thought the master would reschedule. Unexpectedly, Master Xiaolong came in the snow as scheduled. He was very quick and installed it in no time. He has a strong sense of service and a high level of service. Gao??, Haier really deserves its reputation??

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