Jiayuan electric water heater for household showering and bathing


Jiayuan Electric Water Heater Instant Overwater Heat Home Shower, Shower, Quick Heat, Small Ultra Thin Water Storage Free F6


Suitable for home shower rooms, it can quickly heat up and maintain a comfortable hot water temperature, bringing you a refreshing bathing experience. In short, the Jiayuan Electric Water Heater F6 is a powerful, safe and reliable instant hot water heater suitable for various home environments, making your bathing experience faster and more comfortable.

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net weight


gross weight





Zhoushan City

heating power


Operating Voltage


time to market



Chinese mainland

control method


Package Size


warranty period

12 months


Zhejiang Province

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

8th floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


Zhoushan Jiayuan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

After-sales service

On site installation of national joint insurance

Cross section requirements for electrical wires

Greater than or equal to 4 square meters

3C certificate number

two thousand and nine trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million three hundred and thirty-four thousand and seventeen

sort by color

Fashion Silver 6000W [requires 2.5 square meters of copper core circuit+32A air switch], Fashion Silver 7000W [requires 4 square meters of copper core circuit+40A air switch], Fashion Silver 8000W [requires 4 square meters of copper core circuit+40A air switch], Fashion Silver 8800W [requires 6 square meters of copper core line+40A air switch], Rose Red 8000W [requires 4 square meters of copper core line+40A air switch], Rose Red 7000W [requires 4 square meters of copper core line+40A air switch]

20 reviews for Jiayuan electric water heater for household showering and bathing

  1. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to install, the previous one was also of this brand

  3. Anonymous

    Not bad???? One share of the price, one share of the goods

  4. Anonymous

    Yesterday we arrived to install it, it’s not bad. Positive reviews.

  5. Anonymous

    I have been buying this brand all along. The bathroom area is small and very user-friendly.

  6. Anonymous

    I used the previous one for over a decade and it worked very well. I also bought the same model

  7. Anonymous

    The water heater is very useful. I have already purchased 3 units of this brand, and it is indeed good

  8. Anonymous

    I have been using this model for 13 years and have replaced it with the same model! It is very easy to use.

  9. Anonymous

    Very good, recommended by relatives. The first time I used it, I felt that the hot water came quickly and there was no sound.

  10. Anonymous

    This is the third Jiayuan, the second one has been used for 9 years and can still be heated. Occasionally, there is a strike, so it can be replaced directly!

  11. Anonymous

    I have been using the old Jiayuan for eight years. I replaced it with a constant-temperature and high-power one. My parents used it and said it is very good!

  12. Anonymous

    The product quality is very good, and the installation is also very easy. I have been using this brand for a long time, and I am a loyal user. It is worth recommending and purchasing!

  13. Anonymous

    The previous one was also a Jiayuan brand that has been used for more than ten years and passed the quality standards. We will continue to work hard and thank customer service for their patience and meticulousness

  14. Anonymous

    The heating speed is very fast, and the water temperature is relatively constant when taking a bath, and it will not get hot or cold.Very satisfied with Jiayuan’s water heater.Merchant service is also very good, free door-to-door installation

  15. Anonymous

    I bought it from a friend who recommended me to buy it. He said that he has been using this brand of electric water heater for 10 years without any breakage.The installation master installed the water regulating valve, and overall it was good.

  16. Anonymous

    A very good product, very suitable for use, easy to install and use. I bought many types earlier, but none of them were suitable for our needs. I accidentally found out about this product, and after installing and using it, I felt very good and very satisfied. Amazing.

  17. Anonymous

    The house is supplied with centralized heating water, often without hot water, and the property management is not responsible. I bought a water heater myself and communicated with customer service for a while. It was very professional, and I installed it on the same day I received the goods. Great!

  18. Anonymous

    The customer service with fast delivery is thoughtful and confident, answers questions professionally, arranges installation technicians to coordinate meticulously, the technicians are skilled, the service attitude is very good, serious and responsible, safety issues and usage skills are clearly explained, and the brand is trustworthy.

  19. Anonymous

    The previous one, which had been used for 12 years, was frequently damaged due to water outages in the community. This time, it was decided to continue using Jiayuan hot water quickly. It is convenient and fast to use. The installation master is professional, and to ensure the quality of the manufacturer, the master does not recycle old machines. Rest assured when using them

  20. Anonymous

    The first instant electric water heater at home is Jiayuan brand, purchased in 2008 and has been around for 15 years, so there are basically no problems. I have purchased another Jiayuan electric water heater this time, which is equally convenient and fast to use. Express awesome, the first order, arrived the next morning. Especially customer service is tireless and always answers any questions. Jiayuan electric water heater is trustworthy.

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