Xenon lamp welding machine specific pulse hernia xenon lamp


YAG welding machine laser tube Xe8 * 140 * 280 xenon lamp high-power spot welding machine special pulse hernia xenon lamp


This YAG welding machine laser tube uses high-performance xenon lamps with high power and high brightness characteristics, suitable for various high-power spot welding machines and pulse hernia xenon lamps. It adopts the Xe8 model, with dimensions of 280mm long and 140mm wide, suitable for various welding occasions. This laser tube is not only suitable for welding various metal materials, but also for welding non-metallic materials, demonstrating excellent stability and durability. Therefore, this product is suitable for various production environments and equipment upgrades, making it a very practical and efficient choice.

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Full 3 xenon lamps, SF Express free shipping, Starting price for 10 xenon lamps, Xe8 * 125 * 270-5 (commonly used), X8 * 130 * 270-5 (commonly used), Xe8 * 140 * 280-5 (commonly used), Xe8 * 150 * 290-5 (commonly used), X8*100*230-5, X8*120*260-5, Xe8*120*260-5, Xe8*150*297-5, X8*150*300-5, Xe8*170*310-5, X9*100*205-5, X9*100*210-5, X9*130*245-6, 9 * 130 * 260-5, 9 * 130 * 264-5, X9*140*280-6, X9*150*290-5, X9*130*270-6, X9-150 * 254 with wire, X8-140 * 244 with wire, X8-150 * 297 with cable


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