Sun heater Meiling instant on and hot


Meiling Small Sun Warmer Household Electric Heating Fan Energy saving Winter Fast Heating Small Warmer Oven


This Meiling small sun heater is an ideal winter heating solution. It is a small heater with the characteristics of energy saving, rapid heating, and safety and reliability. This device is compact and lightweight, easy to move, and suitable for use at home or in the office. Its unique small sun design can generate large areas of thermal radiation and quickly increase the temperature of the environment. In addition, it also has energy-saving characteristics, making it very suitable for users who are seeking high-efficiency heaters but are concerned about energy consumption. Safe and reliable design also makes it an ideal choice for families. Whether in cold winters or situations that require quick preheating, the Meiling Little Sun heater can provide instant warmth.

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1 year

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Alternating current

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Hefei Changhong Meiling Household Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

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two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million four hundred and thirty-four thousand and seventy-nine

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Mechanical small item, Mechanical medium model (matte heating), Mechanical Medium Edition (Shake Head Warm Matte Heat), Mechanical tycoon (matte heating+power outage due to falling), Mechanical tycoon (shaking the head to provide warmth, matte heating, and power off after falling), Mechanical upgrade with enlarged model (matte heating+power outage due to falling), Mechanical Upgrade Plus (Shake Head Warm Matte Heat+Fall Power Off), Remote control upgrade increased (shaking the head to provide warm matte heating+appointment timing+power off after falling)

20 reviews for Sun heater Meiling instant on and hot

  1. Anonymous

    The heater has been received and can be small, exquisite, and worth purchasing.

  2. Anonymous

    The function is good. It is thick and of good quality. It is also quite hot. Not bad

  3. Anonymous

    It heats up quickly, and in winter, placing the oven near your feet is much more comfortable

  4. Anonymous

    I use it at work, it is very comfortable, the quality is also very good, I am very satisfied.

  5. Anonymous

    The thing is good, everyone can buy with confidence. Buy it, buy it, buy it, rush, rush, rush!

  6. Anonymous

    I think it’s really good, good value for money, very satisfied, and the logistics is very fast.

  7. Anonymous

    The Meiling heater is safe to use, comfortable to use, and reassuring to use. Warm and good mood!

  8. Anonymous

    It heats up quite quickly and is very lightweight. After driving it for over an hour, I feel warm, about 700 watts per hour

  9. Anonymous

    The little sun is very useful. It keeps you warm when you put it next to you. People in the south rely on it to survive the winter.

  10. Anonymous

    It is much smaller than expected. But it is enough for the office. It is quite hot and suitable for warming hands. Here is an A4 paper for your reference.

  11. Anonymous

    A great shopping experience with guaranteed product quality from the merchant. Next time I recommend friends to continue purchasing at our store, do I have to like them??

  12. Anonymous

    It’s small and easy to use. I opened it in the small gear when the weather was not cold. It was very warm and comfortable. It was very good. I felt warm in a short while. It’s very suitable for me.

  13. Anonymous

    The quality of the Meiling electric furnace is indeed very good! The material is quite thick, the plug wires are very thick, and the heating effect of the grill is also quite good. This must be praised??

  14. Anonymous

    So cool, so cool, so cool, my friends, Little Sun…? When I first heard this name, I just felt a little strange. At that time, I didn’t know that this name would illuminate my entire youth… The winter without cold feet is coming…

  15. Anonymous

    I like it so much. When I picked up the express, I found that the outer box of the big package was of good quality. I didn’t worry about bumps when I took it home and unboxed it. I was also amazed. The material details are not worth more than 20 yuan. It’s so worth it. I like it very much. ????

  16. Anonymous

    I bought three of this brand before. After two years of use, one broke. I bought another one because it was cheap. Two small units are enough for the room. But the light heats up a little slowly. I counted and waited for about 20 seconds before it heated up. At this price, I can’t complain. It’s fine as long as it works.

  17. Anonymous

    The delivery was very fast. I used it for my kids to do their homework. The thermal efficiency is quite high, and it doesn’t consume electricity. The first gear is only 300w, and the second gear is 600w. The quality is also very good. It has an anti-dumping function. The customer service is also very good, and it is well received.

  18. Anonymous

    It’s quite mini, a little taller than the trash can at home. I bought it for my child to do homework. The previous light was dazzling, but this light is gentle and not dazzling, which is good! The only drawback is that it is not silent when swinging, and there is sound. The actual sound is louder than the video sound. I posted it for your reference.

  19. Anonymous

    The heating effect is very fast, and the head can be shaken. The goods have been received. The size is just right. The express delivery is very fast. It lights up slowly. The delivery speed is relatively fast. Power consumption: relatively energy-saving. The heating speed is OK. The material is very beautiful. I highly recommend everyone to buy the product together. It is consistent with the seller’s description. The head can be rotated.

  20. Anonymous

    The little sun heater you bought in this store is really useful! It heats up super fast and is very energy-efficient! You can put it in any corner of the room and it will warm up the whole room in a few minutes. And it looks very beautiful and looks great at home. In addition, the merchant’s service is very thoughtful and the express packaging is perfect. In short, it completely exceeded expectations. I am very satisfied with this shopping experience and highly recommend it to everyone!

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