Ultra large remote-controlled aircraft crash resistant aerial photography charging gift


Extra large remote control aircraft, drop-resistant aerial photography, helicopter, drone, primary school student rechargeable aircraft, children's toy gift


This super large remote control aircraft is a crash-resistant aerial photography helicopter drone, specially designed for primary school students and is both fun and educational.It is a children’s toy and a lovely gift.This airplane offers great features, including strong power and flexible flight controls, so kids can fly it with ease.Its remote control has a long distance and is easy to operate, making it suitable for children of all ages.In addition, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery to ensure long flight times.This airplane is not only suitable for entertainment, but also can be used as a tool to learn flying skills and help children understand aviation knowledge.It is a multi-functional aircraft that integrates entertainment, learning and exploration, and is an ideal toy for children.

Additional information

Item number


Toy type

Electric toys


Chinese mainland


Star Domain Legend

Applicable gender


Aircraft type


Remote control method


Empty weight

1.5KG and below

Takeoff total weight

Below 0.25kg

Does it include remote control


Applicable age group

≥ 14 years old

maximum flight altitude

120 meters and below

Applicable age

12 years old, 14 years old, 14 years old and above, 8 years old, 7 years old, 11 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old, 13 years old

sort by color

72cm alloy fixed height without aerial photography in red, 72 cm alloy fixed height without aerial photography blue, 72cm alloy fixed height dual camera aerial photography in blue, 72cm alloy fixed height dual camera aerial photography in silver, 80cm variable height red, 80cm variable height blue

package type

(Standard) One charging pool+lifetime warranty, Two charging pools+vulnerable parts+lifetime warranty, Three charging pools+vulnerable parts+lifetime warranty, Four charging pools+vulnerable parts+lifetime warranty, Five charging pools+vulnerable parts+lifetime warranty

14 reviews for Ultra large remote-controlled aircraft crash resistant aerial photography charging gift

  1. Anonymous

    Low battery life

  2. Anonymous

    The quality is good and the appearance is also good. The assembly is also very simple

  3. Anonymous

    It was so cool that the kids couldn’t stop playing. 19. Then they went back to eat.Very good

  4. Anonymous

    I received it. I like it. It’s good quality and low price. It’s really worth it. Recommended to buy it.

  5. Anonymous

    Very good product, really great. I will buy it again next time. I hope to make it better and have a great shopping experience

  6. Anonymous

    Very good, the customer service attitude is also very good. My child at home broke down after playing for over a week, so I just went back and replaced it

  7. Anonymous

    The logistics were fast and the shipment was also timely. When I opened it, I was very satisfied and let my child play for a while. He really enjoyed it and was extremely happy

  8. Anonymous

    The plane looks great, although there are some minor issues, the after-sales service is promptly resolving them. It was a great shopping experience, like the after-sales service!

  9. Anonymous

    I have been playing with it for a while, but some of the accessories were damaged. The merchant immediately reissued it for free. My child has been playing with it recently, which is pretty good.

  10. Anonymous

    Must provide positive feedback to merchants. The service is particularly difficult to understand and the information provided is very detailed. My nephew likes it very much and the quality is excellent

  11. Anonymous

    The shipment is fast, the packaging is also sturdy, and the plane is indeed very large. After receiving the goods, I opened them and tried them out. It was very fun. When I have time, I will go to the park to become more proficient

  12. Anonymous

    The airplane is even more fun than imagined, suitable for beginners to play with. It is not complicated, and the operation and takeoff are quite smooth. After teaching the children a little, they can fly. The customer service is very patient

  13. Anonymous

    After multiple exercises, children can now master the flight of airplanes very well. Overall, it is still very fun, and there is also an aerial photography function. At this price point, aerial photography can be purchased, but it is still possible

  14. Anonymous

    The packaging is still very sturdy, packed in two layers of boxes without any damage, and the delivery speed is also fast. The plane has been dropped many times without any damage, and the quality is still good. It is recommended to purchase for value

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