Xinfei instant electric water heater for household use


Xinfei Instant Electric Water Heater for Home Small Bathroom Shower Overflow Direct Speed Hot Rental Room Constant Temperature Shower




An advanced water heater designed for apartment bathrooms, it provides a comfortable and efficient bathing experience.The small and practical design is suitable for use in family bathrooms or apartment shower spaces, and is particularly suitable for rental properties.Xinfei instant electric water heaters provide an ideal solution for small home and apartment environments.

With its compact size, it adapts to various space constraints and ensures the cleanliness and beauty of the bathroom.At the same time, it uses the latest heating technology to quickly heat cold water to achieve instant hot water supply, without waiting or preheating, and it can be used right away.

This water heater uses an advanced constant temperature system to ensure that the water temperature in the bath is always stable. No matter how your bathing habits change, you can get a consistent and comfortable experience.In addition, Xinfei instant electric water heater is also equipped with anti-electric wall technology, which can effectively prevent the impact of current and water flow that may be encountered, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Xinfei instant electric water heater is an ideal choice for apartment bathrooms, providing a comfortable, safe and efficient bathing experience.Its instant heat technology, rapid heating and thermostatic system will give your apartment bathroom a whole new look.Choose Xinfei to make your life easier and more comfortable.





Additional information





gross weight


net weight




heating power




Operating Voltage



Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months

Package Size



Guangdong Province

time to market

January 2022

Energy efficiency rating


control method

Microcomputer based

Limit of stacking layers

5th floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Cross section requirements for electrical wires

two point five

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million four hundred and eighty thousand nine hundred and forty-one

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White+Basic Wire Box Style, White+Basic Undercover Payment, Black+small screen+smart+cable box, Black+small screen+smart+missed protection, Technology black+intelligent constant temperature+wire box, Technology black+intelligent constant temperature+leakage protection, Rhododendron red+intelligent constant temperature+wire box, Rhododendron red+intelligent constant temperature+leakage protection, Noble Blue+Intelligent Temperature Control+Wire Box, Noble Blue+Intelligent Temperature Control+Leakage Protection, Champagne Gold+Intelligent Temperature Control+Cable Box, Champagne Gold+Intelligent Temperature Control+Leakage Protection, White+sports car large screen+intelligent constant temperature+cable box, White+sports car large screen+intelligent constant temperature+leakage protection, Black+upgrade+constant temperature+leakage protection 7KW, Red+upgrade+constant temperature+leakage protection 7KW, Blue+upgrade+constant temperature+leakage protection 7KW, Gold+upgrade+constant temperature+leakage protection 7KW, Black and white+upgrade+constant temperature+leakage protection 8KW, Black+upgrade+constant temperature+leakage protection 8KW

10 reviews for Xinfei instant electric water heater for household use

  1. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast and the quality is good

  2. Anonymous

    Treatment lever drop, good service… trustworthy

  3. Anonymous

    It was installed, heated up quickly, and worked very well after one use.

  4. Anonymous

    Used in rental housing, occupying no space, using a first level shower stick.

  5. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  6. Anonymous

    The hot water has been received and installed, and I am very satisfied with the hot water quickly!

  7. Anonymous

    I bought one in the first half of the year and now I’m taking the second one back to my hometown.

  8. Anonymous

    I have received the item. Thank you. I am very satisfied. I will come and buy it again if needed next time

  9. Anonymous

    Xinfei products are still trustworthy. It is recommended that the wires at home be thicker and you can buy two sets.No need for a water heater

  10. Anonymous

    The effect is too bad. It’s not as good as the one that costs more than 100 yuan. If the water is a little bigger, there will be no hot water. It’s the same as cold water. You’ll have to pay for the return. Don’t be fooled.

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