Xiaomi Electric Bicycle Folding Ultra Light New National Standard


Baicycle Xiaomi Xiaobai Folding Electric Power Assisted Bicycle for Adult Girls Mini Mini Ultra Light New National Standard


Baicycle Xiaomi Xiaobai Folding Electric Power Assisted Bicycle is a mini ultra light new national standard electric bicycle suitable for adults and girls. This product adopts an integrated folding design, making it easy for users to carry and store. In addition, it is equipped with an electric power assist system, which can provide a more relaxed and faster riding experience. This bicycle is made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring its durability and comfort. For users who pursue convenient transportation and efficient cycling experience, Xiaomi Xiaobai foldable electric power assisted bicycles are undoubtedly an ideal choice.

Additional information







Item number


Rim size

12 inches

Is it foldable


Vehicle quality



Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Configuration level


time to market

Spring 2022

top speed

25km/h and below

Battery Type

lithium battery

Frame material

High-carbon steel

Battery warranty period

one year

Is it the same model in the mall


Braking method

Front and rear disc brakes

Number of authorized passengers


Is it a smart car

Non intelligent vehicles

Body weight

15kg (inclusive) -25kg (inclusive)

Load capacity

100kg (inclusive) -150kg (exclusive)

Pure electric range

15km (inclusive) -25km (exclusive)

For people

Adult student white-collar, parent-child, blue collar

Applicable scenarios

Daily commuting to pick up and drop off children

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and three hundred and one billion one hundred and nineteen million and sixteen



battery capacity


sort by color

S1 model, 6AH, pure electric 25km assisted 40km, front and rear dual disc brakes, S2 model, 7.8AH lithium battery, Assisted range of 50km, Aluminum alloy frame, S2Pro, 10AH lithium battery, pure electric 40 assist 50km, 14 inch front and rear dual shock absorbers, aluminum alloy frame

19 reviews for Xiaomi Electric Bicycle Folding Ultra Light New National Standard

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The white color has a high appearance and is easy to install. I was very satisfied after trying it out

  3. Anonymous

    Battery life: I tried it today, and it’s okay. It looks good, easy to install, and the service attitude is very good!

  4. Anonymous

    Super easy to ride, beautiful price, good brakes, and convenient assembly. For a girl, it can also be recommended to install

  5. Anonymous

    Battery life: It can also be ridden without battery. Easy to install: super convenient, easy to pick up and take with you. Product quality: very textured

  6. Anonymous

    It rides better than expected and was easy to install. I folded it up quickly and was very satisfied. The customer service responded promptly and the battery life was ok.

  7. Anonymous

    Hhh! Got it! Opening the box is very surprising! 1. The packaging is very sturdy. 2. The middle frame is thicker than I imagined. 3. The fixed parts are very stable and do not loosen

  8. Anonymous

    Very good, friendly to girls, suitable for beginners in electric vehicles. The car is not heavy and flexible. Additionally, a child seat is added, making it convenient for taking children out

  9. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Very good Battery life: I don’t know yet, I just received it Easy to install: Convenient, customer service attitude is very good Product quality: Very good, grateful to meet you

  10. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: Improved compared to the previous generation. Battery life: Significantly enhanced. Easy installation: No need to install. Product quality: Excellent quality, no problems. Super modification after purchase

  11. Anonymous

    It looks great too. I like it very much. The bike is very light and it’s no problem to ride it as a bicycle.The seller also gave away a basket and a lock. Even if he didn’t know how to install it, the seller patiently explained it.Overall very satisfied??

  12. Anonymous

    I haven’t ridden the car yet. I’ll ride it once I receive the lock and see if it’s a Xiaobai electric car, not a Xiaomi white electric car.The packaging is very good and the installation is very convenient. Just install the pedals and adjust the pedals.

  13. Anonymous

    A very good small car, very convenient for travel and lightweight, but the battery life function needs to be improved. As there is no attempt, it is uncertain whether its promotion is consistent with the actual situation. If necessary, it will be reviewed.

  14. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very good experience. Product quality: great. I just received the goods. The quality of the car is great. It can meet my commute. The appearance is also too good. I don’t know how the battery life is. I will follow up next time. Ping, the merchant was also very patient in answering questions and it was a great experience.

  15. Anonymous

    The scooter I bought for my mom, the previous one was too difficult to stare at. I saw that this one was very good and the size was just right, so I decisively took it. The car has assistance and is very light to ride. The aluminum alloy frame has an excellent appearance and online quality! The experience after the test ride was really good, and the speed was also very fast. Dad and mom are very satisfied??

  16. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption effect of s2 is good, and the road is gravel and not too bumpy. Battery life: The battery life is close to the item description, and the power-assisted riding can last longer. Easy to install: I don’t know how to ask the customer service, the service is good, and the quality of the product is quickly fixed :The appearance is beautiful, and the basket and lock provided are also practical. It would be better if you can turn off the power boost and turn on the lights.

  17. Anonymous

    Shock-absorbing effect: pretty good. I drove around in the community and passed the manhole cover and it was not very bumpy; friends all said that the bicycle is good-looking and good-looking! Easy to install: just lift the faucet and lock it, and just install a pedal or something. La! Product quality: I took the express delivery and rode it with two people. I tried to do the front bumper, and it was still very stable. I guess I can’t sit on it, hahaha! Overall, the body of the car still has some weight, and I am satisfied so far!

  18. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption is okay, but you have to go slower when crossing relatively high pits, otherwise you will fly out~ Battery life: It may be because the weather has been cold recently, and the battery sometimes shows that there is power and sometimes it is dead. Easy to install: it does not sink. , Girls can ride cars to the second floor every day without sinking. Product quality: The quality is okay, there are no problems so far, and the service is good. If there is something missing, tell the customer service that it will be reissued immediately.

  19. Anonymous

    It has been more than 10 days since I got the car. The following is real usage feedback.Advantages: First of all, the car looks good and the quality is good.The overall battery life can reach about 20 kilometers in Yantai this season, so the battery life is not false.The overall speed is faster than other similar vehicles, and charging at the charging station can basically be completed in 3-4 hours, which is more convenient.Disadvantages: 1. The front of the car is relatively light, and the overall feeling is a bit too silky. When the speed is a little faster, it is not easy to control the steering wheel, which can be dangerous.2. The fender design of the car is unreasonable. In rainy days (light rain), a lot of mud spots will appear on the clothes after riding for two kilometers (as shown in the picture). I hope it can be improved.3. The car will lose power a little quickly. When it is fully charged, it will lose 1-2 bars of power after riding for about two kilometers.

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