Deli 9912 high-power shredder


Deli 9912 shredder office mini household electric commercial high-power particle paper file shredder small portable high-capacity 27530 shredder


Mini design, easy to move, suitable for various spatial environments. N * Electric high-power, efficient processing speed, can easily crush large amounts of files. N * Commercial grade quality, sturdy and durable, long-lasting. N * Commercial high-capacity design, capable of accommodating large amounts of shredded paper without frequent replacement. N * Easy to operate, easy to use, suitable for home and office environments. This shredder is suitable for various occasions, such as offices, schools, homes, etc., and is an ideal choice for shredding needs. At the same time, it also has environmental characteristics, which can help you easily handle a large amount of shredded paper and keep the environment clean. Overall, the Deli 9912 shredder is a cost-effective and fully functional shredder that is worth your choice.

Additional information

Shredder brand


time to market


Shredding method


Shredder type

Electric shredder


Deli Group Co., Ltd

Crushed cardboard box capacity

Below 50L


nine thousand nine hundred and twelve

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Shredding ability

Less than 10 sheets per session

sort by color

Hot selling white (5-level confidentiality for 10 minutes with 8 consecutive 23L capacity shatterable cards and discs) 27250 white, 34252/Level 4 Confidentiality/10 Minute Continuous Fragmentation/14L Capacity/Single Fragmentation of 6 Fragrant Cards and CDs, – Hot selling items- (Level 5 Confidentiality for 10 minutes with 8 consecutive 23L capacity shatterable CDs) 27530, Long term version (5-level confidentiality for 60 minutes with 6 consecutive sheets and 20L capacity) 9912, 9920/4 level confidentiality/5 minute continuous crushing/14L capacity/single crushing of 6 fragile nails, 9956/Level 5 Confidentiality/20 Minute Continuous Fragmentation/23L Capacity/Single Fragmentation of 8 Fragrant Card CDs, Automatic paper feed (4-level confidentiality for 10 minutes, continuous 18L capacity) GA811, 14408/Level 7 Confidentiality/30 Minute Continuous Fragmentation/34L Capacity/Single Fragmentation of 5 Sheets, 14431/4 level confidentiality/10 minutes of continuous shredding/23L large capacity/8 sheets of shredded paper per session, High performance and large capacity model (6 levels of confidentiality for 60 minutes, with 7 consecutive 30L capacity shatterable CDs) 9959, High performance multi shredded paper model (Level 4 confidentiality for 30 minutes, continuous 25 sheets with 31L capacity) 14403, Automatic paper feed (5-level confidentiality, 10 minutes continuous 18L capacity) GA810, High capacity hot selling model (Level 4 confidentiality for 30 minutes with 16 consecutive 31L capacity shatterable cards and discs) 34250


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