Midea/Midea steam ironing and hanging ironing machine new model


Midea Steam Hanging Ironing Machine New Home Small Single Pole Iron Hanging Vertical Iron Ironing Clothes Ironing Machine 2024


Midea steam ironing machine, a new type of household small single pole iron, provides comprehensive ironing services for your clothes. This hanging ironing machine adopts advanced steam technology, which easily penetrates clothes and solves the problem of wrinkles. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and carry, making it easy to use both at home and out. Single pole design, suitable for clothing of various materials, with significant ironing effect. In addition, the intelligent temperature control function ensures safe use, making the ironing process more reassuring. Midea steam ironing machine adds elegance and convenience to your life.

Additional information









warranty period

12 months

With or without brackets


Temperature control gear

2nd gear

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Water tank capacity

1.4L (inclusive) -1.8L (inclusive)

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical hanging ironing machine

sort by color

Green green 3rd gear+1.4L water tank+1500W, Blue 3rd gear+1.25L water tank+1500W, Green 3rd gear+1.4L water tank+1500W+ironing plate, Powder level 3+1.4L water tank+1500W, Blue [Midea Official Direct Sales] Authentic Guarantee, Sky Blue [Order now for 365 days to replace repair]

20 reviews for Midea/Midea steam ironing and hanging ironing machine new model

  1. Anonymous

    Very good, fast, very good quality??

  2. Anonymous

    Big brands are trustworthy. The ironing effect is fantastic! Repurchase multiple times!

  3. Anonymous

    The ironing machine is very practical, and the key is that it is cheap and worth buying.

  4. Anonymous

    The quality is good, the color is beautiful, I like it, and the customer service is great

  5. Anonymous

    Very good, the dress was ironed very flat. Beautiful colors, affordable prices, and worth buying.

  6. Anonymous

    The customer service for Huahai is great, the old brand Midea is easy to use, I also like the color, and the after-sales service is also very good.

  7. Anonymous

    The scorching effect is very fast! Ironing is also very smooth! I have made my third purchase! Sincerely recommend! Xiaobo customer service is great!

  8. Anonymous

    The delivery speed is very fast, the heating effect is very good, and the quality is very good. The ironing is fast and smooth. Recommended purchase!!

  9. Anonymous

    I just received the goods today and tried them. It’s really good. Midea’s products are very good. The logistics is very fast. The seller is responsible. I will buy again.

  10. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is very practical and can quickly iron clothes. The customer service at Yaya is great, very professional and patient, which makes me very satisfied.

  11. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine has complete functions and can meet the needs of various clothes, and the customer service of Yaya is also excellent, very professional and enthusiastic.

  12. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is very convenient, and it can easily iron various clothes. At the same time, the customer service of Teeth is also very good, patiently answering my questions

  13. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine has a very good effect, which can maintain the shape and texture of clothes, and the customer service of Yaya is also excellent, very enthusiastic and professional.

  14. Anonymous

    The logistics is very fast, and the heating effect is also very good. I didn’t know how to use it at first, so I asked Xiaobo customer service, and they taught me very patiently. I’m so satisfied.

  15. Anonymous

    The old ironing machine at home was too big. I bought a new one for my mom, which is quite small and fits perfectly. It can also hang clothes. I am satisfied. Lastly, the customer service at Yaya is great

  16. Anonymous

    The steam is discharged quickly and the heating effect is better. Anti-scalding gloves are provided as a gift. It is also easy to assemble the pipes. The appearance is relatively good-looking. It is good.

  17. Anonymous

    This is the second garment steamer I have bought, and the quality is very good., it’s also very easy to use. After using it for a while, I can say that the quality is very good.You can buy with confidence.

  18. Anonymous

    The hanging and ironing machine is affordable, with a very high cost performance ratio, and the customer service of the dental staff is also excellent. They are very professional and patient in providing me with help.

  19. Anonymous

    I bought a hanging ironing machine a few years ago, and I have been using it for many years. I made a decisive decision to buy this model again. The heating is very fast, and the customer service for the small car is very good??

  20. Anonymous

    Easy to operate. User feedback: This product is easy to use, convenient to store, and suitable for home use. Quickly exhale and achieve good results. The user reported that the product can quickly remove wrinkles from clothing and has a significant ironing effect. Exquisite appearance. The user believes that the appearance design of the product is fashionable, simple, and has a good tactile feel. Finally, Huahai customer service is really great!!!

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