Legendary Classic B2P II Maternal and Child Level II Upgrade Set of 13


Heavenly Girl Series HUMANTOUCH Huiman Dishwasher B2 Fully Automatic Door Opening Household Embedded Disinfection Cabinet Integrated


The Heavenly Maiden HUMANTOUCH fully automatic dishwasher B2 is a powerful dishwasher designed specifically for modern households. This dishwasher features an embedded design that seamlessly integrates with the home environment, providing a comprehensive home hygiene solution. This dishwasher has a fully automatic door opening function, greatly improving washing efficiency and saving time and energy. It can handle various types of tableware, including bowls, plates, cups, knives and forks, and can also deeply clean and disinfect food residues. In addition, the HUMANTOUCH dishwasher B2 is also equipped with a disinfection cabinet, which can deeply disinfect during the cleaning and drying process, effectively killing bacteria and viruses, and providing comprehensive health protection for families. In short, the HUMANTOUCH fully automatic dishwasher B2 is a great help to household hygiene. It can meet the needs of modern households for cleaning, disinfection, and time-saving, and is an indispensable household electrical product.

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Foshan City



gross weight


time to market



Chinese mainland

Spray arm


laundry guide

Spray type

warranty period

12 months

Package Size



Guangdong Province

Installation method


Maximum water consumption


Number of tableware sets

12 sets

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Maximum washing time

190 minutes

Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

control method

Microcomputer based

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

sort by color

B2 Black, B2 white, Pre sale – B2Pro+(white/black)

20 reviews for Legendary Classic B2P II Maternal and Child Level II Upgrade Set of 13

  1. Anonymous

    Other features: I compared many dishwashers. Considering the low countertop at home, the size of Huiman is completely suitable and the capacity is completely sufficient. What I like the most is that it can open the door automatically. After struggling for a long time, I still can’t give up this function. , Anhao used it for a day, washed it clean and dried it.very satisfied

  2. Anonymous

    Sound level: quite quiet, can be ignored when the kitchen door is closed, this is good cleaning capacity: 12 sets of capacity is enough to hold many bowls, the kitchen utensils for gatherings are not a problem, they are also washed very clean, and can automatically open the door. Other features: high appearance, unique wood grain handles. The white appearance is also excellent. Easy to match with many styles

  3. Anonymous

    I bought the dishwasher in June and compared it with many other companies. As we needed to customize the kitchen cabinet, our customer service representative, Rose, was very patient in coordinating the size and explaining a series of issues. Therefore, I would like to give her special praise. The dishwasher has complete functions, is safe and reliable, and even the master praised it. The installation master is also very responsible and meticulous.

  4. Anonymous

    I only added this comment after trying it. When washing the dishes, you must put them correctly, so that they can be washed very clean, and the residual heat can be used for drying. I bought two units and received the items and gifts one after another. There are a lot of them. .The decoration of my new home has not started yet, and I will soon buy a third one. I believe Huiman will not let me down! Special praise to the customer service Yong Liu, for being patient and attentive??

  5. Anonymous

    I bought my third dishwasher, and the Huiman brand is trustworthy! The product has a very good texture and is embedded in the cabinet, which is high-end and atmospheric. It also saves the need to buy a basket in the cabinet, freeing up hands and eliminating the need to wash dishes in the future. The seller also offers a set of bright dishes, which is a highly cost-effective dishwasher. Praise customer service Haitang for being patient and careful! I will also recommend friends to buy it!

  6. Anonymous

    Huiman’s dishwasher has been praised by many people, and I finally installed it in my home. The installation under the stove is perfect. Although it is a 12-unit dishwasher, I feel that it is enough for a family of four, and the washing machine is super clean. , it can also automatically open the door for drying.The installer was also very professional and the inlay was perfect. I would also like to commend the customer service staff “Haitang” for answering all pre-sales and after-sales questions very professionally!

  7. Anonymous

    Sound size: Silent cleaning capacity: Can be put into a pot. Customer service is very enthusiastic and the service is very good. The dishwasher is very in line with my home style, and the white color with logs is very unique. Finally, I can free my hands, and the dishwasher also has storage function, so there is no space in the small kitchen, saving space. The installation master is very fast and the service is very good. The position of the sink is special, and the master still helps with the installation on the ground.

  8. Anonymous

    Huiman’s dishwasher has been praised by many people, and I finally installed it in my home. The installation under the stove is perfect. Although it is a 12-unit dishwasher, I feel that it is enough for a family of four, and the washing machine is super clean. , it can also automatically open the door for drying.The installer was also very professional and the inlay was perfect. I would also like to commend the customer service staff “Haitang” and “Lili” for answering all pre-sales and after-sales questions very professionally!

  9. Anonymous

    There was no cabinet reserved for the decoration. I looked at the size for a long time and chose Huiman. The installation was just right and the style was very close. It looked like a custom-made cabinet. Hahaha.The dishwasher has a large space, and it can’t be filled with enough dishes for three people for a day, hahaha.I tried washing it and it came out clean.Four-star disinfection is very reassuring.The decorator was very responsible and helped with cleaning.Customer service Lili answers all questions and communicates smoothly.

  10. Anonymous

    Sound size: The sound is not loud, acceptable for cleaning. Capacity: A family of three with a large capacity can put down all the pots and pans for a whole day. They wash very clean, and after drying, they are shiny and hot, as if they are new. Other features: Beautiful appearance! It matches my white cabinet very well! The installation was particularly timely, and the dishwasher had not yet arrived. The installation technician had already contacted in advance to arrange a time. The installation technician was very professional and the service was very good.

  11. Anonymous

    My original budget was not enough to buy their dishwasher, but I was impressed by its appearance at first glance!! The installation dimensions given by the customer service were very precise. You must leave the space according to this size, otherwise you will have to work hard like me to carry the cabinet back. The board was smashed! Because I didn’t know how to operate it, the water didn’t drain down. The master even came to the door and taught me how to operate it in detail! ???? It’s the most worry-free thing I bought during the whole decoration process. Something!!

  12. Anonymous

    After selecting a dishwasher for a long time, I finally found my favorite product. It has a good appearance and the kitchen cabinet is also very compatible. After using it once, it is a blessing for young people to free their hands. The capacity is also sufficient for the pot to be used. After taking it out, there is no water stains, and the sound is not very loud. It is worth recommending and praising. The staff, such as Lili Rose, who have been serving me, have analyzed the products very well and sent many cleaning products. They should be able to use it for a while. It was a great shopping experience~

  13. Anonymous

    The after-sales service is good. The customer service provides online guidance on water, electricity and cabinet reservations and sizes. I would like to praise the customer service girl "Qiuxi". Due to the limited kitchen space, it is installed under the kitchen sink. This dishwasher is perfectly embedded and the automatic door opens efficiently. Drying, faster and more energy-saving, clean, long storage time, no odor in tableware storage, and strong sterilization ability for babies; I have not moved in yet and have not officially started using the dishwasher. I hope it will be as good in the future. !

  14. Anonymous

    The on-site installation master is patient and carefully teaches us how to use it after installation. When I made a purchase before, I was also attracted by the reputation of the Huiman brand. Later, when I received the actual product, I felt that the appearance was really online, and I really liked it! It matches well with the decoration at home! I also learned a lot before buying, and these functions are also very comprehensive. Although they are small in size, they have a great impact! In addition, customer service representatives Haitang and Xixi are very patient and attentive when answering questions! Great~

  15. Anonymous

    Very good, very clean, I started looking at it before the renovation.I communicated with customer service Lili many times, and she enthusiastically explained every time.From reserved dimensions, reserved locations for installation, water and electricity reservations, etc., all are answered in detail.I made an appointment and came to my door the next day.After installation, the customer service patiently explained the use and maintenance.My dream dishwasher came true.Love it to death.Free your hands, you don’t even have to wash the big basins and pots with your hands.Especially when the water cup is washed, it will be shiny.

  16. Anonymous

    I bought a Huiman dishwasher in my new home and thought it was good. This time I bought a large one for my mother’s house.My mother’s house is installed on the countertop. It is small in size and has a large capacity. It can wash the dishes once a day, saving time and effort. It also opens the door automatically for efficient drying, which is faster and more energy-saving. It can be washed cleanly, has a long storage time, and the tableware has no odor when stored. It is also safe for the elderly to use.The customer service staff of Qianqian, Qiangwei and Yuefu were all good. There were a few minor accidents during the installation, but they were resolved in time.

  17. Anonymous

    My kitchen is relatively small and equipped with an integrated stove. Only under the sink can a dishwasher be installed. The Huiman skin is thin and the filling is large, and there is also a installation guide from a Xiaohongshu blogger, which is very suitable for my home. The appearance is also high, and it matches my white cabinet very well. I am very satisfied with the installation effect. Before buying, I also learned about the functions, such as automatic door drying and high-temperature disinfection, which are quite attractive to me. I have children at home, and now I am looking forward to using them all! The installation master is also quite good, and the customer service baby is also very patient

  18. Anonymous

    1. I bought a Huiman dishwasher b2pro with 12 washing and drying sets, which is enough for a family of three. The installation master was very serious. Although there was some problem, the after-sales service contacted the master in time to deal with it.2. I have been looking at dishwashers for a long time. Most of the more expensive dishwashers are made of stainless steel. I have also looked at many brands. After a comprehensive comparison, this one is considered to be relatively cost-effective.The size is suitable, the appearance is good, it has a sterilization function, and it can be washed clean.3. The white panel looks very good. Although it doesn’t match the color of my cabinets, I still like it very much. I hope a black panel can be released in the future!

  19. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I finally chose the Huiman shower machine. After using it, I feel that my taste is really good. 1. The delivery and installation were fast. It arrived in the morning, and the master came to install it in the afternoon. When we left, we also cleaned up the installation waste. 2. When cleaning, choose automatic washing. The greasy dishes are washed very clean and dried well without any water stains. 3. Like the introduction, it will automatically open the door when the time comes, making the inner wall of the dishwasher dry and less prone to bacterial growth. After washing, there is no need to take out the bowl. You can use it directly for the next meal. Save one episode per day for watching TV dramas, regret not using it earlier. Great, I have recommended it to my friends around me. Finally, I would like to pay special tribute to the customer service expert who patiently answered many of my questions. Thank you very much

  20. Anonymous

    The dishwasher washes it very clean, and the appearance is also very good.In addition, a lot of dishwashing products were given, which seemed to last a long time.The installation service was good. The master worked very carefully. He helped me sort out my belongings and pick up the garbage. He also helped me reseal the sewer pipes. He was super professional and the customer didn’t have to worry about it at all.The dishwasher washes cleanly and dries relatively dry. It also has a sterilization function. It is more worry-free if you have a baby at home. It will automatically ventilate regularly and can be stored longer.After washing the dishes, the dishwasher will automatically open the door and dry efficiently. It has been installed for a while and after careful observation, the power consumption is not high.Tableware is stored without odor.Finally, I would like to praise the customer service Lili. Her service is very professional and she answers questions without any nonsense. You should contact her when buying a dishwasher.

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