Homesun/Oda Shin Retro Refrigerator


HOMESUN Silent Retro Small Refrigerator Home Bedroom Dormitory Small Mini Cosmetic Beauty Refrigerator




1. Suitable for storing cosmetics, skin care products and other beauty products that need to be refrigerated.

2. Keep the inside of the refrigerator clean to avoid food residues and other debris from affecting the preservation of items.

3. Reasonably arrange the storage location and quantity according to the shelf life and demand of the items.

In general, HOMESUN silent retro small refrigerator is a practical, beautiful and compact household refrigerator, suitable for storing cosmetics, beauty supplies and other items that need to be refrigerated.Whether in the bedroom or dormitory, it can bring convenience and comfort to your life.



Additional information







gross weight


net weight


maximum volume


total capacity





steel plate


Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months

Package Size


Box door structure

Single door

Frequency conversion or not


Refrigeration method


Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Refrigeration chamber volume


Panel type

PCM color coated plate

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

power consumption

zero point three eight

Total capacity range

100 liters and below

time to market

two thousand and twenty-two

Refrigerator and freezer models


After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Width x depth (thickness) x height


Refrigeration control system

Electronic temperature control


Guangdong Foshan Odaxin Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and one million eighteen thousand eight hundred and fifty-six

sort by color

BCH41E Cheese White/Retro (Fully Silent) 31L, BCH41E Chinese Red/Retro (fully silent) 31L, BCH41E Pearl White/Retro (Fully Silent) 31L, BCH41E Avocado Green/Retro (Fully Silent) 31L, BC-112RDC rice flag/refrigerated and frozen 112L, BC-121RDC Retro Red/Refrigerated and Frozen 112L

20 reviews for Homesun/Oda Shin Retro Refrigerator

  1. Anonymous

    Indeed silent

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad, I really like it.

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    Not used yet, waiting for further feedback

  5. Anonymous

    Placed in the bedroom, beautiful and quiet

  6. Anonymous

    The cooling speed is fast and the effect is good~No sound

  7. Anonymous

    Not bad, I tried it out, the cooling effect is pretty good, very quiet,

  8. Anonymous

    There is really no sound at all, it works well. Sound: no appearance. Material: good-looking

  9. Anonymous

    Buy it for use in the office, it has a decent appearance and weight, and can be used continuously

  10. Anonymous

    Pay for your appearance. The price fluctuates greatly on a regular basis, so pay attention to price protection

  11. Anonymous

    It’s great for storing drinks, but the only drawback is that the ice cream won’t last long if it’s not refrigerated.

  12. Anonymous

    A product worth buying, with exquisite workmanship that is better than expected. We recommend everyone to try it out

  13. Anonymous

    Running sound: low power consumption: low appearance material: cute and creamy, retro and refreshing effect: not yet tested

  14. Anonymous

    It looks stylish, has good quality, and doesn’t take up much space.It has a relatively large capacity and is very practical for use in the office.

  15. Anonymous

    Unable to stand steadily, customer service said they twisted their feet, but after trying for a while, they still felt uneven. The item was average

  16. Anonymous

    The appearance is particularly high, there is no sound at all. It looks small and has a large capacity inside. The customer service attitude is also very good

  17. Anonymous

    The quality and workmanship of the small refrigerator are excellent, and the details are exquisitely crafted. There is no sound when placed in the bedroom, which is very magical.

  18. Anonymous

    Not to mention its appearance, it can be both decorative and practical when placed in the living room, specifically for storing fruits, drinks, and snacks. The kitchen refrigerator has also freed up a lot of space, nice!!!

  19. Anonymous

    A very cute little refrigerator, perfectly placed in a corner of the living room. Very attractive, with a large capacity! The cooling effect is good! There is also a thoughtful small design that is easy to open. Perfect! Mainly no sound

  20. Anonymous

    The cooling effect is not ideal, not what I want, it is just a big item and I am too lazy to return it.It’s just silent and can’t achieve the cooling effect I want. I feel like it cost a few hundred dollars to just buy a small cabinet. Apart from the appearance, I’m quite disappointed!! But I can only praise it habitually so as not to be disturbed!

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