Little Swan Fully Automatic Household Washing and Drying Machine 098


Little Swan Washing Machine Official Flagship Store 10KG Drum Household Fully Automatic Mite Removal Washing and Drying Integrated Machine TD098


The official flagship store of Little Swan washing machine is a 10KG drum household fully automatic mite removal washing and drying integrated machine TD098, which is an intelligent washing machine that integrates washing, drying, and mite removal functions. It has a large capacity of 10 kilograms, suitable for daily household washing needs. Adopting a drum design, it can provide more comprehensive and even contact with clothing, reducing wear and tear. Fully automatic operation is convenient and fast, just set the program and you can automatically complete steps such as washing, rinsing, and drying. This washing machine has a mite removal function, which can effectively remove dust mites and bacteria from clothes and protect the health of family members. The drying function can quickly dry clothes, avoiding dampness and odor, saving time and trouble of manual drying. Integrated design saves space and is suitable for various home environments. In addition, the Little Swan washing machine TD098 also has advantages such as intelligent control and silent operation, making your user experience more comfortable. It is the ideal choice for home washing. Come and buy the Little Swan washing machine TD098 and enjoy a smart and convenient washing life!

Additional information







net weight


Display type


gross weight


Washing power







Fully automatic

Dehydration power


Washing kilograms



washing machine

Maximum speed

1200 rpm


Chinese mainland

Way of working

Belt drive

control method


Dehydrated kilograms


warranty period

36 months

Package Size


time to market

February 2023

Drying kilogram quantity



Wuxi Little Swan

Drying method

Condensing type

Drainage method

Upper drainage

Washing machine brand


Cabinet material

PCM steel plate

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Inner bucket material

Stainless steel

Motor type

BLDC variable frequency motor

Opening and closing method

front opening

product type

Washing and drying integrated machine

Laundry program

, single dehydration down wash mixed wash

Additional features

Automatic power-off, adding clothes midway, power-off memory function, high-temperature washing

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and five million two hundred and ninety-nine thousand three hundred and twenty

sort by color

Metal titanium

18 reviews for Little Swan Fully Automatic Household Washing and Drying Machine 098

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    On time delivery: The washing machine is very good

  3. Anonymous

    The product is very good, and the master installed it very carefully

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you, master. The delivery and installation are integrated. Very convenient.

  5. Anonymous

    The logistics speed is very fast, and the installation master has a good attitude and is very attentive

  6. Anonymous

    On time delivery: On time delivery. Appearance material: Beautiful appearance. Capacity size: Large capacity

  7. Anonymous

    The master’s attitude is very good, and the installation speed is fast! Thank you, it is a perfect purchasing experience

  8. Anonymous

    The delivery was on time. I chose Little Swan for the washing machine. I haven’t started using it yet. I believe it won’t disappoint.

  9. Anonymous

    Received the goods, the quality is very good, the laundry machine is also very clean, and the installation master’s service is also very good.

  10. Anonymous

    There is a bit of noise when dehydrating, but it is acceptable. Overall, it is very good, especially the function of adding clothes midway. I like it!

  11. Anonymous

    Extremely beautiful, the installation of the master was very patient, the customer service was very nice, the express delivery was also very awesome, very satisfied with a shopping trip!

  12. Anonymous

    Nowadays, drum washing machines have more and more functions. This one has a drying function. This function comes in handy in a humid climate like southern China. Otherwise, the clothes would be hung up for days. If it doesn’t dry, it will also produce a musty smell??

  13. Anonymous

    For two people, clothes and sheets can be washed. It is really convenient to use. The sound is within the normal range. I used it for several days to evaluate it. The overall evaluation is good. It is economical and affordable. I was worried that the size would not fit when I bought it. , it was very suitable after it arrived! It felt good after trying it out, and it was very quiet when running.And this winter, a complete set of clothes is no problem.It spins well and feels dry to the touch.Worth buying!

  14. Anonymous

    Capacity size: standard, not too small, enough. Appearance and material: really good. Delivery on time: too on time. The washing machine has a good shape and has many functions. Little Swan washing machine is an old brand and has a good reputation for quality. The courier delivers it to your door. , I have moved the washing machine to my home and had it inspected in person. If there is no problem with the quality, I will leave. He came to install it at my home. If I don’t understand the problem, the master will explain it carefully. The after-sales service is reassuring. The customer service of Xiaoshu is good. , will come again next time I need it.It can also be dried, which completely frees your hands and frees up the balcony. After comparing several products, I still feel that the flagship store is more reliable and I love it.It’s not loud, it’s clean, and it has many functions

  15. Anonymous

    The Samsung washing machine at home has been used for six years. It has suffered from minor problems over the years. After researching for a few days, I finally chose Little Swan, an old brand that specializes in washing machines. The quality should be guaranteed.With so many models, I was spoiled for choice. In the end, I chose this cost-effective one based on my budget. The color of the machine is particularly beautiful. Today’s home appliances are really affordable and high-quality. I washed them for two days. I read online reviews before and said they were loud. When I bought them, I haven’t dared to start yet, but I have to use it myself to know that it is actually quite quiet for me.It is very convenient to stop clothes drying. Previously, the Samsung model had to wait two minutes before it could be turned on after washing. The drying function is also very powerful.In short, if you want to pursue cost-effectiveness, you can consider this one.

  16. Anonymous

    Capacity: big. Appearance material: good material. Delivery on time: on time. It took two days from order placement to delivery and installation. The speed was amazing. My washing machine happened to be broken at home and I needed it urgently. I decisively chose the Little Swan brand. , after all, it is a brand that has been around for many years. It is worth resting on. The capacity is really large. I tried it immediately after receiving the goods. The sound is not loud at all, it is just a normal sound. The appearance and material feel very good. It is not like a cheap product. It can be washed a lot at one time. , the washing was also very clean. This time I bought one with a drying function. The main reason is that in the past, it always rained continuously and the clothes could not be dried. The balcony was full of clothes, which affected my mood too much. I don’t have to worry about it in the future. The store’s customer service is attentive, answering all questions and responding quickly. The price is also very beautiful. It is indeed worth recommending. Both the products and services are great.

  17. Anonymous

    Capacity: Very large. Appearance material: very good. Delivery on time: very punctual. I placed the order yesterday and it arrived early this morning. I was worried that no one would be able to install it when I left home. The installer was also very good. After the installation, he even packed away the unboxed items because The location of the drain pipe was not good. The master was very responsible and solved the problem quickly. I also gave the machine a try and it felt powerful. I gave the master a big thumbs up! It can be cleaned without any odor. I looked at several companies and chose this one. It’s good value for money. I’m satisfied! Also, I’m satisfied. , there is no elevator on the fourth floor of my house, so the delivery man helped me carry the machine to the fourth floor on foot. It was really hard work, and I am very grateful. This machine turns on with a knob. I don’t have to press the start button at the beginning. Fortunately, Xiaoshu customer service provided timely guidance. It can be easily mastered after a few uses. There is no difficulty. You can adjust the temperature and dehydration speed as you wish. It is very user-friendly and worth recommending.

  18. Anonymous

    The old washing machine at home broke down. I thought that when buying major appliances, I still need to buy a brand, so I chose this old brand. It has a good reputation and is cost-effective. After receiving the goods, I was not disappointed. The appearance looks great and the capacity is great. It’s also big, so you don’t have to worry about the four-piece set in the future. This one can be done in one go, and it’s very clean and has a small sound. After installing it, the master specially checked whether it was level and made sure there was no problem before leaving. Very responsible. I asked Xiaoshu’s customer service if I didn’t understand something before placing the order. They answered patiently. It took 2 days from placing the order to receiving the goods. It’s really fast. It also has a drying function, which is very practical. There will be more in the rainy season later. I really don’t have to worry about my clothes drying out and getting all over the balcony. The dark color is stain-resistant and easy to look at. It’s worth recommending. You can adjust the speed of dehydration by yourself. Some clothes can’t be taken off too hard, so I will lower the speed for some clothes. Very user-friendly and satisfying

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