Hearts hanging ironing machine, household iron, steam handheld, small


Red Heart Hanging Ironing Machine Household Ironing Machine Ironing Small Dormitory Vertical Handheld Steam Electric Ironing Machine for Ironing Clothes




Hongxin’s new household garment steamer is specially designed for modern life. It is compact, lightweight and easy to carry.This garment steamer uses advanced steam technology to produce powerful steam that instantly penetrates clothes and smooths out wrinkles.Whether they are made of cotton, linen, wool, silk or other materials, they can be flattened with just one iron, keeping your clothes neat and tidy.

The red heart garment steamer is exquisitely designed and easy to operate. It can easily generate steam with just one click.It also has a wet and dry ironing function, which allows you to choose the appropriate ironing method according to the material of the clothes for better results.Unique storage design, convenient storage without taking up space, suitable for dormitory use.At the same time, the Red Heart Garment Steamer also has strong safety performance, making it more reliable to use.

Whether you are at home or at school, the Red Heart Garment Steamer is a good helper for keeping your clothes tidy.It is suitable for various occasions, whether it is daily life at home, traveling or school dormitories, allowing you to keep your clothes tidy anytime and anywhere.Choose the Red Heart Garment Steamer to make your life more convenient and comfortable.




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red heart



warranty period

12 months

With or without brackets


Applicable scenarios

Household use

Temperature control gear

5th gear and above

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Water tank capacity

1.4L (inclusive) -1.8L (inclusive)


Shanghai Hongxin Ironing Equipment Co., Ltd

Hanging ironing machine type

Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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White, beige, blue, light blue

20 reviews for Hearts hanging ironing machine, household iron, steam handheld, small

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad for ironing work clothes. The ironing is quite flat and the heating is also quite fast.

  3. Anonymous

    The first time I bought a hanging ironing machine, the customer service patiently replied, and the color was also very nice. I really like it!!

  4. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is much better than imagined, with high cost-effectiveness and good appearance, making ironing clothes very convenient.

  5. Anonymous

    I tried it immediately upon receiving it. It exhaled quickly and had a lot of steam, which was better than what I had bought before. The old brand is trustworthy

  6. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is very good, with high appearance, easy to use, and good ironing effect. This brand of hanging ironing machine is better than others.

  7. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine looks great and is easy to use without taking up space. Every time the season changes, the clothes wrinkle up, making it much more convenient

  8. Anonymous

    Very good, I can recommend it. It looks very high-quality and a very good shopping experience. I bought it in time for the event and it only cost 119. Anyway, it is worth the money.

  9. Anonymous

    The installation is very easy, and it can be steam ironed in about 10 seconds. Ironing is very convenient, and the ironing board is also very convenient to use, saving a lot of effort. It is worth recommending.

  10. Anonymous

    It was not in vain that I traveled across the ocean to buy this order. Just replace the transformer and it can be used. It is no different from the product description. It is a very pleasant shopping experience??

  11. Anonymous

    This one is better than those big brands. The quality is good and the steam is enough. The clothes were ironed in a short time. I really like it. I will buy it next time. It’s so pleasantly surprised and unexpected.

  12. Anonymous

    The installation is super simple and has a high appearance, which matches well with my dressing room! The weather is getting warmer and I need to take out my clothes for ironing. This hanging ironing machine is really helpful, hehe?? Recommended!

  13. Anonymous

    A super easy to apply and useful lens film, which makes it easy to place your phone with a textured texture. As soon as we received the goods, we arranged it. Now that we have this film to protect the lens, we no longer have to worry about scratching the lens

  14. Anonymous

    Red Heart is a trustworthy old brand that lives up to expectations. I received this hanging and ironing machine with good packaging, beautiful appearance, strong steam, and 8-speed intelligent adjustment, which is convenient and practical. I am very satisfied.

  15. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is exquisitely crafted and easy to install. The light blue color chosen is very beautiful, and there are several steam generation modes according to the different fabrics, which can achieve a more delicate ironing and a first-class user experience!

  16. Anonymous

    I tried it for the time being and it worked fine. When I received the product, there were water beads on the machine. I thought it was returned by someone else. The seller said that it was inspected after coming out. I think it is a domestic product that has been around for many years and should be trustworthy.

  17. Anonymous

    Red Heart is truly an old brand. The workmanship details are not rough, and the color is particularly beautiful. The Instagram bucket is exquisite and beautiful, and the ironing details are clear at a glance. The heat transfer is fast… The steam is strong and does not harm people. I really bought the right one this time!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    It was my first time to use this garment steamer. I came across this brand’s introduction and had never heard of it. But after reading the reviews and reading the introduction, I decided to buy it and try it. The effect is good, the appearance is also good, and it is easy to use! I don’t know how to ask. Customer service answered patiently!

  19. Anonymous

    The installation is simple and there is also a tutorial. Pour in water and turn on the switch, and soon there is hot air. The power is just right, making it perfect for ironing woolen coats. My family was very satisfied with using the hanging ironing machine for the first time, so I will definitely give the store a good review. Overall, it is great. I will add more comments in a few days. Special features: quite practical appearance. Material: quite good-looking

  20. Anonymous

    The design and color of the garment steamer are very beautiful, and it does not take up too much space at home; the ironing effect is good, thin and thick clothes can be adjusted to different levels according to the fabric, and one box of water can iron 5 to 6 pieces of clothes, which is enough , it is also very convenient to use. It is really indispensable to take care of the clothes in the cabinet. The customer service attitude is also very good. All questions are answered. It is worth buying.

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