Midea E7pro Newly Upgraded 10 Dishwashers


Midea dishwasher household fully automatic large capacity 10 sets, drying and disinfection small desktop embedded E7pro new

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Midea dishwashers are 10 sets of fully automatic and large capacity household dishwashers, suitable for household use. This dishwasher has excellent washing ability and can thoroughly clean stubborn stains on tableware. Its fully automatic function eliminates the need for manual operation, saving time and energy. The drying and disinfection function of the dishwasher ensures that the washed tableware is dry, clean, and effectively kills bacteria, ensuring the health of the whole family. The new E7pro model also offers flexible installation options, which can be used on desktop or embedded to meet your different needs. Overall, the Midea E7pro dishwasher is a powerful, efficient, and practical dishwasher, making it the ideal choice for your home kitchen.

Additional information


E7 pro E7



gross weight


net weight




Spray arm


laundry guide

Spray type

warranty period

72 months

Package Size


Installation method


Number of tableware sets

10 sets

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Maximum water consumption

9.5L 12.4L

control method

Microcomputer electronic

time to market

April 2021 February 2024

Opening and closing method

front opening

Maximum washing time

178 minutes and 230 minutes

Power consumption per time

0.82Kwh/24h 0.78Kwh/24h

sort by color

E7 Pro 10 sets of Yaoshi Black, E7 10 sets of obsidian black

19 reviews for Midea E7pro Newly Upgraded 10 Dishwashers

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The customer service representative has a good service attitude, provides detailed answers, and the dishwasher is clean.

  3. Anonymous

    The dishwasher is very good, with a delicate appearance and clean washing. Liberated hands. The customer service, lemon and other services are all very good!

  4. Anonymous

    The dishwasher is very good, long overdue and worth buying.Free your hands, the after-sales installation master’s service is very considerate, praise and praise.

  5. Anonymous

    With the mentality of giving it a try, I didn’t expect it to be quite clean.Now just wait for the dishwashing cleaning set to arrive and use it.As long as you reduce your labor, you will be happy??

  6. Anonymous

    The customer service is too enthusiastic. My home was renovated with a disinfection cabinet, and the customer service arranged for on-site measurement. You also need to wash it clean, much cleaner than me

  7. Anonymous

    It's okay, the price is moderate, I thought it would be unreliable if it was so cheap, but it turned out to be very good, hahaha, the merchant was also very patient, and all the problems encountered were solved one by one~~~

  8. Anonymous

    The things are very good and the installation speed is also very fast. The previous Midea dishwasher broke down, and I replaced it with a new one to continue using Midea. Customer service communicated quickly and answered clearly with Shushu

  9. Anonymous

    Just received it and installed it. I haven’t used it yet. It looks fine and has quality.It has a disinfection function and can also be used as a disinfection cabinet. After a trial run, it saved water and electricity.Finally, I want to @customer service Xiaobai

  10. Anonymous

    The space of the dishwasher is quite large, the sound is also very quiet, and it works very steadily. It takes up a lot of space, which is very convenient. It is bought for my mother to use, and she also likes it. It can also be used as a disinfection cabinet, which is very convenient.

  11. Anonymous

    The dishwasher was received, the logistics was very fast, and the installation master was very awesome. The material object was the same as the picture description, and the pineapple customer service was also very enthusiastic to answer questions, like?? I will make another purchase next time.

  12. Anonymous

    The customer service of Lemon is very good. He introduced the product in detail and also introduced the master to come and measure the dimensions. This 10-set dishwasher is just suitable for Evergrande's cabinets. The master removed the drawers for free and did not charge for the materials. It's great!

  13. Anonymous

    I bought my first Midea dishwasher in 2019, and four years later, I retired with honor. Now that I am replacing it, it is also my first choice. Due to logistics issues, I had to say that my address was located elsewhere. Later, after communication with customer service, it was successfully delivered. The customer service representative provided excellent service, and the store is trustworthy!

  14. Anonymous

    The dishwasher was finally installed today. It’s a very high-quality machine. I didn’t expect to buy such a high-end machine at this price. The real machine looks much better than the pictures online.It can be controlled online, can be dried with hot air, can be sterilized, and can store bowls. It has all the functions. It is very practical and cost-effective. I sincerely recommend this one to everyone.

  15. Anonymous

    It’s quite suitable because it’s an old cabinet. I took various measurements before buying it and finally installed it.The dishwasher is really a good helper that frees your hands. It is used as soon as it is installed. It is very simple. Just add the cleaning supplies, put the pots, pots, chopsticks and spoons in it, click to start, and you can forget about it. It’s also very clean and comes with its own dryer.

  16. Anonymous

    Before buying it, the whole family thought it was useless. After buying it, the white bone china tableware, the shiny pot cover and rice spoon, and the tea set that looked like new… It used to take almost 2 hours of washing the dishes after each meal. Now, It only takes four or five minutes, and then you can just sit back and wait, and you will see everything clearly at a glance.The only thing is that I still forgot to add dishwashing powder, twice? Technology changes destiny, believe in the power of technology…

  17. Anonymous

    My kitchen cabinet has an opening of 60 x 60, which is perfect for placing a dishwasher. My salt and rinse aid haven’t arrived yet. I only use dishwashing powder so far, and it can still be washed very clean. It frees up both hands. Good morning. I bought Jiefang, the sound is very low, and it dries very quickly. There is no trace of water left on the inner wall. I put all my glass bottles inside. After sterilization, I can put jam directly. It is so fragrant.But don’t put plastic in it, the washing temperature is very high

  18. Anonymous

    The 10 sets I bought are for bench-mounted use and have a gas pipe at the back. Midea's installation master said it doesn't matter if it is placed close to the gas pipe. The gas pipe is a yellow corrugated explosion-proof pipe, and the temperature of the outer casing is not very high when the machine is working. In summer, The temperature is around 30 or 40 degrees when I use it. I have been using it for 2 days. It feels good that I don’t have to wash the dishes. I wash the dishes in the morning, lunch and evening at the same time. For a family of 4

  19. Anonymous

    This is the second Midea dishwasher my family has bought. I bought one a few years ago and it works very well.Now I bought a new one for my mother-in-law. She likes to use it very much.She said it was so clean, much cleaner than what she had washed by hand! And she no longer had to work hard to wash the dishes. She could finally free her hands. It was really great! The operation is very simple and even the elderly can operate it. ! After comparing many brands of dishwashers, compared with various performance parameters, Midea’s dishwasher is still the most cost-effective, so I decisively continue to choose Midea! We bought 10 sets, but in fact, it does not only hold 10 sets of bowls. It can hold a lot of bowls. You can see the picture I took. It can hold a lot of tableware.A family of 5 can store tableware for two days without any problem! Midea dishwashers are really good and worth buying!

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