Epson Home Mini Printer L3251/3253


Epson printer for home use, small L3251/3253/3256/3258 EPSON color photo inkjet compartment, continuous supply, A4 mobile phone, computer, wireless scanning and copying all-in-one machine for students




This is a powerful color photo inkjet cartridge printer, specially designed for students.It integrates A4 size, wireless scanning, copying and color photo printing functions into one, bringing you convenience and excellent printing results.

This printer features Epson’s advanced EPSON original ink technology, with full and delicate colors and photo-like printing quality.It is suitable for mobile phones, computers and other devices. It is simple and convenient to operate. It can easily meet your needs whether you are studying or creating.

At the same time, this printer supports wireless connection, no need to connect cables, allowing you to print easily anytime and anywhere.It also has a large-capacity continuous supply system to ensure long-term and stable print output.This compact and practical device is suitable for home and student use, making it an ideal home printer.

This series of printers offers a variety of models to choose from, suitable for different needs and budgets.Whether you are a home user or a student, you can find a model that suits you.Choose Epson home small L3251/3253/3256/3258 printer to make your printing experience even better!





Additional information



Maximum format




Consumable type


Epson model


Interface Type


time to market

October 1st, 2019

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Applicable scenarios

Household life

Number of ink cartridges

4-color ink

Print type

Inkjet printing (ink bin style)

Remote printing method

Mobile app printing

Energy efficiency filing number


Covering functions

Copy Scan Wireless Printing

Is it the original factory supplied printer


Does it support automatic double-sided printing


printing speed

About 10 pages/minute (A4 black text/standard mode); Approximately 5 pages/minute (A4 color text/standard mode)

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion nine hundred and five million four hundred and eight thousand three hundred and ninety-three

sort by color

– Consulting customer service: Receive 130 rolls and receive 1 bottle of ink as a gift-, [Parenting funds]- L3251+Lifetime Membership of Xiaobai Exam Treasure (Upgrade to 5-year Exam Zone Benefits+After class Homework+Exam Quiz+Suitable for Junior High School Students), [Parenting funds]- L3253+Lifetime Membership of Xiaobai Exam Treasure (Upgrade to 5-year Exam Zone Benefits+After class Homework+Exam Quiz+Suitable for Junior High School Students), — Suggested purchase of home printer for Youwa: tutoring version–, [Official allocation] L3251 white (home remote+printing, copying, scanning+large ink storage), [Official allocation] L3253 black (wireless home+printing, copying, scanning+large ink storage), [Disney Co branded] L3251 White+Strawberry Bear Head Cover, [Disney Co branded] L3253 Black+Strawberry Bear Head Cover, [3-year warranty payment] L3253 black (3-year warranty+4 home pickup and delivery machines+1 repurchase ink with a 20% discount), [5G stable version] L3251+white learning box for 2 seconds (free 2 years of white learning membership+5G support), — The above L325 models come with a free package: 1 Disney film sticker–, [Advanced Home Edition] L3266 (wireless+printing, copying, scanning+large ink tank+LCD screen) for easier cleaning, [entry-level] L1258 black (wireless+printing+large ink bin+mini program for copying and scanning), [Official allocation] L3251 white printer*, [Home single function model]+Two years of learning membership (printing only+large ink warehouse+wireless recommended purchase of tutoring model L3253)*·, [Home Entry Edition]+Two Year Learning Membership (Print Only+Big Ink Warehouse+Wireless Recommended Purchase Official L3251 White)*, [Household Singles Print]+2 Years of Learning Membership (Print Only+Big Ink Warehouse+Wireless Recommended Purchase Official L3251 White)*

package type

Official standard configuration, – More favorable package, Package 1, Disney Co branded (free 20 yuan photo shoot), Package 2, Photo Paper Printing Paper (Most People Buy), Package 3, One More Black Ink (Free Member for 1 Year), Package 4, Original Photo Paper (Recommended for Photos), Package 5, One More Ink Set (Comes with Brand Canvas Bag), Package 6, Plastic Sealing Machine Package (Recommended for Home Use)

20 reviews for Epson Home Mini Printer L3251/3253

  1. Anonymous

    During Double 11, brands commonly used in the original office were purchased.This time I bought a 3 series white Epson. I like the simplicity, convenience and speed of use. The ink tank is even more convenient for adding ink! It is not expensive to buy ink later. It is worth recommending! I will review it after using it…

  2. Anonymous

    It’s so easy to use. I looked at many brands online and finally chose Epson. The big brand is trustworthy. It has clear printing, fast printing speed, and many functions. I no longer have to go to an external copy shop for printing. I can do it at home. You can print all kinds of things, the customer service Lele is also very responsible, and the technicians are very patient.If you want to buy a printer, get it now.

  3. Anonymous

    The strawberry bear stickers are so cute.Let’s talk about the experience of using it. The advantage is that you can print whatever you want and whenever you want. Moreover, it can not only color print, copy, and scan, but also can connect to mobile phone network applets.I really don’t regret this choice. I have achieved the freedom of printing. I can quickly print out school tasks for my children. I can also print stickers and photos, which is very interesting.

  4. Anonymous

    I have always wanted to buy a home printer. I bought this one and felt pretty good after receiving it. It was packaged in a two-layer carton and brought a set of ink. When I placed an order in the live broadcast room, it also came with a photo album.The way to add ink is also very simple, just press the mark and plug it in. It is very friendly to novices and will not get all over your hands.It is very convenient to print photo documents after downloading the app. I look forward to the photo paper being as effective as printing photos!

  5. Anonymous

    Since I got the printer, my work speed has become faster. I don’t have to do any work at work. I can work at home and spend the saved time with my children. My children also like to work with me. The colors of the printing are also good and the photos are very good. It looks good and is a big brand printer that is easy to use and comfortable to use.The one I bought is white in appearance. It looks good and is not particularly large. The volume is medium. The ink will bottom out the first time you fill it! But it takes a long time to use it.

  6. Anonymous

    This printer has a simple and elegant design, is moderate in size, and does not take up too much office space.The printing effect is excellent, the text is clear and the pictures are colorful.It has wireless connectivity, making printing very convenient.According to the actual test, high-quality printing produces the closest color.And the consumables of this printer are also relatively low: a set of original ink can print 4500 black and white and 7500 color. In general, Epson’s L3251 printer is a cost-effective product, suitable for small offices or homes.I would recommend this printer to anyone in need.

  7. Anonymous

    Elementary school students now print a lot of things. Going to a copying place to print is expensive and inconvenient. I really can’t afford it because my two children are in school. I have long wanted to buy a printer. I read a lot online and accidentally learned about Epson. , a big domestic brand, I think it’s pretty good, and the price was great during Double Eleven, so I bought it. It’s easy to operate by following the video, and it’s easy to refill ink. I no longer have to go out to find a place to print at night. I can easily do it at home, and it comes with free shipping. Lots of gifts, very satisfied!

  8. Anonymous

    I bought the Epson 3251 on Double Eleven, and the price was very good due to store activities and 88vip coupons.The printer is very compact and does not take up much space. I placed it on the mobile file cabinet between the two desks. It just fits and is perfect.The ink tank-type inkjet printer is very cost-effective. It can be manually double-sided and scanned. It is suitable for home offices or families with students.It can be operated by both mobile phones and computers, which is very convenient.This one is available in white and black. I think white is more suitable for home use, but I don’t know if it will turn yellow over time. In addition, I hope the ink can be used more frequently.

  9. Anonymous

    The old printer at home is broken. After choosing multiple options for Double 11, I finally saw this Epson inkjet printer. It has a beautiful appearance and comes with original ink cartridges, which can save a lot of money. The key is that the store activities are really awesome, and they give a lot of gifts. The actual printing is much clearer than my previous version of the XJ 3380, and there is no need to worry about getting your hands dirty with ink or getting the ink cartridges into the air or any other troublesome matters. I compared 4 stores and chose to buy from this one. Apart from the most favorable price, the customer service was also very enthusiastic, including installation issues. I arranged for you remotely and gave you a big thumbs up??

  10. Anonymous

    I have been wanting to buy a printer for a long time. I read a lot of recommendations and have been looking at Epson printers because the printer in my workplace is from Epson and I have been using it for several years without any problems. In the end, I chose the L3253 black model. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it at half price. .100 sheets of A4 paper and 40 sheets of 6-inch photo paper were given.Use it as soon as you receive it. It is very easy to refill the ink, and it will not dirty your hands at all. Once you refill the ink, it can last for several years.It can be used without connecting to a computer. It is very convenient to print with the small program. I have printed a lot of coloring pictures for children, and the color of the printed photos is also very good.

  11. Anonymous

    The child is about to enter high school and needs a printer that can print, copy, scan, and color print. I wanted to print some photos again, but my budget was limited, so I chose an ink bin printer. After watching for a long time, I still think Epson is more suitable. After watching the live broadcast for a long time, I finally chose the Epson L3253 machine. The black body is simple and cool, which children love. The nozzle also has a self-cleaning function, greatly reducing the risk of clogging. The printing consumables are also very cheap. A set of original ink can print 4500 black and white, 7500 color sheets, and it is easy to apply some self-adhesive, watercolor paper, and some thicker paper when feeding in. Buy a printhead that can still be guaranteed for three years now, everyone hurry up!!!

  12. Anonymous

    I bought an Epson L3251 printer???. My children like it very much. It is also very convenient to print small stickers. You can scan the code to make copies. The oversized ink tank is convenient for refilling – it is more convenient to change ink than traditional ink cartridge printers. It is cleaner and does not dirty your hands. It is not very fast to print photos. The effect is good enough for home use. I have been struggling with what kind to buy before. Epson’s supporting equipment is very complete. It is also suitable for beginners to use with children at home – it can be used in all grades. The handwritten newspaper template is so easy to operate. The simple connection method is not complicated. The installation method I used with HP ink cartridges before was too complicated. This one is easier to use.

  13. Anonymous

    My child has just entered first grade and needs to print materials for learning. Since the beginning of school, I have been looking at printers. After comparing with many brands, I chose Epson L3251, which is white, simple and atmospheric, and suitable for home use. The ink bin style is cost-effective, and adding ink will not dirty your hands. It uses micro electric pressure cold printing technology, which does not generate heat, intelligent anti blocking, printing, copying and scanning in three in one, can be manually double-sided, and can be operated on both mobile phones, computers, and tablets. It can be wireless, printing text and photos is very clear, and you no longer need to go out at night to print homework assigned by teachers. The WeChat mini program is very convenient, and pre-sales and after-sales service is good. If you have any questions, you will reply promptly.

  14. Anonymous

    The EPSON L3251 home printer currently prints on A4 paper and six-inch photo paper. The results are pretty good. It is different from the inkjet printers in my previous impression. The speed of printing black and white is also acceptable.Mobile phones and computers can print at any time. Basically, home printing is not a big problem, but the printing colors of Pdf files and CAD files will be slightly different and need to be adjusted according to the color.Epson is a big brand, and it is very convenient to add ink. The buckles of each color correspond to each other, so there is no chance of adding the wrong color.There are also scanning and copying functions, but I have not used them yet. If you need to scan and copy, you can also take photos and print directly through the mobile phone’s built-in software.The printer is relatively compact, and the white color will not look out of place at home.

  15. Anonymous

    The logistics is fast and the package is also very good. The courier delivers it to your door. After unpacking, follow the customer service video guidance, add ink (very convenient, each color corresponds to the corresponding buckle, the operation is very simple and convenient), print and copy , Scanning is also very simple, and the printer is also very easy to use. You can print at any time from your mobile phone or computer. It was also recommended by a friend who said that Epson’s printer is a big brand, easy to use and durable, so I tried to buy a white model. I thought it would be very useful. Big, after it was sent home, the design is simple and elegant, and it does not take up too much space. It is small in size and has a good style. I bought it during the Double Eleven event. It has great activity and is quite cost-effective. My children are very happy after using it. A very good printer

  16. Anonymous

    Epson L3256 functions: printing (cannot automatically print two-sided), copy, scan.Appearance: white, looks clean and does not take up too much space.Installation process: A little complicated, but it’s okay to follow the step-by-step video.Experience: Meet basic functions.You can print via WiFi via mobile phone or via computer.The paper entry and exit area is also very convenient to store when not in use.The mobile phone printing adjustment interface is relatively simple. If you need fine adjustments, you still need to adjust it on the computer before printing.Color printing: I have not printed photos yet, only ordinary A4 paper, and the effect is acceptable.There are slight traces of ink leakage on the edge of the paper. The impact is not significant at present and it can be used for daily use. The follow-up situation needs to be observed.If the requirements are higher, you still need to go to a professional printing shop.If you select “High” for print quality, it will take about one page per minute, and standard printing is faster.

  17. Anonymous

    I bought it during the event and it was quite a good deal? I have used Epson printers before. The design is simple and elegant, and it does not take up too much space. The printer is shipped very quickly and is well packaged. It is delivered to your door by express delivery and the service is excellent. Very good! After receiving the goods, I contacted customer service and followed the video to learn. The customer service responded in a timely manner and was very patient. The mobile phone is connected to the Internet for printing and taking photos. It is very easy to use. The text is very clear and the pictures are colorful. It is very suitable for families to use. Children often learn It is much more convenient to use a printer. The two children at home do not have to go back to the print shop to print.It has many functions, you can also print photos, and you can wash out the daily photos you take with your children. The store also held an event and bought gifts. I like it very much. It is very considerate and considers that everyone can use it in life. I highly recommend it to everyone. Go get it now, buy early and enjoy it early??

  18. Anonymous

    I purchased it during the Double Eleven live broadcast room event. After comparing several brands, I finally chose Epson. It has a large ink tank and is convenient for refilling ink. The Double Eleven event is also very discounted. My children are in first grade and they can print test papers and papers at home. Some of the information distributed by teachers is very convenient. The key is that it can be printed, copied, or scanned. The best thing is that I work out of town, and remote printing is really convenient. This way, the children’s grandparents do not have to go to the print shop to help the children print their homework after school. , it has a color printing function. I sent the photo paper and printed the photos. It is very clear and the printing speed is okay. Although it is not as fast as the laser, it is enough for home use. Printing photos is relatively slow. I installed the printer myself after I got home. In the middle of the process, I encountered difficulties in connecting the printer to the Internet and registering the novice printing applet. I contacted customer service and patiently provided guidance to solve the problem. It was great. The complimentary photo album A4 paper arrived by express delivery, and it was also delivered the next day, which was very good. A pleasant shopping!

  19. Anonymous

    There are two children in the family. The eldest is currently in first grade and the second is still in kindergarten.The teacher will assign some drawing questions, calculation questions, small test papers, etc. every week.I remember once printing colored paper in a print shop. When I printed a lot, the price was 1 yuan per piece. It cost 100 yuan to print it! It felt too expensive.Since then, I have had the idea of ??buying a printer. After comparing and reviewing various brands online, I finally decided on the Epson L3251 printer. Before buying it, I went to an offline store to learn about the product performance. The offline price is basically better than online. It was about 200 yuan more expensive and finally decided to buy it online.The printer has been received so far. The one I bought is white and looks very beautiful.Currently, WeChat’s document and photo printing functions have been tested, and the printing quality is very good, with clear text content and brightly colored photos.The copy function is also very easy to use and is basically not much different from printing.When I bought it, I saw some people saying that the printing speed was slow. I actually measured the speed to be okay, except that printing photos would be a little slower. However, I have printed photos at a print shop and to be honest, it is not much faster.After all, photos are much more detailed than documents and the like.After using it for a few days, the overall experience is very good. I can use it whenever I want and print whenever I want. I don’t need to go to the print shop frequently. Moreover, with a one-time investment, the daily printing cost will be much lower. I feel that it is a great value for money.Recommended for those who need it for daily work at home or those with children at home.

  20. Anonymous

    The children at home have just started elementary school and have to print homework and posters every week. They do need a printer, so they searched online for a long time and chose Epson from brands such as HP, Canon, and Lenovo. The main reason is that it has a beautiful appearance, full functionality, and a high cost performance ratio. In terms of appearance, L3251 is a star product of Epson printers and has won multiple international design awards such as iF and red dots. It has a built-in ink bin and a compact size, which is both beautiful and practical. The Epson printer adopts micro piezoelectric cold printing technology in terms of functionality, with the print head not generating heat and intelligent anti blocking. Copy, scan and print in one, and also support wireless printing and WeChat printing. The teacher left homework in the group and printed it with just one click, which is very convenient. I especially recommend its remote printing, which is really practical. For example, when I often go on business trips, as long as the elderly at home turn on the power of the machine, I can type homework for my child from thousands of miles away, solving my worries. I bought an app with learning resources, including a one-year Little White Smart Printing membership and a five-year Little White Test Paper Treasure. The app has a lot of learning resources and synchronized textbooks, from kindergarten to high school, from early education to teaching aids, eliminating the hassle of searching for materials for children. In terms of cost-effectiveness, it has a low consumables cost. A set of original ink costs over 220 yuan and can print 4500 pages of black and white and 7500 pages of color. According to the daily printing needs of student families, the complimentary consumables are enough to last for one or two years.

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